Lessons From The Great Minds Of Investing

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Lessons From The Great Minds Of Investing by Brian Langis

This is another exceptional Google Talks. This time Google hosts William Green, the author of The Great Minds of Investing. I met William Green last year following an investment panel at one of the Berkshire Hathaway events associated with the AGM. He had stacks of books that you could buy before it was released to the public. I had a chance to browse the book and its absolutely beautiful. It’s a big book, coffee table style. The striking feature are the beautiful black and white pictures. The extraordinary photographs credits goes to Michael O’Brien. The book provides insights and wisdom from 33 of the greatest investors of our time. Unfortunately I didn’t end up buying the book. The book is too big to travel on a plane with and it’s expensive. But it’s on the buying list and it would definitely make a great gift.

Back to the talk. This is a good talk. William shares a mix of stories and lessons he learned from spending time with some of these great investors. He’s a good storyteller. That’s what makes the talk entertaining. He has some good stories on John Templeton, Howard Marks, Bill Miller and the late Irving Kahn. If you have an hour to kill or to educate yourself, it’s time well spent.

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The Great Minds of Investing

None other than Buffett. The Great Minds of Investing

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