Will Android O Be Android Oatmeal Cookie Or Android Oreo?

Will Android O Be Android Oatmeal Cookie Or Android Oreo?
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Android’s upcoming version might be dubbed Android Oatmeal Cookie and not Oreo, if the latest rumors are to be believed. The digital store blog Myce spotted a few source code references to “Oc-dev” and “OC-MR1” in the Android O beta, and “OC” is believed to stand for oatmeal cookie.”

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Will it be Android Oatmeal Cookie or Oreo?

Though these references in no way confirm that the name of the next version will be Android Oatmeal Cookie, it does hint at names other than Oreo. But in addition to the source code references, the name Oatmeal is backed by some believable reasoning.

At Google’s I/O presentation last month, the company did mention Oatmeal_Cookie in the sample code and used it in the presentation slide. This comes as a big hint that Google is considering Oatmeal Cookie for Android O’s name.

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Oreo is a mass favorite, but since it is a trademarked brand name, the chances of Google picking it are slim. Google would need to enter into a deal with Nabisco, which owns the Oreo trademark, in order to use the name. However, an oatmeal cookie is a generic name for a sweet treat with no trademark attached.

Speculation around the name of Android’s next version is not new. At the time Android K was launched, there were teasers showing lime pie at Google I/O 2013. Also at that time, the company would have had some agreement to use the name KitKat. Moreover, “OC” could also denote “Oreo Cookie” as much as “Oatmeal Cookie.” So you never know what name Android O will officially come with.

What’s new with Android O?

Google’s Android O is not like previous Android versions. For the first time, machine learning has been integrated in the platform along with many other features. Artificial intelligence is crucial for mobility, and Android O is all set for a subsystem that will fuel neural network features, bringing some artificial intelligence components to Android devices.

Another notable feature coming with Android O is picture-in-picture mode. While playing a YouTube video, a user just needs to tap the home button, and the video will pop into a small window, leaving the main screen free to be explored.

It’s not just YouTube that has switched to a picture-in-picture mode; VLC player too has incorporated a similar feature for the Android O iteration. Further, for the convenience of users, VLC has kept the process quite simple, so one just needs to play a video and then continue with something else on their device. Meanwhile, the video will keep on playing.

For now, Android O is in the third phase of its developer release, and the fourth release will be towards the end of June. The full Android O version is expected to be released in the third quarter this year.

In a separate development, Google has announced that starting June 30, it will no longer support the online store for the Android Market (Android 2.1 Eclair) and older versions. Users still on this operating system will not be able to see official programs and applications. Further, such users will not receive any special notifications about the discontinuation of support to the Android Market.

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