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As promised recently we are updating/cleaning the investor resource pages on a regular basis. Last week completed the renovation of Charles Royce and Mario Gabelli’s resource pages and this week we’ve just finished updating the resource pages of Julian H Robertson Jr., founder of Tiger Management LLC and James Montier.

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Below is a partial excerpt from the two new pages followed by link to the full page, which can also be found under Value Investors tab above.

James Montier

James Montier is currently a member of GMO’s European asset allocation team*. Prior to joining GMO in 2009, he was co-head of Global Strategy at Société Générale. James Montier is the author of several books that have become staples for any investor. These books include:

Mr. Montier is a visiting fellow at the University of Durham and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Portsmouth University and an M.Sc. in Economics from Warwick University.

Although, James Montier does not have his own fund, he has valuable information. Although some people might find psychology boring, James Montier’s The Little Book of Behavioral Investing is one of the most valuable books out there. At the Value Investing Congress in 2010, copies of the book were handed out to all participants.

James Montier resource page

Julian H Robertson Jr.

The Tiger Management Group (TMG)

With the financial support of his family friends and colleagues, in 1980 Robertson founded The Tiger Management Group. He was commonly known as “Wizard of Wall Street” because of his blockbuster and outstanding business and stock records during the 80s and 90s.

He started his company with $8.8 million and his hard work and luck helped his firm become one of the top listed companies in the world. He is a very sincere guide as well; he helped so many young investors and business persons to nourish and grow their careers.

Julian H Robertson Jr. resource page

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