Covid-19 Vaccines Are Injections

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Below is a message Jerry Day sent to John Banzhaf. The article was reprinted from Valuewalk on under the title Vaccine Passports – Not Just to Cut Velvet Rope, Certificates May Also Provide New Constitutional RightsArticle dated May 13, 2021.

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Massive Disinformation

Apart from the obvious legal error in the title (how can we have "new" Constitutional rights?) The article was a predictable disaster when a lawyer who has no medical credentials writes an article on medicine. My letter to Mr. Banzhaf:

Mr. Banzhaf,

Your article on "Vaccine Passports" represents massive disinformation. Covid-19 injections are experimental and nowhere near the miracle cure you suggest in your article. Assuming you have a high school level competence at research, you are aware of this and you have been persuaded to be complicit in mass murder for some sort of compensation, threat or extortion.

Just to brush over some easily verifiable facts;

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Injections

Covid-19 "vaccines" are not vaccines by any medical or scientific definition. They are "injections," They are gene modifiers, but they are not vaccines.

There are more deaths from the injections than from the disease, which means the injections should be immediately ceased as a medical treatment in the spirit of the Hypocratic Oath. There are even more injuries with every type of symptom related to excess blood clotting, which is a well known effect of gene therapies.

The Covid-19 injections caused 100% death in animal trials and, rather than removing the injections from further use, the injections were fast-tracked for human use and the animal trials were covered up.

According to "Health Officials" Covid-19 injections do not cause any natural immunity and do not prevent the need for masks and social distancing. In fact, people who are injected can be "contagious" for months AFTER THE INJECTION even if they never tested positive for C-19. The contagion expressed by an injected person is not Covid-19, it is with spike proteins that "shed" and cause blood clotting, strokes, miscarriages and menstrual anomalies in people NOT injected but who were IN CONTACT with an injected person.

Lawyers should not write articles about medicine.

Being a media Producer, I invite you to a public debate on Covid-19 Injections opposite a credentialed independent immunologist.

If you are not willing to do that, I would ask that you stop writing articles on things about which you know so little.

Jerry Day,

Media Producer