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Mario Gabelli – Viacom’s ‘Game of Thrones’; Best Brexit Bets; Deals, Deals, Deals

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Mario Gabelli CNBC Interview Podcast

Viacom Boardroom Saga A ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Says Major Shareholder Mario Gabelli

The boardroom drama at Viacom is a media sideshow to getting the stock back on track, says famed value investor Mario Gabelli.

I Bought Two Spirits Stocks After British Exit Vote: Billionaire Mario Gabelli

The meltdown in global stock markets following the Brexit vote created buying opportunities, billionaire investor Mario Gabelli tells CNBC.

Viacom’s ‘Game of Thrones’: Gabelli

Mario Gabelli, Gamco Investors CEO, weighs in on the battle over Viacom’s board.

Gabelli’s best Brexit bets

Mario Gabelli, Gamco Investors CEO, weighs in on what he is watching for opportunities in the market on the heels of Brexit.

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