ISIS Publishes Photo Of Bomb Used On Russian Jet

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In the latest edition of its magazine ISIS has published a photo of a (bomb) crude explosive device it says was used to bring down the Russian passenger jet over the Sinai peninsula.

ISIS publishes a monthly propaganda magazine called “Daqib,” and this month’s edition contains a photo of a soda can and a detonator with the caption “EXCLUSIVE – Image of the IED used to being down the Russian airliner”.

ISIS magazine publishes picture of improvised bomb

Russian authorities admitted yesterday that the passenger jet was brought down by a bomb, killing 224 people on board. President Vladimir Putin said that a home-made bomb containing 1.5 kilograms of explosives was responsible for the blast.

Following Putin’s announcement Egyptian authorities arrested two employees at Sharm el-Sheikh airport accused of assisting ISIS. The device was smuggled onto the plane before detonating as it flew over the Sinai peninsula.

Authorities have offered a $50 million reward for information which leads to the capture of those responsible for blowing up the plane. “Seventeen people are being held, two of them are suspected of helping whoever planted the bomb on the plane at Sharm al-Sheikh airport,” said a spokesman for the Egyptian authorities.

Russia acknowledges passenger jet was taken down by bomb

The Airbus A321 blew up 23 minutes into its journey to Saint Petersburg, and ISIS immediately claimed responsibility. Alexander Bortnikov, head of the FSB security agency, said: ‘One can say unambiguously that it was a terror act. An improvised bomb with a capacity of up to 1.5 kg of TNT exploded on the fight. As a result, the aircraft was torn apart in the air, which explains the large distance over which the pieces of the fuselage of the aircraft have scattered.”

Putin vowed revenge for the attacks. “It’s not the first time Russia faces barbaric terrorist crimes,” he said, vowing that Russia would “never forget” the atrocity. “Killing our people at Sinai is among the most bloody crimes judging by the number of victims,” he said.

“And we won’t wipe our tears away from our hearts and souls. It will remain with us forever. But it won’t stop us from finding and punishing the criminals,” Putin continued.

The attack on the Russian passenger jet is thought to have come in retaliation for the Russian bombing campaign in Syria. Putin has vowed to continue the fight against ISIS and avenge the victims of the bomb.

“We must do it without time limitation. We must know each name. We will search for them everywhere, wherever they will hide. We will find them in any part of planet and punish them. There is no statute of limitation on this,” he said.

Terror attacks lead to rapprochement between Russia and the West

There would be no suspension of Russian airstrikes in Syria, according to Putin. “The combat work of our aviation in Syria must not only be continued. It must be intensified so that the criminals understand that vengeance is inevitable,” he said.

Russia has intensified airstrikes against ISIS targets as a result of the attack. France has also redoubled its attacks on ISIS in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks last Friday. World leaders met at the G20 summit in Turkey this weekend, and discussed the need for international cooperation against ISIS.

After a period of strained relations between Russia and the West, the recent terror attacks appear to have brought the two sides closer together. Both President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have met with Putin to discuss a coordinated response to ISIS.

Putin appears to be amenable to greater cooperation, which could herald a new dawn for previously strained relations. “It would seem obvious that IS and other similar extremist groups operating in Syria represent a clear common threat to our countries,” he said.

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