Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Consider to Grow Your Business

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Nowadays, the landscape of the food business is increasing drastically due to the advent of modern technology. Now, not a single restaurant owner depends on traditional marketing methods like word of mouth marketing or any else. Most restaurant businesses are leveraging digital media and mobile technology to develop their presence and survive in the present competitive market.

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Some of the restaurant owners who considered opting for digital marketing succeed in getting the spotlight for their restaurant business while others are still struggling to get their marketing strategy on track. According to the February 2020 report, more than 13% of investment is measured in the digital marketing budget compared to August 2019 when it was found around 11.8%.

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Almost two-thirds of B2B companies include expenses related to marketing budgets. In contrast, B2C companies spend around 57%, and B2C companies are more likely to characterize marketing expenses and integrate and broader them into the budgets of operations. It is found that half of (that is 51.4%) of companies include social media expenses in their marketing budgets.

Food Marketing Ideas: Top 10 Strategies to Consider to Grow Your Business in 2020

As per the recent report found in May 2020, it was found that Google was responsible for 67% search traffic of all smartphones, while 94% of total organic traffic. While 18% of all local searches result in a sale within one day, 72% of individuals visit a physical location when choosing the stores located within 5 miles of their original location. (Source)

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It is predicted that by the end of the year 2021, smart devices will influence around $1.4 trillion in local sales. Thus food businesses who want to grow their business visibility and sales need to pay extra attention to marketing strategy. There are various marketing factors on which food businesses have to pay attention to leverage competitive edges to take their restaurant business to new heights in 2020. (Source)

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  1. Pay Attention to Improve Your Visibility on Social Media

The report shows that 90% of restaurateurs strongly believe that social media marketing is responsible for their business success. It is also noted that more than 95% of food business owners have already developed their presence on a social platform such as Facebook, where most of their perspective is becoming increasingly dependent on social media marketing.

  1. Be Innovative

Unfortunately, you can’t expect to get popularity for your business in the present market with old marketing strategies. If you aim to achieve massive success in your food business, it becomes vital for you to pay attention to digital marketing strategies to enhance your business reach. Make sure to find new and innovative ways that lead to increasing the traffic of your restaurant business.

If your current marketing is not helping you bring the worth for your business, then don't get disappointed from it, instead consider opting for an innovative and effective strategy that allows you to leverage proven results within no time. Try new methods, like social media marketing, content marketing, and many more, also make sure to evaluate what works and help you to grow your restaurant business.

  1. Build Useful and Engaging Platform with RIght Business Details

Crafting and launching a food delivery business on the web is just like having your physical location in each part of cities and countries where you aim to expand your business. If you want to grow big and expand your business, make sure to craft a professional business website as well as elluminati inc - ubereats clone app solution making it easier for prospective customers to order their favorite dish with a few simple clicks on the platform. This advanced platform development opens numerous opportunities to satisfy the hunger of a large number of consumers globally.

Food lovers go online to research any of the food stores before purchasing from them. It is found that more than 89% of consumers research online before ordering their favorite food from any of the restaurants. Thus it becomes vital for businesses to keep all business-related details up to date on every platform they have their business presence. These details include food stores address, contact number, opening & closing hour, etc. Remember that more accurately, your restaurant details more likely customers will prefer to place their order.

  1. Be Part of Local Events

It's more vital for you to build strong relationships with the people, thus getting involved with local activities. Be part of a local event and different activities, helping you create awareness about the business product you are offering to them. It can be considered one of the best options to let more people know about your restaurant business. If customers feel they know your product, then there are high chances that they become your loyal and regular customers and result in mouth-to-mouth marketing. All these initiatives in other communities will definitely help you grow your restaurant business.

  1. Host Events

You can consider hosting events to associate with other organizations located in your area. This can help you create a positive image that ensures to drive more customers towards your business in no time. If you have an extra room facility in your area, enclose it for privacy, offer the space for the party, and other types of celebration along with a specific group discount. This can help you earn an extra penny as well as help you to increase your business presence in the market in no time.

  1. Content Marketing

User-generated content and content marketing can be considered as one of the best ways to engage more customers with your brand and develop a persona. Promoting user-generated content can help you to make your customers believe that you bother about then and want to appreciate them. Content marketing can help you turn your occasional visitors into loyal devotees to boost your business success and growth.

  1. Create Your Google Business Account

If you want to enjoy the perk of success in your business, then it becomes vital to create and set up Google Business Account, and Yelp accounts for your restaurant business. Google knowledge graph gathers a large chunk of information from Google+, which is considered a bonus point for your restaurant business. It can help you appear through Google’s Knowledge Graph, ensuring more prime and real searches guaranteeing your business success and growth.

  1. Geo-Targeted Ads

Most of the food lovers look for the best restaurant near their location to leverage their favorite dishes right away at their doorsteps. And if you pay attention to implementing an effective marketing strategy like geo-targeted ads, you will definitely get the most value out of marketing efforts that you made to drive sales and profit.

This type of ad ensures that users in a certain radius can only view your ads, which results in eliminating non-relevant clicks that cost much higher than your imagination. Keep in mind that ads have a significant effect on customers' minds; thus, choosing this option for your restaurant marketing can prove to be a more beneficial option for your business ensuring your business growth and success.

  1. Become an Insta-Ham

If you want to enjoy the cherry on your cake, then make sure to build a strong presence on Instagram. According to a report in June 2018, Instagram had more than one billion monthly active users who were quite high from 800 million in September 2017. Hence having a strong presence on this platform can help you reach a large number of audiences and promote your business.

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Show your top and mouth-watering dishes with images and information to attract customers to place their orders. Also, make sure to use hashtags to get popularity among your targeted audience. Instagram marketing, if implemented and considered in the right manner, can provide you with the excellent results which you actually will achieve for your business.

  1. Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is considered an effective marketing strategy, ensuring your restaurant business success if carried out in the right manner. Avoid sending a weekly newsletter to your customers as they will get frustrated from it. Instead, you can send them newsletters as a discussion about the new menu launch, your business success celebration, discounts offerings, etc.

Ending Note

Nowadays, all types of businesses are facing huge hits due to health crises, including the food business. And if they want to overcome the losses and want to bring their business on the right track, they have to consider investing in the right marketing strategy encouraging their business expansion and growth.