The July Google Pixel Android Update Won’t Install For Some Users

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It seems that there are big problems with the latest Google Pixel Android update. Many Pixel users are reporting on Google’s forums that the July update simply won’t install and just gives them an error stating “Couldn’t update: installation problem” when they try to install it.

At this time, it seems that most, if not all of the posts to the forum are from Project Fi and T-Mobile subscribers with the smaller of Google’s two current flagship smartphones, although there are reports elsewhere of some Sprint and Rogers subscribers also being affected.

Google is looking into it

A spokesperson for Google responded to all the posts on the product forums, saying that they’re looking into the issue with the July Google Pixel Android update. This update is Google’s monthly security update, and according to 9to5 Google, the installation problem appears to be mostly affecting those with the 5-inch Pixel rather than the larger Pixel XL.

It occurs when users download the July security update and then tap to install it. The Pixel gives no details on what went wrong—just the words “Couldn’t update: installation problem.” So far, it appears that only the Pixel is affected. It is interesting that the Pixel XL seems to be immune from this problem, given that it is nearly identical to the Pixel in every way except for its screen size.

Limited number of users affected

Both beta and non-beta users are reporting problems with the over-the-air Google Pixel Android update for July. Some users were able to sideload the July Google Pixel Android update and get it to install successfully, although others still found that the installation failed when they attempted to sideload it.

Users of Google’s Project Fi service and T-Mobile have been posting to Google’s forum, although Android Police is reporting that some Sprint and Rogers users are also affected. The blog also reports that the installation problem with the Google Pixel Android update has been narrowed down to those who installed build number NKG47M. There’s also a Reddit thread with further details on the issue.

It’s unclear how long it will take for Google to fix the problem, but the company has repeatedly reassured users that it’s working on it. Given the small size of the update, it may only include security updates, and the fact that Google rolls out security updates monthly demonstrates how vital the company sees security for its customers.

This isn’t the first time Google has experienced problems with its own Pixel. The monthly update for June fixed the bug that was causing some major freezing problems in the Pixel.

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