How To Manage Priorities, Energy & Emotions

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With nearly a year of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and working from home, time management has become more important and more challenging than ever. Dr. Michelle Rozen, expert on managing changes in our lives both at home and at work, whose new book “2 Second Decisions: Get in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life, Work and Courage with Everyday Winning Choices” has 3 important and unconventional tips on how to manage our time better during these challenging times:

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Manage your priorities, not your time

Working from home with kids and lack of boundaries between work and home leaves many people completely overwhelmed. You can prioritize quickly by scaling the importance of tasks between 0-10 and focusing on what matters the most. This prevents spending major time on minor things and as a result, accomplishing very little out of the day. Once we manage our priorities, even on the most challenging days, we can accomplish the most important things for our success.

Manage your energy, not your time

Working from home has created a great amount of burnout. Instead of focusing on time management, focus on managing your energy and focus on self-care. It is feeling better that will make you more productive, and you will get a lot more out of your day.

Manage your emotions, not your time

At this point in time, everyone is feeling the burnout of dealing with nearly a year of a pandemic. This means that you are easily agitated, which can turn into a distraction to your productivity. Use The 20 Minute Rule to manage your emotions- take a 20 min break if you feel that you are about to snap or act impulsively. Keeping your emotions under control will help you manage your day better.

About Dr. Michelle Rozen

Dr. Michelle Rozen, PhD is a change expert, keynote speaker, and highly respected authority on the psychology of change. In her inspiring and actionable keynotes, she provides a powerful experience that helps leaders transform the way they lead through change. Dr. Michelle consistently speaks for Fortune 500 companies and her clients include some of the most recognizable companies in the world including Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, and The U.S. Navy. She is the author of Lead Change with Confidence, a Huffington Post contributor, and a frequent guest on media outlets such as NBC, ABC, FOX News, and CNN.