Phone Charger Blast Causes Panic At London Tower Hill Station

Phone Charger Blast Causes Panic At London Tower Hill Station
Image: Screenshot / Twitter


British Transport Police tweeted that the Tower Hill Station blast was likely caused by a “mobile phone charger overheating.” Witness accounts from the Tower Hill Station blast site indicated that a black bag caught fire after a very small explosion in one of the carriages in the Tube. Smoke filled the carriage, and passengers panicked, causing a stampede. According to Geo TV, about five passengers were injured in the stampede, but none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

At this time, it’s unclear what kind of phone or charger it was, so it could have been a Samsung charger, iPhone charger or any other brand. Samsung just released the Note 8 and hopes to recover its reputation after last year’s Note 7 explosions, so it would be bad for the company if it turns out that a Note 8 caught fire. However, given that police said it was a phone charger that overheated, it may have been a battery pack that charges a mobile phone. Many phone case makers offer models which include a battery pack to charge the mobile phone continuously. A witness reportedly told The Independent that the man who was holding the device threw it down to the ground and that it looked like a white charger attached to a phone.

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The British Transport Police said service on the Circle Line and District Line is being affected by their response to the incident at the Tower Hill Station. Those who are in London and planning to ride the Tube should check the BTP’s Twitter account for updates on Tube service.

The panic is a symptom of a city and nation that have been rocked by repeated terrorist attacks for quite some time. On Sept. 16, 29 people were injured when a homemade bomb exploded on a commuter train in London that was packed with passengers. However, it did not fully ignite.


The earliest witness accounts of the Tower Hill Station blast describe the bomb or explosive as a small item “hissing and smoking” inside one of the carriages in the Tube. The explosion itself appears to have been rather small, especially given the photos we’ve seen posted on Twitter. However, Londoners reportedly fled in panic after the incident, and Geo TV is reporting that about five people were injured in the stampede that resulted. The media outlet states that women and children are among the injured.

The blast took place on the District Line at Tower Hill Station in London on a train that was en route to Ealing Broadway from East London.


Tower Hill Station in London is closed now after a small explosion. The first photos and tweets from the scene of the Tower Hill Station blast show what looks like a small bomb on fire inside one of the Tube carriages. At this time, the first details are only just starting to filter out, but it sounds like the incident resulted in a stampede, which caused many injuries. However, we are still working on confirming details.

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