US Responsible For Russian Plane Crash: Putin’s Friend

US Responsible For Russian Plane Crash: Putin’s Friend
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Amid Russia’s brutal bombing campaign against ISIS targets in Syria in what appears to be a revenge for bringing down a Russian plane, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s friend has blamed the U.S. for the plane crash, as a result of which 224 people died.

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Moreover, Russian Internet authorities have banned more than 800 websites with terrorist inclinations and removed about 4,500 pages of illegal data, according to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

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“Since the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office was granted the relevant powers, access to over 800 online resources was terminated, with illegal information removed from 4,500 websites at our request,” Chaika said on Tuesday during a conference at the International Association of Prosecutors in the southwestern Russian city of Sochi

Chaika said that nearly 650 cases of Russians allegedly seeking to join terrorist groups abroad, including ISIS in Syria and Iraq, are under thorough investigation of Russian special services.

Russia has been bombing terrorist targets in Syria, which is mostly occupied by ISIS and Nusra Front militants, since the end of September. But with ISIS allegedly bringing down the Russian plane on October 31, the airstrike campaign has intensified.

Russia steps up its military campaign in response for plane crash

Russian brutal airstrike campaign against ISIS militants has intensified by a few times, destroying 448 targets in Syria in just three days. The escalation comes after an ISIS affiliate in Egypt claimed responsibility for downing the Russian plane, in which all 224 people on board died.

Russian jets destroyed a number of key terrorist group buildings in Syria, including strategic centers and one facility holding missiles. Moscow defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov said: “Over the last three days, Russian jets made 137 sorties in the Syrian Arab Republic and destroyed 448 facilities of terrorist infrastructure in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Raqqa, Hama and Homs.”

A munitions warehouse, which belonged to the terrorist group, near the Syrian capital of Damascus hosted makeshift unguided missiles. Konashenkov said: “In the area of Mont Mgar, Damascus Province, Islamic State’s warehouse of unguided missiles was destroyed. That warehouse had regularly supplied militants with unguided missiles that were used to systematically bombard the residential areas of Damascus.”

Russian jets also destroyed a mortar gun owned by the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda – Jabhat al-Nusra – in Latakia province, which is largely held by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army.

More Jabhat al-Nusra positions were reported to have been destroyed in Hama province, including a repair shop with military equipment and armored vehicles inside.

“In the suburbs of Zerba, in the Idlib Province, a large Jabhat al-Nusra command center was destroyed. The facility was established over the course of the last three weeks and it was well camouflaged,” Konashenkov said.

The spokesman explained a sudden change in the Russian ongoing airspace campaign, saying that ISIS has changed its tactics in Syria. “Armed groups aren’t acting as blatantly as they used to even a month ago,” he said. “They’re constantly changing routes for arms and ammunition supply, which are mainly carried out at night with all the necessary masking.”

Moscow believes terrorists brought down the Russian plane

After a week of U.S. and U.K. officials saying that it was ISIS militants who planted a bomb on the Russian plane that was downed on Oct. 31, Russian officials are now apparently convinced that it was a bomb that caused the mid-air explosion of Metrojet Flight 9268, according to U.S. intelligence sources.

The Kremlin appeared to have accepted the fact that terrorists, most likely affiliated with Islamic State (ISIS), are responsible for killing 224 people on board of the Russian airlines that was bound for St. Petersburg, Russia, U.S. intelligence sources revealed.

According to the Daily Express, U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted communications that indicate the Kremlin is now convinced the plane crash can be linked to ISIS.

The ‘terrorists to blame’ speech was once again given by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Monday, saying “it’s more likely than not that it was an explosive device on the aircraft” and “there’s going to be a high probability” that ISIS was involved.

Russia has shown its determination to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth by announcing that its airstrikes has hit 448 enemy targets in Syria in three straight days.

Russian state-owned TV puts the blame on U.S. for bombing the plane

Meanwhile, a notorious Russian TV news presenter and a friend of Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. of complicity in the plane crash that killed 224 people on board, including 25 children and 7 crew members.

On Sunday, speaking on the popular Russian TV news program Vesti Nedeli. Dmitry Kiselyov said: “If it is really so [that ISIS was to blame for the downing of the Russian plane], a question pops up: why against Russia who has been fighting against ISIS for less than 40 days?”

He continued: “Americans, as the head of their coalition, have been bombing for two years and have completed over 60,000 flights [but] there has been nothing against them. No single terrorist attack,” according to an English transcription of the show.

Kiselyov then added that the American military can “easily find a common language with terrorists” when it comes to their safety. “They either buy or arrange some sort of swap. Like ‘we shut our eyes to something, and you don’t touch us.’”

Kiselyov reminded that it was practiced “for years” with Taliban in Afghanistan. So “why not repeat the experience with the ISIS, to everyone’s pleasure, through the mediation of Qatar?” he asked the audience.

He then went on with Moscow’s usual speech, saying that dividing terrorists into good and bad ones is a common practice for the U.S. “If it’s against Russia, it’s a good terrorist and even a democrat.”

Kiselyov also reminded that on Oct. 9, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter “predicted that Russia will have terrorist attacks and human losses in the near future.”

Dmitry Kiselyov is famous for saying in 2014 that “Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.”

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Your “facts” seem to have no concrete basis. You’re spouting opinions, yet you call them “verifiable”…how so? What evidence do you propose with which to verify your claims? a link to Forbes? Also, using terms like “certifiable nut” and “anti-Russian” implies that your comments are NOT non-emotional. (note: the only thing “anti-Russian” is the boogeyman in Pootin’s head. It’s called “paranoia” – i.e. “Boo, hoo, pity us. The world hates us”).

    “The only people with the right to determine the fate of Crimea are the people of Crimea…” okay, then why did Pootin send troops, seize the base and impose a rigged referendum? ” Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine in a referendum that most of the world has condemned as illegal.” – BBC News, WSJ, NY Post and plenty of other credible news sources.

    You see what you want to see; mostly, whatever benefits your ruler. I’m not judging – I’m just saying, don’t expect everyone to buy what you’re selling. Your view is biased whether you are aware of it or not.

    I do like your last sentence though…because it is the truth regarding both of us…the US and Russia. Two-edged swords cut both ways, Rodger.

  2. What Pravda? Was quoting the Russian hating McCain. The worst thing he could accuse Russia of was “defending itself too vigorously” against the Georgian attack. Look it up. No Russian attack claimed even by the most rabid anti-Russian nut in the US senate. If you were around at the time, you might remember that Georgia had a certifiable nut running it and he hoped he could get NATO to protect him if he started a war with Russia – and he failed.
    Screw the “not invited”. I’m getting tired of hear accusations that ignore scientific facts. We know for a fact that the referendum was fair and accurate and reflected the opinions of the people of Crimea because it was verified by the best non-Russian polling companies in the world. The sames ones that verify that 85% of the people of Crimea are still happy with their decision to secede. Those AM the FACTS. Verifiable, repeatable, and non-emotional.

    The only people with the right to determine the fate of Crimea are the people of Crimea and they made their opinions crystal clear. It’s the same process we used to justify supporting Kosovo’s secession from Serbia and the only thing wrong with the Crimean referendum is that the other side won. We only recognize the right of self determination if the people self determine the way we tell them to.

  3. PEACEKEEPERS? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. a Georgian ATTACK? HA HA HA HA HA. Man, you have GOT to stop reading Pravda.

    What if the people of Moscow decide they want to join the US? Can we send in troops and take it? Crimea was part of a sovereign nation…at the very least, Pootin should have started negotiations to acquire it by treaty, purchase or trade. The people may have wanted to side with Russia (for economic reasons), but the land was another matter. Pootin wanted to keep NATO out of the naval base.

    Please stop with the “we were invited” nonsense; No one ever “invites” invaders. As for Chechnya, no…I wasn’t judging. You said you wanted facts…you got facts. I’d have done the same in Chechnya, but that’s not what you were asking. So if anyone’s head is up their @ss, Rodger…it’s yours.

    You finally expose your double-standard, which is what your original post was all about. “USA=bad, RUSSIA=good”. Believe as you wish, but don’t spread propaganda. I have the same rights to believe as you do (the difference is, I am closer to the truth than you).

    As I said before, I enjoy our banter and I do wish you well. Believe it or not, I respect the Russian people. I admire their culture and their history, not to mention their scientific achievements…I just don’t like/trust Pootin.

  4. Ah, naughty, naughty. You confuse Russia’s very limited deployment of peacekeepers in Georgia, Abkhazia and Transnistria with an American style invasion. Russia has attacked no one in those countries (though they did defend themselves against a Georgian attack), has taken no territory, and has worked to reconcile both sides in all three areas.
    As for Crimea, you seem to deny that the people of Crimea have a right to choose their own leaders. Bad for a person who preaches Democracy and Self Determination. It obviously was not an invasion, since they were invited. You can tell it wasn’t an invasion because no shots were fired.
    As for Chechnya, Dagestan, and North Caucasus, I lived in the Caucasus about a hour away when those animals from Degestan and Chechnya murdered the children in Beslan. If you even hint that Russia shouldn’t have taken out those animals and destroyed the Chechen Caliphate that was sending them, you have your head up your @ss so far there’s no hope you’ll never see daylight again. Damned right they took em out.

  5. So you discount the events in Georgia and Crimea completely? Not to mention Abkhazia, Transnistria, East Prigorodny, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, North Caucasus and the ongoing military action in Syria and Ukraine. Yep…Russia never “threatens to attack”…they just do it.

    If you are so simple as to think there is only one bully in this world, then it’s no wonder you kiss Pootin’s boots. Russia is no dove of peace…never has been and you know it well.

    THEM’s the facts, Rodger. Both countries have their dark sides, but I’ll take the US any day. If Russia can shed Pootin, I have no doubt they can become a peaceful contributor to the world….just as Germany is now that Hitler is gone. And I hope when the White House is purged of the current administration, we can return to our role of benevolence (think Ike). But at the current time, there’s no point in pretending.

    Have a fine day,

  6. All you know is how to make generalizations and excuses for having no facts. The simple fact is that since the Soviet Union died and Russia became an independent country, Russia has not once threatened to attack anyone. Ever.

    The only serial attacker and bullier in the world today is the good old US of A. We’ve attacked 14 countries in 18 years, destroyed at least three secular governments, used drones to kill thousands of civilians in Pakistan and caused the deaths of 1.5 million people in wars WE started in the middle east. Compared to us, Russia is the Dove of Peace. Like it or Not. Them’s the facts, BS Artist.

  7. “That is a list of places, mostly involved with the Soviet Union and WWII, not threats.” …yeah, they lived peacefully and happily under Soviet rule.

    Saying modern Russia is not responsible for the past is a cop-out. In that case, Everything going on in the Middle East is Bush’s fault, and the US is clean. What tilted logic you rely on.

    The only BS here is your Soviet worshiping drivel. Who are you trying to convince? I know full well that you are playing with semantics the same way your King Pootin does – I know Russia well.

    Fine…go live in your fantasy world. I’ll stay grounded in this one.

  8. That is a list of places, mostly involved with the Soviet Union and WWII, not threats. Modern Russia has only existed for 22 years and is not responsible for Stalin’s insanities or Ivan the Terrible’s murder of his son.
    “An example would include specific time, place and person who issued specific threat to someone to initiate harm.” Who set that standard?” Logic, the dictionary, take your pick. BS generalization is BS generalization. Threats are threats. You wouldn’t have danced this hard to avoid specifics if you had them, so you are simply full of BS. You huff and puff but got nothing real. I guess that is case closed.

  9. Yes. I did. You ignored them. Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldavia, Crimea, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia…it goes on.

    “An example would include specific time, place and person who issued specific threat to someone to initiate harm.” Who set that standard?…oh yeah, you. Sorry, but you didn’t specify such restrictive parameters when you made your first request. Russia is a bully, live with it – your denial doesn’t change the fact that millions are dead, courtesy of Russia.

  10. If modernizing your army is “threatening” , then the US, which spends 10 times as much as anyone else on military equipment, is the most threatening nation in the world and Russia is an innocent bystander.
    “Moscow is becoming increasingly paranoid and aggressive in both its rhetoric and its military activity.” is an unsubstantiated claim, not an example. And the question is not whether Russia is more suspicious of NATO, but when did it threaten anyone.
    You still keep babbling along with silly generalities. So – Still waiting for the examples of intimidation. You do understand, hope, the difference between claims and examples. You claim a lot but never want to get down to examples. Here’s a hint for the mentally challenged. An example would include specific time, place and person who issued specific threat to someone to initiate harm. In all this time, you have never given an example

  11. Apparently you don’t read my posts entirely. I mentioned several cases of Russian intimidation, but you gloss over them in your childlike denial. I am still amazed that you would think that Russia/Putin have never intimidated anyone…seriously??? Russia has been a bully since WW2, and now your buddy, Pootin, is trying to continue the tradition.

    Historical aggression throughout Easter Europe aside, European nations (Sweden in particular) are increasingly worried by renewed aggressive behavior of Russian aircraft and naval vessels. The Navy is one area that Russia is upgrading, with two new warship designs revealed in May. The “Shtorm” multipurpose heavy aircraft carrier and the “Shval” destroyer are part of a modernization program which will also see Russia build its own amphibious assault ships after their deal with France fell through.

    Rootin-Tootin Pootin recently announced that Russia will spend $400 billion by 2020 in order to modernize its armed forces. As well as the new ships, Moscow has tried to develop a state of the art tank known as the Armata, and plans to upgrade missile and other heavy weapons technology.

    Tensions between NATO and Russia have reached lows not seen since the end of the Cold War, and both sides are to blame. Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior does nothing to discourage NATO from enlisting new members in Eastern Europe, eroding the buffer zone which Moscow claims was part of an initial agreement.

    Moscow is becoming increasingly paranoid and aggressive in both its rhetoric and its military activity.

  12. You keep “citing sources”, but no incidents. The question, as you well know, is not “who agrees with you?” but what incidents are you talking about?
    So – Still waiting for the examples of intimidation. You do understand, I
    hope, the difference between claims and examples. You claim a lot but
    never want to get down to examples.

  13. “Still waiting for the examples of intimidation. You do understand, I hope, the difference between claims and examples. You claim a lot but never want to get down to examples.”

    That is EXACTLY what I have been telling you. I keep citing sources, but you ignore them while refusing to back-up your own claims…in a true Soviet manner. You cannot evade the truth by denying it, Rodger.

    And I can hardly consider your argument credible when all you do is copy-and-paste what I can only assume is your own text.

    Look, I actually do enjoy our discourse, and despite its harshness I do believe that you’re an okay guy (I hope you feel the same). But I’ve invested way too much time on this topic. Bottom line: I distrust Putin, and you distrust the U.S. ; We’ll just have to work our way through that. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and may you fare well. I look forward to encountering you again.

  14. Still waiting for the examples of intimidation. You do understand, I hope, the difference between claims and examples. You claim a lot but never want to get down to examples.

    Evasions only work on the mentally challenged. The question still is: Do you actually have any specific incident you can cite where Russia actually threatened anyone? Any time Russia has said “do what we tell you or we will NUKE you!”
    You babble a lot and make a lot claims, but if quoting the head of a news bureau
    describing Russia’s nuclear capability is the worst threat you can come up with, you are full of cr@p. Do you have anything beyond historical nonsense and quotes from news anchors? Got any facts? or do you just babble about Dachas and pretend everyone who’s smarter than you has to be a Russian?

  15. You accuse me of evasion, yet you turn a deaf ear to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc. …why? Because they only involved military aggression and not nukes? You keep referring to the quote from the head of Russia’s news bureau as if it’s the only thing I presented….what about the rest? Do you really think Russia has never intimidated or threatened anyone?? HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    Tell me, Comrade, what “facts” do you offer? so far you have provided nothing except irrational defense of your idol, Pooty.

    So far, of all the people I’ve met who are smarter than me (you are NOT among them), none of them were Russian. I acknowledge Pooty’s intelligence the way I acknowledge Hitler’s intelligence….that doesn’t mean I respect it.

    I thank you for being so entertaining, even if you failed to support your own arguments. I hope you know that personally, I wish you no ill will. Perhaps I’ll see you in Russia sometime; it’s been a while since I was there.


  16. Evasions only work on the mentally challenged. The question still is:
    Do you actually have any incident you can cite where Russia actually threatened anyone? Any time Russia has said “do what we tell you or we will NUKE you!”
    You babble a lot and make a lot claims, but if quoting the head of a news
    bureau describing Russia’s nuclear capability is the worst threat you can come up with, you are full of cr@p. Do you have anything beyond historical nonsense and quotes from news anchors?
    Got any facts? or do you just babble about Dachas and pretend everyone who’s smarter than you has to be a Russian?

  17. First, you’ve already proven you are hardly smarter than me. Especially when you pick and choose what to believe. To think that Russia has never threatened anyone is asinine at the very least. Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany…heck, the Berlin Wall says it more than anything: “Oppression”. I know which side of your bread is buttered and so really don’t expect you to acknowledge the facts. Go back to Putin’s teat if that’s your desire. I’m tired of your denial.

  18. I know that you are mainly delusional, but do you actually have any
    incident you can cite where Russia actually threatened anyone? Any time
    Russia has said “do what we tell you or we will NUKE you!”
    babble a lot and make a lot claims, but if quoting the head of a news
    bureau describing Russia’s nuclear capability is the worst threat you
    can come up with, you are full of cr@p.
    Got any facts? or do you just babble about Dachas and pretend everyone who’s smarter than you has to be a Russian?

  19. Could you back that statement up with facts? Can you cite your sources please? You ask for them but you provide none. And every terrorist I see in the news carries an AK-47.

    I doubt that you are a “curious” guy. Curious people seek answers, you harp on pre-approved pablum from Pooty.

    “Russia threatens US with nuclear arms” – The Telegraph

    “Russia is stealthily threatening America with nuclear war” – The Week

    “The three Baltic members of the alliance, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have asked NATO to permanently deploy ground troops to their nations as a deterrent against an increasingly assertive Russia.” – Al Jazeera

    ““Putin pointed out that there will be consequences, that Russia will have to resort to a response of the military kind and re-orientate our troops and nuclear missiles,” he said. “The country that joins Nato needs to be aware of the risks it is exposing itself to.” – RT News

    “Russia has threatened to use nuclear force against the United States and its allies if NATO moves more forces into the Baltic states or if attempts are made to return Crimea to Ukraine.” – Polina Tikhonova

    “In 1993, Russia dropped a pledge given by the former Soviet Union not to use nuclear weapons first.” – NY Times

    “”Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash,” television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly current affairs show. Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroom cloud following a nuclear blast. – Reuters

    “?? ??? ?????????!”

  20. That’s a really weak reply. To sit in your dacha and say that Russia has never threatened anyone means you’re either a huge liar or the biggest idiot to come down the pike. Take a peek at history and tell me Russia is the land of Saints. It is what it is, Spinmaster…no matter what you’d like it to be.

  21. Wow! The head of a news agency says that Russia can fight back against America! How evil can you get? Does Obama now have to answer for everything Bill O’Reilly spouts. Aside from the fact that the “head of a state news agency” does not make Russian diplomatic policy, there is also the problem that reminding the world’s biggest bully, us, that you can shoot back is not a threat, just a cautionary reminder.
    Of course, in your prejudiced mind, every time any Russian says a sentence with the word “Nuclear” somewhere in it, Russia has just declared Nuclear WAR!!!
    I know that you are mainly delusional, but do you actually have any incident you can cite where Russia actually threatened anyone? Any time Russia has said “do what we tell you or we will NUKE you!”
    You babble a lot and make a lot claims, but if quoting the head of a news bureau describing Russia’s nuclear capability is the worst threat you can come up with, you are full of cr@p.

  22. Could you back that statement up with facts? Can you cite your sources please? You ask for them but you provide none. And every terrorist I see in the news carries an AK-47.

    I doubt that you are a “curious” guy. Curious people seek answers, you harp on pre-approved pablum from Pooty.

    “Russia threatens US with nuclear arms” – The Telegraph

    “Russia is stealthily threatening America with nuclear war” – The Week

    “The three Baltic members of the alliance, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have asked NATO to permanently deploy ground troops to their nations as a deterrent against an increasingly assertive Russia.” – Al Jazeera

    ““Putin pointed out that there will be consequences, that Russia will have to resort to a response of the military kind and re-orientate our troops and nuclear missiles,” he said. “The country that joins Nato needs to be aware of the risks it is exposing itself to.” – RT News

    “Russia has threatened to use nuclear force against the United States and its allies if NATO moves more forces into the Baltic states or if attempts are made to return Crimea to Ukraine.” – Polina Tikhonova

    “In 1993, Russia dropped a pledge given by the former Soviet Union not to use nuclear weapons first.” – NY Times

    “”Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash,” television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly current affairs show. Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroom cloud following a nuclear blast. – Reuters

    “?? ??? ?????????!”

  23. The fact that you deny Russia’s threatening the US with nuclear arms proves you are delusional.

    Dmitry Kiselyov, head of Russia’s state news agency, said plainly: “Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.” -Reuters

    Russia has intimidated the Baltic states, Poland and Belarus in recent years, not to mention Georgia and Kazakhstan. Do you not read international news? Your bias shows, my friend. There is obviously no point in arguing with you, as you have already made up your mind based on your passions instead of logic.

  24. Horse manure. No rational person is going to buy the concept “Stalin created the holomodor, so Putin is evil.” It’s just a desperate attempt to find something irrelevant to blame Russia for.
    When has Russia ever threatened to nuke anyone? The Russian nuclear policy is almost word for world the same as ours. It forbids any use of nuclear weapons in a first strike and allows their use only in defense of a nuclear strike from elsewhere? How, in your warped mind, is that “threatening to nuke everyone”? So give up an example of when Russia has violated their own rules and threatened to nuke someone?
    What paranoid fantasy leads to you to think that Russia would “would nuke everyone in the West and dominate everyone who was left.” For one thing, there wouldn’t be anybody left and for another, Russia has never threatened to attack any NATO member, any member of the EU, the US, or anyone else but ISIS. What secret information do you have that Russia in stark raving suicidally mad?

  25. Nice to know that you think Russia is more responsible that we are with
    weapons. We publicly, privately and “secretly” give hundreds of millions
    worth of weapons to throat cutting terrorists. No need to go through
    third parties when the US is here.

    But, Hey, I’m a curious guy. Quote us a couple of those constant threats and let us know who made them. You come up with the facts and we don’t ever need to argue about it. How about it, what threats? When and where has Russia threatened Estonia and Lithuania?

  26. So, you hold the truth, do you? Man has sought that for eons…if only we’d known to ask you for it. HA HA HA HA. Truth is relative, and no one is the sole keeper of it.

    I assure you, my analytical skills are quite exemplary (I have even traveled worldwide to instruct others in them…what have YOU done?).

    The Malaysian plane WAS shot down with Russian weapons, and the evidence supports that it was done so by Pro-Russian separatists (also known as the Russian Army). Ask the Dutch.

    If Pootin considers us “partners” why is he constantly threatening to reduce us to “radioactive ash”? Why does he fly in the face of the World Court and annex land from other countries? Why did he turn down entry into NATO and even try to intimidate countries who wished to join it? No, Pootin does not consider us “partners” except in front of an RT news camera. Our mass media seeks sensationalism and so, distorts the news…RT is owned by Pootin, it and other Russian media lie and produce propaganda as Pootin orders. Why trust them? I rely on other non-American, non-Russian sources…do you?

    For the record, Saddam DID kill his own people and he DID pursue WMD. But Bush make the wrong decision. He intended to liberate the Iraqi people and be a hero…it went as badly as Russia’s attempt to do the same in Afghanistan. War is never a good idea.

    Assad is a tyrant…a butcher. He needs to go, but Pootin likes his Mediterranean Naval Base, so he helps the bad guy stay in power. He could fight ISIS, but instead he bombs rebels…nice. Pootin is such a poor actor yet such an accomplished liar.

    The “No-Fly” zone is to prevent Russia from gaining aerial superiority over Syria and cutting off supplies to rebel forces…and to remove the threat of Russia shooting down western aircraft (they’ve done it before…then they denied it – KAL 007).

    I’m afraid you brought no facts…sorry. But simply stating something from your own perspective does not make it fact. If you want to present something as fact (by the way…nothing is “fact” unless it is irrefutably proven) you have to clearly and honestly present evidence that solidifies your claim. Credible evidence is what you need…cite credible sources, validated data and verified dates, places and people (granted, I have not provided evidence either, but hey…I’m at work).

    If you wish to pursue the facts, I wish you well. Most people here are content to repeat what they are told and “pretend” it is truth/fact. I’d like to think better of you.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, I agree…Trump IS a clown.

  27. You are way off course, my friend. You demand Russia gets a whitewash since the old Soviets crashed and burned in the 90’s? That’s for the next generation, not Pootin – he was there during the Red days and his hands are soiled.

    As for your remark about the reservation…I don’t know what you imply. Why would I need to ask forgiveness of the Cherokee? You can, if it salves your soul…but I’d be on the other end of that deal.

    If you’d refrain from twisting my words, you’ll see that I am saying nothing of the kind. You’re simply desperate to defend Russia while verbally abasing America. We are not attacking “everyone in sight”…our last two presidents have made a muck of things, I’ll grant you that. Afghanistan and Iraq did not go as Bush/Obama planned… but unlike your hero Pootin, we did not invade and annex land from other countries.

    You may live in Russia as a citizen, but I have worked there. I have seen things there that simply do not fit into your portrayal. When Russia stops threatening to nuke everyone, perhaps I’ll listen (a little). But I assure you, if Russia thought it could get away with it…it would nuke everyone in the West and dominate everyone who was left.

  28. I didn’t say Russia was arming ISIS. Russia irresponsibly makes weapons available to anyone, cheap. They find their way into the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.
    As for Georgia, Ukraine, etc., just ask the locals about intimidation. Even now Lithuania and Estonia keep a wary eye on Russia because of the constant threats. But considering where you live and with whom your loyalties lie, there is little point in arguing it.

  29. AmericanSpy

    You definitely don’t like hearing the truth or just lack of
    simple analytical skills. I read your comments in response to my posts and others and all you do is accusing your opponents rather than bringing the facts to the table in support of your arguments, of course, if you have
    Yes, I did say that I have not heard from Russian president’s public speeches nothing aggressive towards other countries and/or politicians. He calls his opponents nothing but “our partners”. What we hear from our presidents in response or towards their foreign counterparts and especially towards Russia? Twenty minutes after the Malaysian plane was brought down over
    Ukraine, our radio personalities on local radio and then on CNN, NBS and other media announced that the plane was brought by Russian made missiles shot by pro-Russian separatists… Then you see the articles like in Newsweek titled Why Would Putin Shoot Down a Plane? This is all before any investigation even
    started… Sorry, but I no longer have a trust in our mass media. Then Obama has declared Russia as the biggest evil in the world… What did they do to earn that title? G.W. Bush, who could not even pronounce “nuclear” correctly, has accused Saddam in killing his own people and secretly developing the weapons of mass destruction… What did we do? The US went to foreign country, arrested and murdered their leader, killed about 300,000 of civilians, destroyed all infrastructure creating the humanitarian mess in the country for many-many
    years to come. Then Obama accused Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Libya, as a bad guy and as the result he was deposed and killed. Thus, one of the most stable Arabic countries was turned up-side-down creating a great soil for ISIS to emerge. Now Al-Assad is a new bad boy being accused in the same crime for having the chemical weapons of mass destruction and as we just were about sending our missiles destroying Syria, Russia got on the way and has diplomatically resolved the problem. All stockpiles of chemical weapons were destroyed under supervision of international forces. You would think this is it, but not for Obama… Now we
    want Assad out of power… The democratic and republican presidential candidates are calling to create a no-fly zone over Syria and shoot Russian planes down.
    It is so crazy! I feel like they are all lost their minds except Trump-the-clown! I hope I brought enough facts for you to argue if you can.

  30. History goes back before the Iraq war, but modern Russia doesn’t.
    By your definition of a country never dying, Germany is the biggest killer in Europe, with over 80 million dead in the last war they started.
    Because history goes back forever and we are all responsible for our grandparents crimes, you and I are overdue to get down on our knees at the Cherokee reservation and beg for forgiveness.
    Our government goes back to the 1600’s by your definition, and our ancestors committed one of the most successful genocides in world history. We wiped out over ten million natives just above the Rio Grande and killed 99% of all the Indians. The only battle our most famous president, Abraham Lincoln, was in was the great Indian Removal war in Illinois, which consisted mainly of gunning down Indians who were trying desperately to surrender. By your definition, America ranks right up near the top in murderous actions.
    Point is, your divisions of periods and interpretation of historical identities is gerrymandered to support your emotions, not facts.
    In today’s world, the real one, we are the ones attacking everyone in sight and causing millions of deaths, not Russia.

  31. Most of your post is just defensive emotional nonsense. We all know that Russia is not arming ISIS. That’s our job, but let’s look at the factual background of “Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine or the remaining satellites who are regularly
    intimidated and threatened.”
    Fascinating statement. A little short on specifics and mainly fantasy, but at least capable of being tested.
    1. Russia has never threatened Crimea. Crimea was a peaceful takeover by invitation of the citizens. The most recent polls show that 85% of the population is still happy with their decision, so they certainly aren’t feeling “threatened”.
    2. Russia has never threatened Ukraine. I can’t find any incident where Russia has threatened Ukraine. I find dozens of claims by NATO and Kiev that they were threatened, but not one incident where Russia actually threatened them. You got one? Cough it up.
    3. Russia sent peacekeepers into Georgia to stop a mutual genocide. If that makes Georgia feel threatened, screw ’em. Russia was nice enough not to occupy the country when Georgia attacked the peacekeepers. Given the situation, that was generous of them.
    4. “remaining satellites who are regularly intimidated and threatened.” Lovely NATO fiction. The famous Russian sub in Swedish waters turned out to be a Swedish work boat enhanced by paranoia. and no Russia official has every threatened to invade, bomb or attack any former satellite. Why would they? They were the ones who cut the satellites loose when they dissolved the Soviet Union.

    NATO frantically scans every word said by any Russian trying to find something they can misinterpret as a nuclear threat, but they have never actually found one. The only thing Russia has ever said is “If you shoot at us, we do shoot back.” and whenever they remind an aggressive NATO of that, NATO screeches that Russia is threatening nuclear war. Russia has also warned countries that it trades with, that if they join NATO, there will be economic, trade and social problems – which NATO again claimed meant the Russia was threatening Nuclear WAR! They weren’t.

    However, try to find a real threat. Not a NATO claim of a threat, something the Kremlin did that was a threat. You find one and I’ll listen, but it could take you years and years.
    The current attitude in the Baltics reminds me of my first ex wife. When she left, she snuck out in the middle of the night with my best friend. When I later asked her why she left at 3:00 AM, she told me she was certain that I would “go ballistic” and disable the car or hit her or do something else to stop her. In reality, I would have helped her pack and gassed up the car for her. I later sent my ex-best friend a thank you card for taking her off my hands.

    The point being that the feeling of being threatened is not proof of actually being threatened. I have yet to see a credible threat made by Russia against any of the former satellites. You got one, cough it up.

  32. I seriously doubt you have access to information concerning any US actions in the ME. Yes, there are radicals in the US…we are a free society and since 1965 the doors have pretty much been wide open (thanks to the left).

  33. I’m as real as they come. And I have always been met around the globe with welcome arms (except for two times where it was understandable). You call me the troll? that’s rich. Go back and read your own comments…you offer no value and no facts to the conversation. You only inject emotion and bias in the form of lies.

    IF you are American… I suspect you’d be more likely to give comfort to the enemy than to defend the nation. Russia’s calling…go get the phone.

  34. “The reason the terrorists carry AK47’s and RPG’s is because they are the most reliable, cheapest and most common weapons on earth.” Thanks to NAZI engineers, of course. But regardless of reliability, they must first be available. They aren’t delivered by magic, nor does Russia issue terrorists licensing agreements for their own manufacturing. But Russia gladly takes the blood money and keeps the arms flowing so that women and children in lesser developed countries can be slaughtered or forced to accept a Russia-friendly regime. Again, you’re a silly person.

    Unless Pootin is sending you a check, you waste your time defending him.

  35. “…Russia has never threatened anyone.” Tell that to Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine or the remaining satellites who are regularly intimidated and threatened. I’m starting to like you Rodger…you’re silly.

    I’m not a History Major (that is someone who has not yet graduated). Two of my three degrees are in History. Russia never pushed for nuclear disarmament, and they only wanted arms limitations when the had fewer nukes than the US. Now they have a few more (thanks to violating the treaties) and constantly shout that they will reduce us to “radioactive ash”….gee, I guess they aren’t a violent people at all, are they?

    Put down the RT and look at the facts. “Our” troops did not drop their weapons and run…that was the Iraqis. Yes, the weapons/equipment was abandoned by the Iraqis and fell into ISIS hands…but the traditional arms of terrorists, since the 1940’s has been supplied (sometimes sold, sometimes given) by Russia.

    Look at ANY photo of ANY terrorist and you will see him armed with Russian weapons. Perhaps this is where Pooty has made most of his money?

    Actually, by making it “your” money and saying “you” support them, the underhanded tactic is all yours. I’d like to believe it is beneath you to stoop so low. I knew what you meant, but I also knew you tried to make it personal. I could just as easily blame you for supporting the murder of anti-Pootin journalists…but it would be no more valid than your claim.

  36. Perhaps it’s your disdain for history that’s to blame for your lack of understanding and your denial that Russia and the Soviet Union are one and the same….same people, same corruption, same desire to oppress. Russia may not be the Soviet Union in name…but Pooty is as Soviet as they come (except for the tons of money he’s stolen and the people he’s murdered…that makes him more like Yekaterina Alexeyevna than Mikhail Gorbachev).

    The only confusion here, is yours. You can’t even participate in simple discourse without becoming emotional and uncouth. I use harmless names for jocularity (Rasputin, Ivan, etc)…you take offense (so sorry), but your remarks are hateful and rude…simple name-calling like a puling child. You offer no logic to support your claim, so you try to discredit me instead…that is the last resort of the feeble-minded.

    You refuse to accept the fact that world history goes back before the Iraq War. And though you refuse to accept it, Russia has claimed more lives and committed more violence than the US ever has. Pucker up, Buttercup…Russia is bending over.

  37. Okay Einstein… your website has the same photo as your avatar and claims you live half the time in Russia with your Russian wife. That makes you 50% American at best. Your comments show with whom your loyalties lie.

    You have no way of knowing how old or how smart I am, so claiming otherwise only makes you look childish. You also have no idea how well traveled I am, and so cannot make the assumption that you know more about the world. I’m willing to bet you don’t. You make decisions without information…not exactly an indication of intelligence.

    What prejudices have I displayed? The fact that I refuse to belief your ridiculous and unfounded lies as truth? Rational people think for themselves…you just believe what your Tsar Pooty tells you to. It would seem sir that in truth, it sucks to be you instead.

  38. there are radicals living in US right now, but they can’t act on their radical ideas unless you create chaos and lawlessness — then they will start shooting — and killing people — that would make more radicals and create a real mess. That’s what US did in Middle East – created lawlessness and chaos – perfect conditions for bacteria to spread and multiply.

  39. AmericanSpy

    That is why you troll here because you went to foreign out-of-state school? Too bad for you. American spies are no longer welcome around the world. They are not even have the same glory here in the States, so if you are a real American guy, you better change your screen name.

  40. Again the massive confusion on your part. Russia is NOT the Soviet Union and this is not 1955. In the old days, the US and the Soviet Union were not polite to each other, but the Soviet Union is gone and Russia has never threatened anyone.

    For a purported history major, you seem to have missed a lot. The Soviet Union and later Russia were the ones pushing for nuclear disarmament for 40 years. We were the ones refusing to limit nukes because we were afraid to face the bigger Russian army without nuclear weapons.

    The reason the terrorists carry AK47’s and RPG’s is because they are the most reliable, cheapest and most common weapons on earth. Millions of them were spread around during the cold war and most people still prefer them to the more complex and less reliable American weapons. However, Russia hasn’t armed terrorists since about 1980, and then it was the Soviet Union, not Russia.
    Unless you have failed to read all the papers recently, you must be aware that the biggest supplier of weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda has been us. We’ve armed every terrorist in sight who will claim to be “moderate” and lost millions more weapons when our stooges dropped their weapons on ground and ran. Those are Humvees that ISIS fighters ride in, and American artillery pieces they are towing.
    Of course, most of them don’t want the American rifles because they jam too much in the desert.
    Obviously I meant “you” in the sense of your tax dollars and your leaders, but you knew that and deliberately tried to misinterpret what I said. The tactic is beneath you.

  41. You just can’t seem to get anything right. My doctorate is in Psychology, but I don’t advertise it because is almost as useless as your Master’s in History. As for name calling, your irrational babbling about “Rasputin” and”Benedict Arnold’ and “a stain” and “Ivan” and all of the other emotionally driven insults you have dropped in you posts fail to cover your confusion.
    You confuse Russia with the Soviet Union, Putin with Stalin, and this century with the last. You declare without reason that Putin is a ‘Tyrant’, when he is, in fact, an effective democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation. You refuse to accept the irrefutable fact that in the last 20 years, we have been the ones causing millions of deaths, not Russia.

  42. As usual, you guess wrong and see poorly. I am 100% American and live in California. I’m just an American who is both older and smarter than you, and who knows a lot more about the world.

    You, on the other hand, are just a poorly informed victim of your own prejudices and bias who refuses to believe that any rational person could possibly disagree with your emotionally driven drivel. Sucks to be you.

  43. Okay, now I see. You live in Russia and have a Russian wife. That explains your insane bias. Whatever happened to honesty? I guess once in Russia you are compelled to participate in propaganda.

  44. Sorry, Rasputin, but I don’t need lessons from you. I have a Master’s in History. Seems with your ignorance about Soviet/Putin evil, it’s you who could use a lesson. What would a Benedict Arnold such as yourself know about being an American…when you can’t even understand what’s going on around you? Perhaps you should give school a try, hmm?

    Also, your argument MIGHT carry more weight if you’d stop the vulgarity and name-calling…it belies your lack of confidence in your own words.

    I love my country. I do not support some of the actions of some of our leaders…unlike you, who supports tyrants responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS. You want to talk evil…you’re chin-deep in it, Ivan! And trust me, I am more American than an apologist like you could ever be…what sacrifices have you ever made for your country? My bet is NONE. You take, and judge and give nothing in return except scorn and arrogance. You are a stain.

  45. Google translate? HA HA HA HA. Unless you remapped your keyboard, your umlauts give you away! HA HA HA.

    I went to Grad School in Germany. My German may be crappy, but it’s real.

  46. “…we could never had destroyed Russia without destroying the entire world in the process.” You might want to see if science supports you. As horrible as it is to contemplate, you are wrong.

    As a matter of fact, it is OUR nukes that have kept the Soviets from expanding and overthrowing other nations. WE kept THEM at bay…not vice versa. The Soviet Union had every desire to steamroller the globe and to spread Communism… “They have NEVER threatened any EU or NATO country despite the hysterical screeching of NATO.”…that is simply untrue. They constantly rattled swords and made threats to “bury” us (sound familiar?).

    Your creepy allegiance to Russia seems to blind you to simple truths, as if you were raised on the pablum pushed by liars like Pravda or Tass. You make me sad. The simple truth is that both sides feared the other and that neither every had the upper hand.

    High and mighty? If we’ve armed all these terrorists, then why have terrorist been carrying AK-47s and RPGs? It’s pretty obvious who has been arming terrorists….the ISIS mess is on Obama, but the rest belongs to the Soviets.

    Your last statement was beneath you. I do not pay him, nor do I arm him. Do you murder anti-Putin journalists through your support of a tyrant…or does Pooty do that on his own but with your consent?

    When it comes to virtue and decency (and I admit that since Bush and Obama we’ve run low on both)…no one looks to Russia…except its goons and bootlickers.

  47. You’re still missing the point. I’m not saying that the US (Obama) isn’t responsible; I’m saying they would be there anyway, in another form, sooner or later. They aren’t bacteria, but a virus.

  48. You’re right, I’m laughing hysterically at your bogus conspiracy theory. I love how you people are so mistrusting of what is commonly accepted yet voraciously eat up theories that have zero evidence or credibility. Why aren’t you willing to apply that skepticism equally to both sides?

  49. neither do I care of your opinions. The experiences of half a lifetime are a warrant for that. Feel free to believe that the Earth is flat, if you want to. I know that any russian functionary is a mafioso by definition – which means that to find his American equivalents one has to look at the Dems.

  50. I can smell a putinoidal sovok even against the wind – do you expect me to believe you? Who but a sovok would state that a soviet-type functionary is an equivalent of Bill O’Reilly? ???? ???????, ??????? ???????????

  51. No, I lived native after the first year. I lived in a village in Karbodino-Balkaria, owned an old apartment and a Lada and spent most of my time with my Russian family. My book is available to read for free at rodgersrussia. (we can’t put com on because it would be censored). Take a look and see if I got it right. If you really want to know if I understand Russia, look at the chapter about marshutkas.

  52. Just admit you were wrong, moron. Typical of you pathetic propagandists; even when faced with the truth, you still dissemble instead of just admiring you are wrong.

    Pathetic loser.

  53. You lived there for 5 years, and got so arrogant as to write a book about them? I was born and grew up there. The foreigners there live under the different conditions [different from the natives’ way of life], as if in a bubble. The only way a visiting or temporarily residing foreigner could decently write of them is if he is very conscious of that bubble. Cf. de Custine.

  54. Learn about “that kind of society”? I lived there for five years and wrote a book about it.
    News censorship does not work that way in Russia. The practice of pre-censoring the news media died with the Soviet Union. Why would anyone kill a reporter when you can just fire him? A reporter can get fired for promoting US propaganda, just as reporters at MSNBC and FOX news have been fired for “not being in tune with our broadcast philosophy”, but that’s the same in both counties.
    If this was a Kremlin idea, it wouldn’t have come from one (ONE) maverick reporter. It’s just a dumb comment by a crackpot reporter. Listen to MSNBC and FOX and you will hear dumb comments all day. Just yesterday, two “experts” on FOX Business News blamed the Paris bombings on Russia. Happens in both countries and it is not government policy.

  55. If he does not speak in tune with his government, he would not remain a news anchor there. They would squeeze him out or he could meet with some “accident”. Do not measure them by the American standards – he is no “russia equivalent of Bill O’Reilly”. Learn something about that kind of society. It is a mafia writ large.

  56. “dominate”? I was born and grew up in the effing ussr – and you are telling me of “domination”. Thank you for the laugh of the week. With them it is “slavery”, not “domination”. The whole russian way of life, of which its soviet variety was a rather good exhibit, can be expressed as “if I’m a boss, you are a POS, and if you’re a boss, I’m a POS” [a verbatim translation of a russian proverb]. And that’s why their current state is frequently characterized as “neo-soviet”.

  57. Hey dee dee it’s France’s fault right? Only pig cowards go after civilians, as their proxies in a so called war. I say help the Russians and blow them back to the stone age

  58. This from someone who has repeatedly belittled the deaths of 298 people on MH17 just to make disgusting propaganda points for the Kremlin.

    You disgust me.

  59. You really are rather stupid since you don’t know the meaning of ‘oral.’

    I’m writing, you idiot, not talking.

    Then again, you are just a brain dead, moronic, idiotic KremlinBot Troll.

  60. ohh the Russians warned who? Says who? State TV?
    Boston attack? come on, are you serious, two kids playing with black powder, that would not even enter the news in ruskiafantasyland

  61. So the Boston attack 2 years ago is good enough for you, or is that living in the past too? Moreover, weren’t the Russians precisely the ones who warned the Americans about this atttack?

  62. Learn to read. Neither the Russian government nor the Russian media is blaming America for the plane going down. All that happened was the Russia equivalent of Bill O’reilly shot off his mouth in a stupid editorial. O’reilly doesn’t speak for our government and the Russian news anchor doesn’t speak for his.

  63. Blood for Blood!!! Does that mean that Iran gets to shoot down one of our passenger planes in compensation for Iran Air 65 which we shot down, killing all 298 civilians on board? If so, I hope they pick your plane, not mine.

  64. They sure didn’t teach you much about being an American in that school you slept through. The country wasn’t founded by sheep like you. It was founded by men who knew that governments become evil as soon as the people stop watching them and who refused to blindly follow evil.
    Should you ever grow up, you’ll learn that there is a difference between loving your country and loving every evil thing the politicians do in your name. If you aren’t embarrassed about all the people we have gotten killed in the middle east, the governments we’ve toppled and the chaos we’ve caused, you aren’t much an American. You’re just a sheep.

  65. Of course, we leave them alone because of the Nukes. Despite your flip and insane analysis, we could never had destroyed Russia without destroying the entire world in the process. There are NO winners in nuclear war, ever.
    Russia hasn’t “swept over the world” because they have no conceivable reason to do so. They have NEVER threatened any EU or NATO country despite the hysterical screeching of NATO. Why in the world would they want to?
    They were part of the Soviet Union that controlled a good percentage of the world and they, not us, THEY dissolved it because they didn’t want to be burdened by the bills and problems of the empire. They certainly don’t want it back.
    As for morals, you are mighty high and mighty for a citizen of a country that has armed every terrorist in sight and destroyed country after country. Does it make you proud to see a video of a terrorist holding a severed head in one hand and a s@x slave in the other, knowing you pay him and arm him?

  66. Bacteria exists in your body and can be suppressed by your immune system mechanisms unless something damages your tissue and bacteria is left to fester. That’s what US did in the middle east – they created an open wound and they abandoned it to the radicals. The reason ISIS emerged is because of US – it fights with US weapons, it is financed by US oil money, it emerged in the abandoned vacuum created by US. Comprender, Mr. Comprehension Skills?

  67. I think you have some comprehension skill issues. I didn’t say that. In response to your comment that there would not be an ISIS if not for the US (terribly naive).

    I was saying that Islamic Extremist Terrorists existed long before US intervention. They would have arose anyway…the US foolishly armed them, thinking otherwise.

    Point being…they’d be here regardless. (and the humvees, etc were largely stolen from Iraqis).

  68. You may be an American by birth, but you’re a Benedict Arnold by words. Have you ever considered emigrating?

    What makes you think everyone else is “ill-informed” children and that you alone hold the truth? Isn’t that just a form of madness? You assume you are smarter than everyone else (how arrogant), but it’s obvious you aren’t.

    What’s your Russian connection, Roger? …c’mon, tell us why you really kowtow to Pootin.

  69. You’ve missed the mark again. You honestly think that Pooty’s nukes are what have kept the US from invading Russia? You’re funny. Until the SALT treaties (which we honored, but they didn’t), the US had the most nukes. With a preemptive strike, we could remove nearly ALL of their nukes and received almost no retaliatory action. We had no reason not to destroy Russia other than our own sense of morals (minus Kennedy and McNamara).

    Russia hasn’t swept over the world 1.) because they can’t afford it, 2.) and because they are scared sh*tless of NATO and US nukes. Claiming that Russian leadership has any kind of moral standard is just plain naive.

  70. Chechens created a vacuum of power in Iraq and supplied hundreds of millions of weapons to “rebel” islamists in Syria (plus thousands humvees and other brand new weaponry and equipment in Iraq)? Chechens buy cheap oil from ISIS, providing them with hundreds of millions of dollars? Give us a break!

  71. That is a stupid claim. Can you cite ANY credible sources, or is this just your jealousy talking? Russia executed it’s own people to the tune of MILLIONS…where is your rage for them?

    You are a joke.

  72. That’s a stupid statement. We have entire Russian communities in the US and don’t want to see Russia suffer. Meanwhile Russia constantly threatens us with nukes. You need to abandon your hate and jealousy…and grow up while you’re at it.

  73. Not quite. The Russians were INVADING a country decades ago and local warlords began fighting them with US support, just as Russia supported the Viet Cong. They developed into terrorists long after Russia pulled out and the US support ended. Geez, does anybody read anymore?

  74. What do you know about America? You’re missing key information about Iran Air 65 that might change your mind. Any apology was political, and I’m sure you can provide evidence of these medals?

  75. It’s painfully obvious that you are not American. Even your syntax has a Slavic accent. Besides, your claimed German roots are irrelevant. I am Cherokee, yet also have Scandinavian roots…you remember them, right? The people who conquered the Russians again and again.

    No Sir, you are no American. You must be seriously ashamed of being a Russian to want to hide it so badly.

  76. You’re funny. Vlad Pootin is only interested in attacking Assad’s enemies. He wants to prop up the corrupt Syrian regime so they’ll continue buying Russian junk and fulfill his wet dream of having a Mediterranean Naval base. He’s protecting his friends and doesn’t care about terrorists. Obama may be an idiot…but Pootin is a liar. There’s your “penny of truth”, comrade.

  77. the Colonel made no secret of his connection with ISIS and speaks about it openly. And around him hover the Americans( To a reasonable person it is obvious that the United States supports the ISIS. It is advantageous geopolitically.

  78. LOL Thanks, its a junk email address but that might explain why this Prince from Nigeria keeps trying to give me his millions.

  79. Stop lying, your no American. If you were you would not have referred the US Government as “Your government”, it would have been “Our government”. But don’t let me catching you on your lies stop your trolling.

  80. Why ISIS do what they do? Do they make any sense? Either way, I am happy if they are gone. Either by USA or by Russia or both or they can kill themselves….

  81. Also, Russians usually drunk. Russia is first modern (?) nation with DECREASE in life expectancy because of vodka. Maybe for Russians, Islam is a good idea.

  82. Isn’t interesting how the people on this forum are defending Russia and agree what Putin does, yet these people live in the USA. If you love Russia so much that your head is up Putin’s ass then go back to Russia. The motherland wants you. Good riddins.

  83. US Responsible For Russian Plane Crash indeed, just as they killed thousands of people in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine…
    Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, Colonel of the free Syrian army, embraces U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford, then a Congressman Kinzinger, then he says, “ISIS are our brothers.” And the Congressman and the Ambassador say they will provide the Colonel’s arms. What is this? Answer: US arming ISIS. I have no doubt that a Russian passenger plane was shot down with the help of the United States.

  84. LOLOL…OK bozo….the warmongering USA is the only country to use a nuclear weapon. You can’t change history…and by the way…you could do better with your copy and paste….LOLOLOL GOOD BYE I have no time for delusional Americans…US is a sh*thole!…GOOD BYE

  85. My my,,, you don’t know history very well…… “the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, and soon after midnight on August 9, 1945, the Soviet Union invaded the Imperial Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. Later in the day, the United States dropped a second atomic bomb, this time on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Following these events,Emperor Hirohito intervened and ordered the Supreme Council for the Direction of the War to accept the terms the Allies had set down in the Potsdam Declaration for ending the war. After several more days of behind-the-scenes negotiations and a failed coup d’état, Emperor Hirohito gave a recorded radio address across the Empire on August 15. In the radio address, called the Gyokuon-h?s? (“Jewel Voice Broadcast”), he announced the surrender of Japan to the Allies.” >>>>> “Japan already surrendered.” You Buffoon… ROFL

  86. LMAO… I’m a naturalized citizen from 1980. Who came to the USA in 1972. I am an American. A true American. You obviously need to take your medication. You say that you are an American but you talk and say things that seem like you are actually a Russian troll. Do not accuse me of glorifying death, violence or destruction… It is you who is out of context in this forum. Rambling about how Russia is so great and how America and Americans are the worst society around. You are obviously delusional since so many people from other countries immigrate, visit, or vacation here in America. If you live in America, which I doubt… You would know that there are great people who live in this country as well as any other country. But, like any society, there are some people who are not the greatest of people. You are one to call others out by accusing them of something, when you are actually the worst scum on this forum. Take your judgmental views somewhere else. Putin WHORE.

  87. haha, you live in the past! fast forward to what happens today, were Russia failed to provide safety for its citizens, otherwise we have to ask you what happened in Stalingrad.

  88. “Americans, as the head of their coalition, have been bombing for two
    years and have completed over 60,000 flights [but] there has been
    nothing against them. No single terrorist attack,” according to an
    English transcription of the show.”

    Easy explanation: Americans know how to check luggage that is loaded onto its planes, the Russians don’t.

  89. Then why would ISIS be so revengeful? When America is bombing them, they never say anything about revenge or how they’re gonna hunt down Obama. Sounds like they’ve taken a pretty serious toll

  90. Seems like someone has already cooked something. Your brain. I want Obama gone! He is a traitor to this country, and I you stand with him, so are you, AIRHEAD.

  91. Taken to its logical conclusion, the US intelligence services must be the most pusillanimous on earth because having the most lavish outlay of funds, they let 9/11 happen. And this was not the only nor the last terrorits attack in US soil.

  92. Russians just recently used their terrorists and their Russian Missile launcher to shoot down a commercial plane. Blood for Blood.

  93. Yep, because obama and kerry are such feckless, naive idiots and the whole world sees it, putin thinks rightly that he can get away with such an absurd comment. Nice job boys! keep up the good work!

  94. By the way they’ve killed children in Russia in Europe , Taliban love to kill kids esp girls trying to get an education. Shootings occur all over the world in schools, and worse, the one thing the world has to fear from America is its armed citizenry, not its paper tiger politicians.

  95. More truthful words are rarely spoken, and once again I thank you for that. I have spent the better part of the last decade investigating the story of Eduard Albert Meier, and have come to find it to be the most important story of scientific and historical significance to never be told. I would like to ask if you would be willing to spend some of your valuable time looking into the information regarding this man’s incredible journey. The information is free, there is no catch and no one will solicit you for donations or anything like that. If you are willing to please visit theyflydotcom and also the active blog site at theyflyblogdotcom. While I am a regular contributor there, I have no real affiliations to the site or Michael Horn the administrator. I would love to hear what you think if you are willing to look into it, so please contribute your thoughts on the blog, and I truly hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again so very much.

  96. More truthful words are rarely spoken, and once again I thank you for that. I have spent the better part of the last decade researching the life story of this man, and I have come to the conclusion that his is quite probably the most important story of scientific and historical significance to never be told, and would like to ask if you would be willing to take some time and look into it for yourself. I truly expect that you will find it at the very least hard to walk away from. No soliciting implied, no cost other than your valuable time and efforts. If you are willing check out theyflydotcom, and also please check out the active blog site as well at theyflyblogdotcom, while I am a regular contributor there, I have no direct affiliation so again, this is truly not meant to be a solicitation, but would very much like to know what you think and hope you will find the information worthy of in depth investigation and blog contributions.

  97. This Writer just keep showing the ignorance of Russian Government and blame everyone else for their own involvement in Syria by propping up ASSAD to get his Oil Contracts and keep their Russian Military Base in Syria so they can try to keep on threatening countries in the area to get what they want. The Russian Military by order of Putin have done a similar thing in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine with Lies and Propaganda which are one in the same to make people subservient to their Bull Crap .Russia Led by Putin the Liar and person whom hires people to Shoot and Poison anyone in Russia that speaks loud enough against his Lies and murderous ways. Tell a Lie long enough in Russia,stupid people there just accept it as truth and intelligent people get shot in back of the head by order of Putin.
    Majority of bombs dropped in Syria have not been against ISIL or ISIS but opposition forces in Western Syria. ISIL or ISIS by large part are in Eastern Syria.It does not take much to figure out who is getting bombed by Russia.

  98. Oh and Russia has had no business in Cuba Afghanistan Vietnam, Chechnya , any if the Stans and yet there they are. Meddling to tweek their adversary, pot meet kettle, hey look I get the last word. You truly are Wil E Coyote super genius.

  99. No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him. However, remember that most Americans are so severely brainwashed there is no hope. Unfortunately, the path that America is on will continue until it meets its demise and the American people will all follow and jump off the bridge like sheep…it’s a pity really…

  100. Mr D. Kiselyov says ” American lead … no single terrorist attacked US”. Mr D.Kiseleyov, you know why ? because you FBS is no good

  101. Why ISIS had beheaded the international journalists included Americans and none from Russia? It’s unfortunate to see people not able to have their independent mind, allow the clear propaganda to penetrate into their lives, create chaos among them and doing so help the terrorists to reach their goal: kill or convert in their religion, return the civilization into the stone age. Sorry for each lost innocent life… it’s huge tragedy of the new century.

  102. For your jet jammed head I will explain that all the weaponry including the old versions of land-to-air Buke systems are Russian made, so it does not conclude that it was a Russian’s or the local defenders’ strike. Ukrainians buy all military equipment from Russia. Moreover, they have the joint plant where Ukrainians add their parts on Russian’s equipment. The British BBC reporter had a video-interview from the local civilians short after the tragedy of MH417 in which the locals told her that there was 1 or 2 Ukrainian military in the area before and after the plane went down. The airspace spy cameras detected Ukrainian army Buke’s in the area from which the strike that killed the plane in the day of the tragedy, but same camera showed this buke moved deeper in the government-controlled area. The report did say that they are not accusing any side of firing the missile because it’s should be a criminal investigation to determine that. The Russians denounced the report because it lacked a lot of facts and thorough investigation in their opinion. By the way, Russian army is not fighting in Ukraine, so could not possibly to do any coverups, when Ukrainian government in opposite did a lot of cover up by not providing the terminal operator’s communication with the MH417 records to the investigation. They also bombed the site despite the fact that international investigation was trying to collect evidence.

  103. And you are a dear princess born of the crap universities that have delivered charmers like the screamer of foul obscenities who couldn’t figure out that her diatribes were more offensive and stupid than those she was attacking. Your comrades have taught you well grasshopper go hate in your corner now, hope you don’t live in America,.

  104. Thanks DeeDee, I’ve enjoyed replying to your comments, as they are well thought out and equally informed. I have found that quite often even the most honest of comments that I have made, rub people the wrong way and I often wonder if it is the way I post them or if it is the requests that I make for people to investigate things for themselves rather than take anyone’s word for it, especially my own. At the risk of alienating myself once again, I would like to ask you if you have ever heard of Eduard Albert Meier? He is most commonly known by his nickname Billy.

  105. Don’t be ignorant.. This writer has been running stupid ass stories all week long… She is straight out of Moscow. Click on her name above and follow her articles in the past two weeks… Don’t for a minute think she is a reporter that is writing of her own free will.. She is a KBG agent.. Look at her articles.. Just about every thing she writes is

  106. Wow! It must be really late in Russia for you to respond me. Hopefully we learn the truth really soon. I hope Russia makes it very clear and open everything they will find about this tragedy, so nobody can use it as a blackmail in the future.

  107. Ha-ha! You think you can intimidate others who reads
    my post or undermine me by calling me Russian? I am an American with German
    roots… So I know what I am talking about, which I can’t say the same about you.

  108. NO point, ding-dong!!! Russia has TERRIBLE airport security. (and roads…and food…and politics…and government …lolololol)

  109. Sorry, but there is no a penny of truth in your post. Even recently, I heard the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, inviting other countries in his public speeches to fight ISIS, but instead of joining Russia, the USA wants to create obstacle for Russia and so-called no fly zone, which would mean a possible invitation to war against Russia.

  110. Ha-ha-ha! So you don’t let a simple American express his/her opinion just because you think they are Russians?
    So it’s only you who can have the opinion and your opinion, of course, is always right?! Well, if you did not even watched or read the reports on MH417 crash, then why are you barking here?

  111. America had no business in the region! They had no business in Vietnam,
    .Americans don’t go to bed every night unable to sleep from shame from the atrocities that the US government has inflicted on Syria. And on Iraq. And Libya. And Afghanistan. And Pakistan. And Yemen. And Somalia. And Ukraine. And Serbia (and many more). According to the prostitute media, all of these human catastrophes are the work of dark forces that America must combat. It is all a clever orchestration of public emotion in favor of the military/security complex’s bank balance.
    The corruption of public discourse in America, indeed throughout the West, is total. There are no reliable reports, not from public or private institutions. The economic reports are propaganda to keep alive the image of a successful America. The reports about Russia and Ukraine are propaganda designed to inculcate fear in the gullible, fear that ensures more power and profit for Washington and the military/security complex. Americans have proven themselves to be the easiest sheep ever to be shorn. The gullibility of Americans threatens the world with armageddon!

    ** The US is a sh*thole, crazy, warmongering, barbaric country. You see that by how you kill up each other everyday. You write about Russia and Georgia while the US has invaded or manipulated 20 countries in just over a decade. You’re stupid and you are one of those sleeping Americans who don’t know sh*t…stop writing to me. You’re just too dam ignorant. I won’t reply to you any longer….GOOD BYE SHEEPLE!

  112. Excuse me but Georgia happened before the Ukraine thing started, 2008, Russia annexed under force a part of Georgia, claiming of course they were protecting ethnic Russians and their land, so I guess you’d better not let too many Americans emigrate to other lands least we decide to pull the same crap, the are no saints here or there get over yourself. And a warm water military port in Crimea wouldn’t have anything to do with it, or really pathetic excuses for fair elections, before or after the coup. I have ukranes as patients you don’t want to know what they think of Russia, it’s not printable here, and that’s saying something

  113. We will give you Obama. Take him and do what you will. If that’s what it takes to stop a war, take him, please take him. He is a traitor to the U.S. anyways.

  114. Great post!….and it’s great to post with someone who ACTUALLY knows what’s going on. It’s amazing how clueless so many Americans are. It’s very sad really….I am also American but not a delusional one. The US has lost all direction and does not care about the consequences of what they do. It’s terrible and eventually the country will have to pay for its messes….and you are right…there’s no such thing as American exceptionalism…

  115. DeeDee, while I do not know your country of origin, being an American myself, I know exactly what you are saying and while I agree with most of what you say, the blind patriotism is not simply and American thing. There are nine billion people on this planet and less than .1 of 1% of them care anything about the truth, unless someone else tells them what it is, and how to interpret it. Very few universities and zero public schools teach students HOW to think, but rather WHAT to think. There are far too many individuals in this world that care more about recognition than true education, and this regards the professors and teachers as well. The world is far more interested in placing a monetary value on anything and everything but the truth in all things or life in all forms. The “American Exceptionalism” is a term created by Americans who are easily manipulated and eager to be recognized for anything regardless of its true value. The term should be “American Egoism” because after all, it is all about me right? (sarcasm)

  116. ? ???????? ??? ????????? ?????? ????? ? ???????, ?????? ????? Armed ???????????????? ????????? ??????????, ????? ???????? ????? ? ??????, ?????????, ??????????? ISIS ????? ????? ????? ??????, ??? ????? ????? ????????? ? ??????? ?????, ????? ????? ? ??? ????????, ??????? ???????? ???? ? ????? ??????, ??? ??? ??? ????????? ?????????? ? ??? ????? ????????????, ?? ????????, ???????

  117. I Agree USA is having a Proxy War with Russia, First Obama Armed the Terrorist Syrian Rebels to fight Assad and Russia, The Rebels armed ISIS secretly to go after Russia, This war can escalate to a World War when Putin and his Allies Iran and China find out what the USA CIA backed Rebels did sad but obvious

  118. US didn’t kill 3000 of it’s own,, That’s a Russian thing. And as far a blaming this war on US, I believe the Russian’s failed in Afghanistan and now US is called on to clean up that mess as well

  119. It’s what’s happening right now dumb a*s…..and tell me, why are all these US soldiers committing suicide everyday? They are TIRED OF THE KILLING AND THE WARS!…America has been at war 222 of 239 years…it’s America going around invading and destroying countries not Russia…get with the truth and maybe you can help America. As long as you have your head in the sand you are part of the problem…dam how f*ckin stupid can you get….America needs to STOP THE WARMONGERING….NOW!

  120. It’s what all powers will do Russia is no different. You describe the very things the soviets did in the early sixties to the U.S. They both provoke each other because it’s how you descern intent, and discover, not only motivation, and ambitions but, strengths and weaknesses. Puppet leaders backed by the U.S. Or Russia it all ends in crap, neither side learns and neither side is clean.

  121. Sit down and stop replying to me dumb a**… are blind and stupid as a bat just the way the US government wants it. America is a broke sh*thole country that does nothing but start wars. But it won’t last forever….the US is paying the piper and it’s going to get worse. I would advise you to prepare.

  122. Cut the sh*t….US staged the coup in Ukraine starting sh*t and antagonizing Russia. Russia and the Europe were doing fine before the US came in. If you can’t see the stupidity of America and its warmongering then you are just plain stupid!

  123. That’s exactly what the US does…it puts ills on countries around the world to bring attention to itself. It wants to appear great but looks like a stupid country who cares nothing about others. America created ISIS and Alquaeda…what a sh*t country. It’s all about the worthless dollar. They bomb and destroy countries and leave them in shambles….and the US killed their own people in 9-1-1…really, no one has respect for America anymore. Through Obama’s stupidity, he started this sh*t with Russia continuously provoking the country. What would America do if Russia placed missiles and bombs in Canada and Mexico? This is what America did and destroyed Ukraine in the process…a bunch of dumb f*cks….

  124. By the way Dee the U.S. Is NATO, and at one time Russia was our sworn enemy, trust but verify was the way of the world back then, oh and Europe is NATO too. You also describe process of a disease that could be ascribed to Russia. When you take something from another country simply because a few of your ethic cousins happen to live there, well if you carried that one forward, this world would be in the crapper worse than now.

  125. Haha… America they kill children in schools. They kill each other over nothing. But that’s the way the government wants it. Buy more guns so you can kill up each other. If you can’t see pass all the propaganda that America is putting forth then something is wrong with you. It’s always Putin this and Putin that….you would think Putin had magic powers or something. They have to have all these weapons because Putin might do this or that, when it’s America that’s doing it!!!!…LOL They going through all of this destroying the world for geopolitical gain. What a bunch of sick b@stards!

  126. Actually munschhausen by proxy would describe someone who puts ills onto someone else to get attention, to oneself. The last thing the Obama admin wants is to draw attention to anything that it’s doing internationally because it’s doing exactly nothing, we could be aiding the fight in Syria with the Russians but our red lines don’t mean anything anymore. Meaning if our pres would grow a pair, we’d help Russia instead of sit on our hands and play with our selves. We’ve been a target long enough that we’re used to watching our backs, so I say why not team up, we did in WW2. I really don’t care about puny little dictators like Assad, I care about nut jobs like ISIS and AlQueda, they are a pox on the planet and on Islam, and we can’t do it alone and neither can the Borises. Bigger man theory, but we don’t have that in DC or Moscow pettiness on both sides rule the day

  127. Good example. There are three major national news services in the US. Fox news is the mouthpiece of the Republican party. Every international “expert” they have on has only one thing to say “Russia does bad things because we haven’t killed enough people.” Every recommendation to solve problems involves gunpowder and body bags. They are so biased they make Pravda sound like the angel of truth.

    CNN is the mouthpiece of the Democratic party. They managed to film the Maidan protests for a week and hide every swastika and SS symbol in the place. They did it by showing only long shots of the protesters and close ups of cute little flower filled memorials. Not much better than FOX.

    MSNBC is the mouthpiece of every liberal cause and is staffed by idiots. Nothing they say about either domestic or international news can be trusted. There correspondents work by emotion and color every story with their biased outlook. The least trustworthy of American news media.

    Americans have no idea of how limited and biased their news sources are.

  128. Now you see why Americans are so easily fooled by the posts here. It’s AMAZING how clueless they are. All the while, the country is continuously dieing when Americans should be out in the streets protesting to get their country in order. It’s obvious that the US is creating the storm it’s in everyone’s face everyday. You would think that Russian has some type of superpower or something they way they are going after this country. For 1000s of years there has been world leaders who try to rule the world and built vast empires and they always fall and fail. America is no different.

  129. Yeah right. The US had something to do with it. Ever think that maybe it’s because Russians didn’t even think of having proper airport security to protect their own citizens in an area near where they are bombing terrorists?

  130. He has a point in saying so, Why Russia who has just came in, what kind of human losses did Carter mean? you see all US wishes to see is the loses that Russia suffers. Its some kind of logical

  131. If US managed to kill its own 3000+ citizens in the 9/11 so what’s the 224 more so not its citizens, US is full of dirt

  132. If ISIS says they brought down this plane for revenge, then the media’s “Russian isn’t bombing ISIS” story must be false

  133. So if they died then end of story and the US and al qaeda ought to be best of friends now, and the war in Iraq and Afghan was for what? Keep believing the US supports moderate terrorists in syria sherlock. You want to be a fool, be my guest.

  134. What an unpatriotic idiot Jake Bsn is! Sounds like he should leave the US and go to some of other country. He would be a good ISIS candidate and then maybe a drone can come visit him.

  135. With friends like us, Cuba will never need an enemy. I assume that if you can read, so you do know that we tried to assassinate Castro repeatedly – and screwed up every time. It was a comedy of errors. The exploding cigar didn’t go off, the assassin who was supposed to shoot him missed, and the poison we gave to a waiter to put in his food froze solid in the refrigerator and couldn’t be used.

  136. I never shot down a plane. I don’t have a pilots license, but what does that have to do with anything? We answer for what we do, and screaming “Johnny did it first!” doesn’t even work on the playground.

  137. Right US staged 9/11 thank you truther you are a real nut job. By the way Egypt Libya didn’t occur on Jrs watch,it happened because we withdrew from the region, so it’s on Obama not Bush, Iraq was fools errand, and in case you missed the memo we aren’t profiting off Iraq oil, and we have plenty on our own soil which of course is part of the reason oil is so low right now. You just keep on screaming, just like the idiot communications professor who thought that student reporters didn’t have the right to record activity, 1st ,amendment and media an communications instructor, funny Romeo mentioned Goebbels. you and I both have the right to speak and you can pretty much thank America for that one, free speech is fading in Europe, never existed most other places, lest we offend someone, so hurl away while you can and just pray that you end upon the right side of the wall when it goes up. Or not, if you don’t like it when people can refute you. Oh and by the way we invaded Afghanistan and it has bupkis for oil. We let the Iraqis run their operations , if we’d taken the oil, we wouldn’t be in the hole financially would we. Unless you were under a rock in 2000 and 2001 America wasn’t doing too bad,in the finance department we had balanced budgets we weren’t interfering much in the affairs of others and then that genius UBL, thought it would be great fun to kill a bunch of civilians in NYC, they have the film evidence of his thoughtful phoney prayer as he watched the buildings fall, they bragged about it but you can keep drinking the kool aid, just watch out for the Jim Jones twist. Oh and you really need to read all those UN resolutions from back in the day too. I’m more pissed off about Khaddafi, he did everything the world asked him to do and he got screwed, that sends a very bad message.

  138. For a possible reason Google, Oded Yinon plan.
    Very interesting but I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.
    I don’t know what to think anymore

  139. Never have seen U.S. As righteous. Wouldn’t worry about a boxer, brain damage is likely and you still don’t have to watch your back in America on a well lit urban street if you’re not in Obamas good graces

  140. Lst see, Great Britain, Franse, Germany, Japan, China and Iran all come to mind off the top of my head. It would probably be easier to name single nations that have not invaded other counties.

  141. I am a bit skeptical of the claim that the US has intercepted Kremlin communications acknowledging that it most likely was terrorism. Don’t buy the Russians claim of US involvement but considering past partial truths and complete falsehoods that this bunch fans out daily, it just doesn’t seem likely because if true, why in the world would the US tell the Russians that we can intercept their crypted transmissions. Me thinks Polina is untrustworthy. Just saying.

  142. They say you can tell a lot about a person by what he expects from other people. Russia knows it would take down a commercial airplane (again) so they assume the West would, too. I hope Putin realizes the US is not his only enemy.

  143. You are right Julea. America mishandled the temporary peace with Russia. Our leaders were arrogant and short sighted. But they didn’t realize that the KGB hadn’t been put to sleep. It was alive and well, living underground….and it’s spawn, Vladimir Putin is now in charge of Russia….and their agent, Barack Obama is now in charge of the USA. We are on the verge of Nuclear War or at the very least, a Coup inside America, enabling Obama to remain in power subservient to Putin and the remnants of the KGB. I post these comments knowing full well that most people think they sound crazy….hoping that one or two readers might have some counter-intelligence connections, and be able to start an investigation to unravel this plot before it is too late. I doubt it will work. We are all screwed (you included)!

  144. Yep, things are pretty much uncensored in Russia. No one cares what you say in the news particularly if it’s international news. There are a number of opposition papers that are regularly at odds with the Kremlin and the publish every day without a problem.
    It’s a dangerous place for reporters, but not because Putin is interested in censorship. It is unlikely that he has ever ordered a hit. On the rare occasion he has to punish someone, he gets the national tax department to come up with a tax evasion charge and puts them in jail until they calm down. The tactic is generally reserved for friends who have betrayed his trust.
    The best way to get killed as a reporter in Russia is to go after an oligarch or a high official of the FSB for corruption. They aren’t as forgiving and they are a brutal bunch. The oligarchs got their money in a world that makes the wild west look like garden picnic and the FSB is almost above the law. Exposing them is a dangerous move and several reporters have died for it.
    However, no one gets killed for publishing anything on public events or international affairs or even criticism of Putin’s administration.

  145. BULLSHIT……….investigation have revealed that it was brought down by a Russian made BUKE surface to air missile. BTW after the shootdown, rebel forces and Russian forces began taking away evidence from the crash site. Also Russia denounced the investigation. PUTIN IS RESPONSIBLE AND NOW KNOWS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE ONE HIS PASSENGER JETS SHOTDOWN.

  146. Yes, when the power goes out and it gets dark. There will be no refrigeration so fresh meat will be of value. Some will make babies and others will go out to eat.


  148. Why not ask some of the 113+ journalists who opposed Putin?…oh yeah, you can’t because Putin had them all killed. Gee, Maybe HE is the Criminal freak.

    Don’t you people ever research anything for yourselves? Put down the RT.

  149. International carriers may defer to guidance already issued by European regulations or the FAA in these situations because they have the capabilities to determine when air space is safe or not, or so the officials say.

  150. “Russia has a long history of Anti-Americanism, dating back to early days of the Cold War. In some of the latest Russian population polls, the United States and its allies consistently top the list of Greatest Enemies.” – ???: ?????? ???? ????? ????? ????, FOM: An old enemy is better than two new

    Maybe you should open your own eyes.

  151. By the same token you should judge your own leader! And stop operating propaganda information! Death toll in Syria that you are citing must be the result of the actions of all sides of the conflict and its supporters, not just Assad.

  152. Yes, because your country helped the Germans and failed. Then turned on your ally, the Germans. America had to fight for your freedom. Pathetic worm. How many Poles did you kill coward?

  153. Wrong lead! Haven’t heard anyone questioning Russia’s legitimacy of its engagement with ISIS in Syria. Can’t question Putin’s justification for the engagement either, as polls show overwhelming public support his actions have. Have to think harder or leave bias behind!!

  154. “…here in the States”, “…our American media”, “…our politicians”, “…I have never heard from Putin or other Russian politicians the same negativity towards us, Americans.”

    Give it up, Ivan. IF you’re really in the US, it’s on a fraud visa and you’re just here to scam credit cards. No one is buying your propaganda except for the other Russians here.

  155. Russia refused the conditions of membership and refused to consider any position other than Leader. Do some research.

    “…under the Clinton administration, there was a debate on whether, and on what terms, Russia could become a member of the Alliance. Russian leadership, however, made it clear Russia did not plan to join the alliance,…”

    In April 2012, there were some protests in Russia over their country’s involvement with NATO, mostly made up of Ultranationalist and Pro Leftist groups.

    Many Russians see an extended NATO as a direct threat against them. This threat risks reviving old Russian fears of the West, strengthening Russian militarists and nationalists and inducing greater instability in Russian domestic politics and foreign policy.

    Even if the Russians were allowed into the alliance, we could not trust them to behave as loyal members. NATO members must be able to depend on each other to meet their commitments during potential crises. NATO cannot rely on the Russians because their only real interest lies in blocking NATO’s expansion, not in actually joining an alliance that could compromise their sovereignty and military secrecy.

  156. I think the same mastermind is behind crashes MH-17 in Ukraine a year ago and Airbus A-321 in Egypt last month. Both the U.S. and Russia had their interests in regional conflicts. So the key to the puzzle must be in a question: who got more political gains (if any!) as a result of the first and last incident, Russia or the U.S.? Facts, please!

  157. Sure JK what was the year of the “great recession”? Who was president?

    Employment is very low. We all have health care. We have a retirement system.

    Did Russia ever get Osama?

    How wonderful it must be in Russia. Is there enough potatoes for the vodka?

  158. More propaganda. Russia has turned down offers for cooperation time and again; most at the behest of Czar Pootin and his cronies.

    “Great powers don’t join coalitions, they create coalitions. Russia considers itself a great power.” – Dmitry Rogozin

  159. Assad is the head of state of Syria, he did NOT invite US in it’s country, US is invading it, and further more US is arming the terrorists rebels, and has not even touched ISIS in it’s 2 year “strikes” against it.

  160. The Malaysian plane was downed by Ukraine, there are even satellite pictures that proved it. Why would Putin murder his own people? brainwshed

  161. It wouldn’t be that surprising considering US is the one who has caused all the wars in the past decades, the one who has been overthrowing legal governments to install their regime, the one who has been illegally invading and bombing countries for their own gain. No other single nation on earth has done that.

  162. “Amid Russia’s brutal bombing campaign against ISIS targets in Syria” is Polina Tikhonova the person purported to have written this article actually trying to make us feel sorry for ISIS , the organization responsible for raping , beheading , and generally committing the most obnoxious war crimes against anyone that might stand in their way in Iraq and Syria, is Polina Tikhonova so blatantly anti Russian that s/he would try to paint Russia the only country that is doing anything to eradicate this vermin from the face of the earth as the villain of the piece in this conflict , so much for impartially of the press or as it’s is now been commonly known as the propaganda machine !!

  163. And as I wrote in another post…the white middle class are dieing at an alarming rate due to drugs, suicide, and alcohol…don’t point the finger…GOOD BYE FOOL! I don’t have time for you….LOL what a moron!

  164. I don’t think Putin will admit it.

    The main reason he would do it is to rally his people for an unwanted war.

    I still suspect Israel or the radical muslims.

  165. LOLOLOLOL….it doesn’t matter what you believe. You can’t change the truth! Why claim citizenship of a sh*thole country if it’s not true? If I were Russian, Japanese, Chinese, or British I would claim that as well…so get along little doggy,….I ‘m not a brainwashed stupid American I see very clearly what’s going on…GOOD BYE I HAVE NO MORE TIME FOR YOU LOST ONE…GOOD BYE

  166. I’m American dumb a**…now eat that for lunch. Albeit I’m not a delusional one. America has delusional, severe problems. Just try calling Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner a man and see what happens to you. The American people are afraid to speak and the dictator president makes sure of that. LOLOLOLOL…2-4% of the population which are homosexuals are telling the other 96% what to believe and how to act. In America men are called women and women are called men. The president lights the white house in the homosexual flag colors and YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT….just try it on your job if you have one saying that you don’t agree with homos, you are called a bigot and homophobe and could lose your job! What a sh*thole…America claims greatness but it’s NOT…you hardly have any manufacturing anymore. You import more than you export. I could go on forever about the sh*thole America has become. You are lost and unfortunately you will be caught off guard when you are paying $10 for a loaf of bread. The government has the American people afraid and trained well as long as you can get your free phones, food stamps, SSI…do you know how many American are on SSI now, claiming not to be able to work. The government threw the people a bone and now you settle for anything…HOW PITIFUL! you’d better do what they say or you could lose your job….lol Did you know the police don’t need a warrant in certain places and just come into your home, even if they have just a slight suspicion about you? Do you know how much the American people are being spied on? YOU ARE NOT FREE MORON….now Good Bye and Get Real…,I have no more time for you…GOOD BYE

  167. I’ve been to over 20 different countries moron and speak several languages…and it has nothing to do with the military! So stick it where the sun down’t shine…I’m very well aware of what’s going on…GOOD BYE LOST ONE!

  168. Why would I lie about being a citizen of a sh*thole like the USA? For what reason? I don’t give a rat’s a** what you think….there’s no advantage for me claiming to be an American citizen, believe me….there’s NOTHING! If I were Russian I would proudly admit it, or even Chinese! Get a long little donkey…Good Bye!

  169. Yeah the U.S. is in decline /s. Yup unemployment down, more people with health insurance, gas prices down, relying less on foreign oil than at any point in the past yeah totally in decline idiot.

  170. Stop being stupid…you have nothing intelligent to contribute so scoot along…GOOD BYE I don’t have time for your foolishness.

  171. Yes going to Iraq, destroying the Iraqi military, capturing Saddam hiding in a hole, putting him on trial, and having him hung is totally what I would call losing /s.

  172. Go sit down somewhere…you’re a coward and come into thread hours later to write your delusional bullsh*t…it’s your type that make America the cesspool that it is…GOOD BYE

  173. And America has butchered millions…’ve come to this thread late with your bullsh*t brainwashed rhetoric….You’re a fool!….LOL GOOD BYE

  174. HA HA HA So called 1st world nation LOL! This coming from a Russia that obviously hasn’t traveled or he would know their isn’t any so-called about we are a 1st world country. You can live in the projects here and have hot water and AC while its hard to get that even in nice parts of say Medellin, Colombia. Colombians on average make $350 USD per month while U.S. McDonald’s workers make more than that in a week. Don’t be mad that U.S. GDP dwarfs Russian GDP I mean hell even India has a higher GDP than Russia oh heck forget about India even Brazil has a higher GDP than Russia. I know you’re anti facts and all but man please stop making yourself sound dumb. Are their any countries besides Russia where they except the Ruble? I sure haven’t come across any. 1 USD = 66.21 RUB HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! What a sh*t hole.

  175. Re-read what I posted. The US is going through what Russia already went through during the fall of communism. The country has let the people down, they see no future, US has fallen. Accept it and wake up….stop hiding your head in the sand…GOOD BYE

  176. Americans can only reply foolishly like you because you have no argument. If you can’t reply intelligently, don’t bother please….this is only for the heavyweights here…Good Bye

  177. Its also cute that I work with two Russians and have told them a few things you said and their response was “Why are you feeding trolls” LOL! So on that note I’m done.

  178. Isn’t it amazing how many of the posters here don’t go by the “actual facts” but only by the notion that America is always right…LOL Also, it’s baffling that none of them can see through the bullsh*t. It’s obvious that it’s all smoke and mirrors. They’re arming Europe against Russia, they’re arming NATO against Russia, they’re arming the man and the moon against Russia, they’re arming the nuns in India against Russia. WOW…Russia must be a SUPERNATURAL country with unlimited powers. Dumb Obama has not only destroyed the Middle East, he’s finishing off America as we speak. If Russia wanted Ukraine it could have the country in a week! Who wants that money pit? Russia got the best part without shooting a bullet and that is Crimea. The United States has “Munschausen By Proxy”….it continuously needs to create wars and various types of scenarios for attention and to maintain a certain status, which no longer exists. The gig is up! It’s obvious those who think…

  179. I have an opposite view from here in the States. I can see that it’s our American media and our politicians are constantly creating the evil image of Russia. There are so much aggression in Washington talks that I don’t blame Russia for answering us. However, I have never heard from Putin or other Russian politicians the same negativity towards us, Americans. When our government speaks they regard Russia as our enemy, but when Putin speaks, he regards America as partners. See the difference? I no longer trust our government and the media after how they shed the light on situation in Ukraine. I am from Ukraine originally and know what is really is happening there.

  180. When is doubt, blame the U.S. Blame the U.S. for everything wrong in the world today. Come on, jump on the bandwagon. Sure, the U.S. was even wrong for running the airplanes into the World Trade Centers. One million freaks can’t be wrong – can they? I see the conspiracy freaks are even busy in Russia these days.

  181. You can keep telling everyone you’re American and we will continue to believe otherwise because you sound like a moron that has never been to America let alone lived here.

  182. I have been out of the country 3 times in 2015 and I’m heading to Colombia in 70 days so ummmmmmmm yeah I still don’t agree with you’re trolling clueless a$$.

  183. Russian government has offered collaboration at many avenues, but our USA government either declined the offers or discontinued the projects and abandoned previous agreements we had with Russia. Instead I hear a lot of very aggressive anti-Russian rhetoric coming from Washington DC. I guess nothing is left for Russians to do as getting ready to fight back.

  184. You apparently are upset. Relax. Have some vodka. If you are having suicidal thoughts like many Russians get help. Take a Sinai vacation.

    I could point to your home town. Tell me its name.

  185. Hey specialist! Learn to spell first, and then may share your brilliant ideas here…
    Did you watch a video from Netherlands in regards to a final report on this Malasian flight tragedy? It never talked about Russia. For your information, there are a lot of proof that MH417 was brought down by Ukrainian air to air and land to air strikes. Ukrainian government is still undergoing the cover up campaign.

  186. Yeah do dipsh*t considering I have flown to dozens of countries since 9/11 and see how hard it is to even get to the gate of a U.S. bound flight compared to other countries.

  187. It is their call who they call in. The airline builders were there. The black boxes were examined.

    NTSB is American. Hence the word national.

    You should turn off your TV. It is making you agitated. Relax, have a brew.

  188. HUH? Every country is a smaller country in military terms you idiot. Who the f*ck do you suggest we go fight? Size of a country means jack sh*t only a non military type would even say something that stupid. This isn’t the f*cking school yard you do realize that right? Japan is a small country go check China’s history and tell me how that huge country fared against little Japan. We took out Iraq’s military in a week and it took Iran a decade to reach a stalemate.

  189. Russia is flying sorties in support of HEZBOLLAH so spare me the whole Russia is anti terrorism BS. You’re obviously a troll or you’re the most ill informed person alive.

  190. The Malasian plane flight MH417 was brought down by Ukrainian jet air-to-air and Ukrainian land-to-air strikes. Ever since the enormous cover up operation is undertaken by Ukrainian government.

  191. HA HA HA Russia was invited by a dictator who has butchered over 200k of his own people and is flying sorties in support of Hezbollah a known terrorist organization LOL! You Russians are hilariously stupid. Look dipsh*t we were not invited nor did we need to be since we were invited by Iraq to help them with ISIS and the only way to do so is by going after them where they live which is Syria.

  192. No you are most certainly a fool because A) You think ISIS caused 9/11 B) You think the dead hijackers came back to life and the U.S. is supporting them in Syria so C) You are a fool and maybe something even worse than that.

  193. Yeah and Russia is flying sorties in support of Hezbollah but nah lets not talk about that FACT lets just talk about what idiots think the USA is doing without any proof.

  194. Wow what great insight the whole world will be affected in the coming years LOL! WTF does that even mean? Hey guess what I have a revelation as well, one day The Walking Dead will go off the air I’M SO SMART AND FORWARD THINKING!

  195. Albert shut you’re dumba$$ up. This American A) Served 8 years in the Marine Corps B) Has been to every continent with the exception of Antarctica so C) Spare me you’re retarded logic you sound like a fool. Let me guess in you’re mind Russians get the correct news even though the news they get is highly censored, thousands of sites are blocked, and the state runs many media outlets but in the U.S. we are sheep even though we can get news reports from all over the world? Great logic.

  196. Hi DeeDee, I wasn’t talking about anyone else, so no sense in trying to tell me what I think. But I guess you are use to having Russia tell you what to think so you don’t know any better. So what if Americans are losing jobs???? I am not here to tell you that Russians are losing their jobs. What does that have to do with anything?

    The two woman have problems. No one is perfect. Do any people in Russia have problems. Any society has problem people, and no two people are exactly alike. What is your point?

    You are welcome to believe your fairy tale if you like. But Putin made it clear he was censoring the internet. He also made it clear that no one better cross him without consequences. Putin is till KGP to the core.

    Now you think the USA is communist??? You really are in fairy tale land. Like to say anything just to make yourself look silly in front of the entire world..

  197. LOL! Wipe islam ect off the mapi? Hmmmm but they are fighting alongside Assad and Hezbollah soooooooooo yeah that isn’t the plan as far as I can see.

  198. Russia can’t project its power anywhere that country is a POS with nukes. The only reason they can do anything in Syria is because they have a base their and only their. They have to stick to bombing neighboring countries or they can just continue fighting on the side of Assad and Hezbollah.

  199. How many times are you going to say the same nonsense Romeo? Listen dummy we know you’re a troll nobody here values you’re opinion on anything.

  200. HAHA….you think America is something to brag about? I’m American by the way…. It didin’t even make it on the TOP 10 most prosperous countries in the world. The infant mortality rate is too high, health care is poor, poor wages, poor infrastructure, 50 something in education (some 3rd word countries come before the US) and there’s more!…..LOL Yep, the US is really the best place to live.

  201. Russians have the most retarded come backs LOL! Dude just speak Russian you’re English sounds like complete gibberish. Meanwhile in the real world tons of Russians move to the U.S. to actually live in a civilized country and nobody except Snowden wants anything to do with Russia and hell even he is like “Please take me back USA I will gladly go to prison just get me out of this cold sh*t hole”.

  202. HA HA HA Criminal Washington is picking on Saint Russia the country who invaded its neighbor and annexed Crimea, funded and equipped insurgents in Ukraine, indiscriminately bombed Georgia, is fighting on the side of Assad and Hezbollah, and still hasn’t taken any responsibility for the downing of the MH17 plane.

  203. LOL….you are not worth replying to. You can’t defute the truth I write, therefore I’m not interested. You have nothing intelligent to contribute. I won’t reply to you any longer….GOOD BYE delusional American!

  204. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….BWAHAHAHAHA I am American nit-wit, albeit not a brainwashed one! And why would anyone be jealous of the homosexual capital of the world with a 96 million + unemployment rate, and broke!….take your head out of your a** bud.

  205. Since 1998 they have been taking my kids pointing guns on me harassments from the law department there making me puke I’m a beautiful woman with kids there theives and hoes

  206. Blitzer has nothing to do with the US Government. If Polina were a serious journalist and not a pawn of Putin, she would have mentioned the absurdity of the claim.

  207. I wouldn’t doubt it America has been up to no good since 1998 there all against me to I think there crawling up something fishy and stinky

  208. Steven Thompson DeeDee Denise • 2 minutes ago

    Hi DeeDee, I know all about the US National Debt, and I also know about the National GPD… we will in be insolvent anytime soon. I’ll bet Russia censored that part out.

    I know all about the types of regimes the US has supported and trained. And I know why in each case… something you obviously do not know because that part is, once again, censored in Russia.

    You like to think our media is controlled as it is in Russia. You obviously cannot imagine a country that is not censored like Russia is because you are so use to it.

    The NSA is their to protect the US Citizens from militant Muslims and other groups, criminals and peoples that try to harm us. Law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about.

    If the internet products are taxed, that is only fair considering that a major chunk of goods and services sold are through the internet. I am surprised it has remained tax free this long.

    My time on the web is only restricted by me. I can stay on the web 24 hours a day if I choose, and I do. Even at work, and am not limited or censored like Russians are.

    Russia chooses to be an enemy of the US. I know that the US has no intention at all of invading Russia in any way. But the Russia propaganda machine is hard at work brain washing its citizens that the US is out to get them. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” All we want is peace.

    I admire President Putin, but I also know he is corrupt, deceitful and has a serious inferiority complex. Maybe he actually does think the US wants to attack Russia. That is so crazy though.

  209. more babble from the russkis for internal dissemination. ISIS hit Russia because they could. No US-bound flights have such lax security.

  210. LOLOLOLOL…I am American but not a delusional one. I know very, very, very well how America operates. It’s disgusting. You are being foolish. If Putin placed weapons in Canda, Mexico, and Cuba, wouldn’t the US take measures to protect itself. The US in it’s foolishness placed weapons around Russia, started the coup in Ukriane, which failed, and now look at the mess. America needs to mind its own business. Because of the stupid sh*t country, the world is in peril. Russia and the EU were doing fine, until America stepped in. I refuse to fall for the bullsh*t and you sound EXTREMELY naive and TOTALLY unaware…really.

  211. LOL…you’re the one smoking as it’s obvious you are delusional. If you don’t want to read the truth, go somewhere else….!

  212. Hi DeeDee, I know all about the US National Debt, and I also know about the National GPD… we will in be insolvent anytime soon. I’ll bet Russia censored that part out.

    I know all about the types of regimes the US has supported and trained. And I know why in each case… something you obviously do not know because that part is, once again, censored in Russia.

    You like to think our media is controlled as it is in Russia. You obviously cannot imagine a country that is not censored like Russia is because you are so use to it.

    The NSA is their to protect the US Citizens from militant Muslims and other groups, criminals and peoples that try to harm us. Law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about.

    If the internet products are taxed, that is only fair considering that a major chunk of goods and services sold are through the internet. I am surprised it has remained tax free this long.

    My time on the web is only restricted by me. I can stay on the web 24 hours a day if I choose, and I do. Even at work, and am not limited or censored like Russians are.

    Russia chooses to be an enemy of the US. I know that the US has no intention at all of invading Russia in any way. But the Russia propaganda machine is hard at work brain washing its citizens that the US is out to get them. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” All we want is peace.

    I admire President Putin, but I also know he is corrupt, deceitful and has a serious inferiority complex. Maybe he actually does think the US wants to attack Russia. That is so crazy though.

  213. So you think no where else gives news but the US and you believe the garbage they feed you? Apparently you do! Americans are losing jobs as we speak if they don’t go along with the “agenda.” Two women just lost their job at a daycare because they won’t call a brainwashed little girl a boy….what a delusional group of people. At least in other parts of the world they know the difference between a male and female…LOL Your news is censored like any communist country….and just think of the news they don’t tell you!….The US is a sh*thole and you are living in the dark ages. Evil lives in the United States…..

  214. Yeah…it’s no longer safe in America at the school, the theater, the beach, the store, the restaurant, in your own home…yep….what a cesspool.

  215. Get off your high horse and come down to earth. You sound like a 8 year old…US invaded Iraq illegally and already Tony Blair’s head is on the line for joining in. Why don’t you think Bush II is the least traveled president? Because the world hates him and America for it. They’ve destroyed the Middle East. Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq….the list goes on. You have been severely brainwashed! The US is fighting about oil and the petrodollar….and that’s why they staged 9-1-1, to have an excuse to invade the Middle East. The US is evil….extremely evil. And you’d best get your head out of the sand. They spend millions of your tax dollar training ISIS, which didn’t work out. LOL…with Putin joining the fray and straightening out the mess America started, it has thrown the warmongers USA off their game plan. If you believe the crap you wrote then I feel sorry for you…..

  216. Hey DeeDee Denise, I don’t know what cartoon channel you’ve been watching, but your smoking some good shit…YOUR WAY OUT THERE BABY !!!

  217. The Russians and the Egyptians have been successful so far in keeping the FBI and the NTSB from actually seeing the sight. Wolfe Blitzer seemed in near panic the other day when he got very insistent about getting an Egyptian Official to say that the USA should be involved in the investigation. Maybe the Russians and Egyptians feel that the USA may want to get involved to see if the Russians are worried about a False Flag attack on the plane. Is it possible that you know who did a false flag attack to bring the Russians into a trap?

  218. Yes, but you try to make out America has a beacon of righteousness and civility, when it has turned into a cesspool. It’s supposed to be a 1st world country when in truth it’s turning into 3rd world status…..quickly! Russia has no where to go but up…stay tuned! Putin just gave an American very well known boxer Roy Jones Russian citizenship!….LOL And there’s another singer asking for Russian citizenship as well. Basically, what I am making clear here is that the United States and its citizens can no longer point the finger….clean up your own mess. The chickens have come home to roost with America because of all the damage the country has caused around the world. You are best to get your house in order, don’t worry about Russia!…LOL

  219. Nice name. But most likely a troll.

    Assad created his own terrorist/rebels. He ran a Russian sponsored police state. It had all the bells and whistles including torture.

    America created the Iraq situation by toppling Saddam. They apparently must have thought the Iraqi were willing to have a democracy and govern themselves.

  220. They seem to not like some Islamic too. I’m not so sure that they are true followers of Islam. They seem more like outlaws or pirates. They seem to recruit out of fear, confusion, anarchy, and alienation. As people polarize against muslims ISIS recruits better.

  221. Well when your loved ones are incinerated in a plane or a skyscraper, let’s see how loving you would be to ones responsible. The U.S. Generally gets suckered into wars, Vietnam,as an example, we fought gulf war one as a coalition and stopped as we should have, we attacked Afghanistan as a result of 9/11, should we have not fought in ww2? Japan’s stupid mistake there huh. We are far from Lilly white but with the blood letting that has gone on in Europe and in Asia for centuries our little pickadilloes are nothing by comparison. If you want to go back in time to the Barbary Pirates well fine then too, they deserved to get their butts kicked, war isn’t a unique thing only to America, how many wars have occurred since the beginning of time?

  222. DeeDee, I know a lot about the US. I know that I can view news all over the world on the internet with no restrictions. I know that Media can report the news without fear of government retaliation. A case in point is the news on Monsanto, transgenders, etc that you brought up… Yep, all uncensored and available in the US. No matter how angry Obama or the US government may get at the Media for what they may report, the media is not restricted. Obama does not go around smearing those new agencies he doesn’t like, killing them, and destroying their lives, robbing them of their money to make his $billions, as is done in Russia. Why must you lie just to get your way? Don’t you know everyone on this board can see your posts?? that they are way out in left field? I perceive that you are contentious and evil, yet, you have only yourself to blame.

  223. Typical goose stepping moron who uses personal attack to diminish your foe, I’m actually sympathetic to the Russians on this I feel that we should work together as one to defeat these criminals, both country’s have made mistakes and it’s too bad that both country’s leaders are too self absorbed to do anything real for their people other than propaganda, like you, moron. Perhaps you should read all the comments before you judge, and sorry the Russian folks are generally sheep, with Wolves sprinkled amongst them, drones and peasants. We’re getting there ourselves too.

  224. And yet other cultures have much higher suicide rates, oh and the rate of cop on black homicide is lower than cop on white homicide, the commonality is that if you are caught doing something bad don’t resist arrest. Our world is the fast becoming cesspool. The drug/alcohol problem is a commonality with Russia’s own, and in fact much of Europe there is greater unrest, and greater dependency, your own underworld vs everyone else. I’ve been in Eastern Europe, and western, northern and southern too, China, Hong Kong Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, to name a few, there is no perfect place. They all have an ugly underbelly of futility and fear, and anger. It only takes the right/ wrong spark to make it an inferno.

  225. No, the races are all patriotic. I believe it will pull them together more as we hunt for food in the radioactive rubble. I wonder though, if people will resort to cannibalism? It has a presence in past events of survival.

  226. Hi Jenn, both the US and Russia are to blame in that both are dishonoring each other by their character attacks on each other. Russia hold out an olive branch while at the same time assassinating the character of Obama and the US. And the US has done its share as well back to Putin. Both use lies and deception against each other. From what I can see though, Putin seems to be deliberately doing everything opposite what NATO is doing, having opposing international alliances, opposing policies, deliberately using lies and deception regarding its involvement in Ukraine. If I were sitting in front of President Putin and talking with him, I doubt anything he says would be the truth. All is words are used to play the game of chess… Lies appear to be very natural for him, more so than the US could even imagine, something we find shocking.

  227. LOLOL…the sanctity of life….let me clue you in on something: Yeah and America is so great and doing so well. Here’s some info for ya:
    Even more striking are the proximate causes of rising mortality.Basically, white Americans are, in increasing numbers, killing themselves, directly or indirectly. Suicide is way up, and so are deaths from drug poisoning and the chronic liver disease that excessive drinking can cause. We’ve seen this kind of thing in other times and places – for example, in the plunging life expectancy that afflicted Russia after the fall of Communism. But it’s a shock to see it, even in an attenuated form, in America.
    Yet the Deaton-Case findings fit into a well-established pattern. There have been a number of studies showing that life expectancy for less-educated whites is falling across much of the nation. Rising suicides and overuse of opioids are known problems. And while popular culture may focus more on meth than on prescription painkillers or good old alcohol, it’s not really news that there’s a drug problem in the heartland.

    ****The US has become a cesspool. Blacks are killed by cops and the whites are committing suicide. They can’t take the torture, ineptness, and misery of living in the US anymore……take it for what it’s worth!

  228. Obama only pays attention to what makes him the big man, hence the lack of comment, also on a dead white autistic child at the hands of police who weren’t white. Obama is a very shallow self centered individual and quite tone deaf, he only hears his own music. And of course even if he did call or Kerry did it wouldn’t be pronounced fromJosh I’m not Ernest, because it’s not our problem now as we don’t want to have to come to Russia’s rescue, however the FBI is working the case now at Russia’s request, but acknowledgement doesn’t fit the narrative that we left because I promised we would. Imagine what we could do if we pooled our resources against the savages of ISIS. We’ve all learned that there is plenty of oil now, no need to corner a market of piece of turf anywhere for us or the Russians, we can do so much more as allies then as enemies, what we all seek in the end is access to markets, not a thumb over people’s that we cannot really control from afar, that doesn’t work, but we both need to sell, and the more people can purchase, in terms of things that make life a little easier like farming equipment, to name just a few. I’m not talking Coke here.

  229. I think the Israeli or extremist moslems are the most likely suspects. They have more to gain. I do believe the Russians shot down that MH17 like the Korean Airliner in the past. Perhaps the Poles in 2010.

  230. The Americans can’t even point to Russia on a map. And while the government poisons their rivers and turn their army into a h0m0sexual camp, they lay over and take it while watching Reality TV and eating the Frankenstein Food that America tries to put off as healthy…..LOLOLOL

  231. but russia, in the short time they have been bombing isis, has accomplished more then the US has in 2 years. all we do is fly missions and drop a few bombs somewhere, doesn’t really matter where because that isn’t nearly as important as just showing a gullible american public that we are out there doing our jobs!! so isis should be pissed at russia more then america because russia is actually an enemy and not some doofus enemy like the US. so don’t be blaming the US for the bombing. and just because some US official made some silly prediction about russia suffering human losses and experiencing terrorist attacks, well hell anyone could have made that prediction. its seems pretty obvious at some point that was going to happen. no genius at work there!

  232. Stop it! Just stop it! You are an uninformed American voter who let’s their government do what they want to them. You believe you are free when you are in a cage. Apparently you don’t know a lot about the US who has no money and spends millions on terrorist only to have it backfire. Your media is controlled and the NSA spies on you. You don’t have any freedom. Your police state kills Americans at will….now your Internet is going to be taxed and soon, your time on the web will be restricted. I’ve been around the world my friend, and believe me, the US is nothing like what you think it is. But of course, you probably can’t even point out Russia on a map. US has brainwashed you into believing that Russia is your enemy….what a bozo…I guess that’s why for the first time…your pres Obozo came in third and Putin first for the most powerful and admired. The US is full of sh*t and it’s best to get your head out of the sand son…it’s more tough times ahead.

  233. I know a lot about the US. I know that, through the internet, we have free access to news all over the world. I know that any news agency can report whatever news it desires, even if it makes Obama angry. Sometimes Media can be the Governments worst enemy, but still our Government does not go around killing, smearing and destroying those who disagree with them. DeeDee, the news you did bring up to smear the USA was clearly and readily available in the USA. No sensorship.

    So, once again DD, I you are making up things as you go, just to be right or gain attention. I have been viewing your posts, and they are way out in left field, and all of us on this board know it. But go ahead and make a fool of yourself. I perceive that you are contentious and evil. And you have only yourself to blame for your condition.

  234. Russia has long standing treaty with Syria for military aid in return for establishing Naval base on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. Syria called Russia on it and Russia delivered what they promised long time ago. Somalia, Nigeria, Lybia etc, have no such agreements with Russia but I sm sure they could use some air-power to eradicate terrorists in their back yard.

  235. LOLOLOL…..America is the Taliban and the only savages out there is the US warmongers…..get to grips with what’s going on your brainwashing is extensive.

  236. Bronco(sigh)…Bronco…i know the pyramids weren’t built by aliens!! i was just alluding to the ridiculous aspect of the author’s story , that Putin’s friend says U.S caused the Russian plane to crash!!…READ BETWEEN THE LINES pal…k.

  237. Russia wanted to join NATO but was knocked back, and they have tried to initiate peace talks over Syria way back once before I believe, but again knocked back. So yes they have extended an olive branch of sorts but the US for some reason has not been interested.

  238. You are another graduate of Joseph Goebbels University of Deception, Lies and Propaganda in Washington.Slowly burn in hell, liar.

  239. Russia sells 90% of all arms to terrorist groups and countries and supports terrorist governments. It seems to show that Russia is the number one terrorist country in the world with the number one terrorist as your dictator..Putin.

  240. He then went on with Moscow’s usual speech, saying that dividing terrorists into good and bad ones is a common practice for the U.S. “If it’s against Russia, it’s a good terrorist and even a democrat.” He’s right about that. Obama is arming the rebels, (the good terrorists) fighting Assad and not a single peep can be heard from the liberal democrats. The media gives very little info on it and then stops reporting on it all together. Obama dropped 30 TONS of guns, grenades and ammo to the “good terrorist” and 2 weeks later got on national television to REBUKE America for legal gun ownership. He then began to threaten confiscation of guns in America as Hillary joined in on the subject. What happened to America? Where did all the noble, respectful, peace loving, intelligent people that use to live here move too? Why all the double standard in the media? Why the democrat against the republican, gays against christians, blacks against whites, Obama against law enforcement, citizens against illegal immigrants and the list goes on. I mean what happened? If you’re in this country illegally and you’ve been arrested for criminal activity why would any democrat OR republican advocate for keeping that person here? Has everybody lost their minds? If your gay and you want to get married great but why force it down a Christian business owners throat, if he doesn’t want to bake you a cake Oh well, go to the MILLIONS of other bakeries that would love to accommodate you. If your Christian and you don’t like homosexuals or same sex marriage then go about your business serving God and love the sinner but not the sin. You cant stop what God has already pre-ordained for this planet anyway. As for the whole black and white thing, it is simply preposterous to believe that racism is ever going to end on this planet. It’s not going to happen. People have an inherent disposition. There’s good whites and there’s bad whites. It’s not going to change but lets stop crying about what happened hundreds of years ago because if nobody has noticed yet this whole world is going through some serious life and death problems that require all of us to try and work together in the spirit of love and PEACE. I believe that if we start working together instead of against eachother we can make America what it use to be again. A “Family.”

  241. You are the one who is a graduate of Joseph Goebbels University of Deception, Lies and Propaganda in Washington. You and your lying and freaking kind, will never have in your head, even 1/2 that an average Russian has in his/her butt.

  242. At a time when the world is threatened by Islamic terrorist bent on the destruction os everything not Islamic, why don’t the US and Russia work together? Maybe it is too much of the cold war attitude that still prevails in the OLD INCUMBENT POLITICIANS in Washington.

  243. And so it begins….as we have seen time and time again….Russia can’t take responsibility for anything….not shooting down a airliner, not having proper security for their Egyptian airlines….poor poor Russia, everyone is picking on them…..give me a break!…Pathetic

  244. Romeo o Romeo where for art thou Romeo, the east beckons go forth and enjoy your Moscow sojourn, our crime is that we didn’t learn the lesson the SU taught us about Afghanistan once a crap hole always a crap hole. And now Russia’s going down the same crap hole again just a little further west, you cannot fight a people who have no respect for the sanctity of life, and who reproduce like rabbits, thus their lack of need to respect life, you have to change that equation, good luck with that one.

  245. Because the Sinai is a cheap place to get some holiday sun. With the Ruble worth half what it was Europe is too expensive for most Russian’s and also Ukrainian’s

  246. Since we wring our hands over collateral damage our blood lust is doubtful. Power is shared with friends and country’s with shared values, perhaps our values are less warped than others, we don’t shout death to China or Russia or to Iran do we, domination is a myth, no one can dominate a world, we never did, we take the lead or get used as a group, just as Russia and its proxies do the same with them, history is replete with it. We are being played like a harp from H###. Found out you can’t put that one in imagine that the underworld gets you pended

  247. I see the Kremlin has given you your propaganda b/s for the day. Hey Putin’s little bag many thousands has Putin killed in Ukraine?

  248. Russia sounds like the Tea Party blaming others for their problems. Stupid Russia meddles and pays a price. They will likely continue to pay and pay.

  249. I would not be surprised if US, is somehow responsible for downing Russian passenger jet over Egypt. Criminal Washington’s freaks are capable of much greater evil than this one.

  250. The only ability that US has is, to destabilize small countries, to bomb hospitals, to kill unarmed civilians including small children and to spread misleading BS propaganda about others.

  251. No funnier than you not thinking that it was even possible. It’s wasn’t wrong Intel it was deliberately wrong, the Taliban will stop at nothing and they don’t give a damn about some foreign docs or some worthless children and women. Savages are savages. Our military has a bit more integrity than our civilian government.

  252. Since we wring our hands over collateral damage, our bloodlust is in doubt, power perhaps but we share with reasonable people with shared values, domination, is a myth, it is impossible to dominate a world, it’s more likely that there are other country’s with shared economic interests that would want to use The U.S. As their front men, just as there are those who’s values mirror Russia’s that would use them as their chess pieces, like the Iranians, we are being played like a harp from hell

  253. Well the United States has the ability to turn Russia into ash as well, You foolish Russian…Together we can destroy the world and kill everyone in it….There will be no one to save us then. All our children and grand children will be dying an agonizing death…

  254. Point taken but “blood lust”, “power” and “domination” are apt descriptors for the US too. Probably why people are slow to show their gratitude.

  255. LOLOL….and you believe what the US said about receiving wrong intelligence concerning the hospital they blew up?….yeah ok…LOLOLOLOL

  256. Russian propaganda piece, yes in so many ways like the Afghans, who used the U.S. To blow up a hospital they didn’t like being there, by giving bad intel. It’s amazing how pathetic and foolish the Russian people are that they even want to buy what Putins minions sell. All in the name of national pride. We should actually take note that yes folks don’t appreciate our sacrifice of blood and treasure because it interferes with their blood lust or dreams or power and domination, and treat them not like adults but petty petulant children they really are. Just take it all away from them they don’t deserve what they’ve been given. Think 2010, the movie.

  257. This is a sickness. When you blame others for your mistakes or do not take responsibilities for your actions. Russians do this all the time. They think that they were going to to go and bomb the heck and it will be all smiles and high fives. Welcome to the real world. Blocking websites and removing information about the truth is just a means to fool yourself and the Russian people. It’s called Control.
    Why the heck am I wasting my time commenting the this carp. Minutes I wont get back.

  258. America thinks the worthless dollar is enough to pay off victims. Like the bombing of the hospital by America. It goes something like this:
    AMERICA: “So how many of your relatives got killed?”
    VICTIM: My husband, two sons, and brother.
    AMERICA: “Ok, give her $150,000, that should be enough…ok next!”
    That’s the American way of doing business. Countries are starting to bypass the worthless dollar, especially now with the AIIB Bank…China is slowly dropping the dollar as a form of payment. Wait till Americans have to pay $10 for a loaf of bread!

  259. LOLOLOL….and what about the US? You don’t know how much the US news is censored until you’ve been out of the country and viewed the other thousands of news sources that Americans are not allowed to view since the media is owned by a handful of conglomerates. Brainwashing at its best. You’ve been convinced that Russia is the enemy by the brainwashing of your government, when it’s the US starting wars all over the world. Let the US tell it Putin is responsible for the pollution of the rivers by M0nsanto and the resulting cancer of whole towns. What about the Americans losing jobs because they won’t call a girl a boy or let tr@nsgenders use the bathroom of the s*x they “believe” they are for that day? How about people in the media slandered if they don’t agree with Obama and his gang of bozos? American courts even overturn the people’s vote and the SCOTUS has been useless….don’t point the finger…just get the Dictatorship of the United States together, Putin knows what he’s doing.

  260. LOLOLOL….and what about the US? You don’t know how much the US news is censored until you’ve been out of the country and viewed the other thousands of news sources that Americans are not allowed to view since the media is owned by a handful of conglomerates. Brainwashing at its best. You’ve been convinced that Russia is the enemy by the brainwashing of your government, when it’s the US starting wars all over the world. Let the US tell it and Putin is responsible for the pollution of the rivers by Monsanto and the resulting cancer of whole towns. What about the Americans losing jobs because they won’t call a girl a boy or let transgenders use the bathroom of the sex they “believe” they are for that day. How about people in the media slandered if they don’t agree with Obama and his gang of bozos? American courts even overturn the people’s vote and the SCOTUS has been useless….don’t point the finger…just get the Dictatorship of the United States together, Putin knows what he’s doing.

  261. Sorry to digress, but the pyramids were built to store grain, that is according to Carson the GOP frontrunner. So yeah, alien theory unlikely.

  262. That’s not the only reason for Russia’s aggressive, in-your-face demonstrations of military power. By forcing the world to concentrate its attention on Russia’s bombers, it diverts attention from the sorry state of the Russian nuclear arsenal.

    Russia’s nuclear armament is seen as the ultimate guarantor of the security of the state. In the 1990s, when Russia was undergoing a massive socioeconomic shift from state socialism to a market economy, Russia’s military fell into more than a decade of poverty and disarray. Russia’s nuclear arsenal, however, remained at a relatively high rate of readiness.

    Weapons eventually wear out, and Russia’s nuclear forces, the bulk of which date to the mid-1980s, are on an aggressive retirement schedule. Three out of four models of Russia’s land-based nuclear missiles will be retired by 2020, with the fourth type, the SS-27 Sickle, set to gradually replace the others.

    Russia’s fleet of 12 nuclear missile submarines, designed to protect the country from a first strike by hiding nukes deep underwater, is old and worn out. Russia has only recently started building the new Borei-class missile submarines to replace them. On top of that, the new missiles destined to arm Russia’s new submarines are experiencing a high failure rate. Out of 20 launches of the newBulava long-range nuclear missile, at least eight failed.

    The result is a Russia highly insecure about its ability to protect its borders. But instead of sitting back and looking weak, Russia is lashing out to give the impression of strength. It’s a sleight-of-hand trick that downplays Russia’s nuclear weaknesses to concentrate attention on its apparent strengths. Viewed holistically, Russia’s nuclear firepower is a lot less intimidating than it looks.

  263. Now that we’ve failed to use Russia’s corrupt and degenerating economy, subservience to the international banking system, and vulnerability to falling energy prices to pop Vladimir Putin like a zit, we’re going to have sit on our NATO, E.U., and OSCE duffs and take the long view of Russian imperialism.

    Fortunately the long view, while a desolate prospect, is also comforting in its way, if you aren’t a Russian.

    In the sixth century A.D. Russia was the middle of nowhere in the great Eurasian flat spot bounded by fuck-all on the north and east, barbarian hordes and the remains of the Byzantine Empire on the south, and the Dark Ages on the west.

    Wandering around in here, up and down the watershed of the Dnieper River from Novgorod (which hadn’t been built yet) to Kiev (ditto) were disorganized tribes of Slavic pastoral herdsmen herding whatever was available, pastorally. They were harried by Goths, Huns, Khazars, and other people who had the name and nature of outlaw motorcycle gangs long before the motorcycle was invented.

    The original Russian state, “Old Russia,” was established at Novgorod in A.D. 862 by marauding Vikings. They’d set off to discover Iceland, Greenland, and America, took a wrong turn, and wound up with their dragon boat stuck on a mud bar in the Dnieper. (Historians have their own theories, involving trade and colonization, but this sounds more likely.)

    The first ruler of Old Russia was the Viking Prince Ryurik. Imagine being so disorganized that you need marauding Vikings to found your nation—them with their battle axes, crazed pillaging, riotous Meade Hall feasts, and horns on their helmets. (Actually, Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets—but they would have if they’d thought of it, just like they would have worn meade helmets if they’d thought of it.) Some government it must have been.

    Viking Prince Ryurik: “Yah, let’s build Novgorod!”

    Viking Chieftain Sven: “Yah, so we can burn it down and loot!”

    The Russians weren’t converted to Christianity until A.D. 988—a thousand years late to “Peace be unto you” party, the basic principles of which still haven’t sunk in. (And maybe never had a chance to. Russia’s conversion came at the hands of St. Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev, who was reputed to maintain a harem of 800 concubines.)

    The death of St. Vladimir, and every other ruler of Old Russia, was followed by assassinations, mayhem, civil strife, and the other hallmarks of change in Russian leadership evident to the present day. Oxford historian Ronald Hingley notes that “the first and only Russian ruler to fashion an effective law of succession” was Tsar Paul I (1796-1801). Tsar Paul was assassinated.

    Anyway, things went along pretty well for almost 400 years. (Pretty well by Russian standards—a free peasant was known as a smerd, meaning “stinker.”) Then, in 1237, when the rest of the West was having a High Middle Ages and getting fecund for cultural rebirth, a Tatar horde invaded Russia.

    The Tatars were part of the Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan. They had a two-pronged invasion strategy: Kill everybody and steal everything.

    Kiev, Moscow, and most of Russia’s towns were obliterated. Tatar control—part occupation and part suzerainty over impotent, tribute-paying Russian principalities—lasted more than 200 years.

    The Russians have heroic stories about fighting off the Tatars, but in fact it seems like the Tatars gradually lost interest in the place and went off in a horde back to where they came from.

    Professor Hingley says the “Tatar Yoke” left Russia with “a model of extreme authoritarian rule combined with control through terror.” It also left Russia with a model of leadership best summarized by a passage from John Keegan’s A History of Warfare:

    “Genghis Khan, questioning his Mongol comrades-in-arms about life’s sweetest pleasure and being told it lay in falconry, replied, ‘You are mistaken. Man’s greatest good fortune is to chase and defeat his enemy, seize his total possessions, leave his married women weeping and wailing, ride his gelding [and] use the bodies of his women as a nightshirt and support.’”

    Why Putin wants Angela Merkel for a nightshirt is beyond me. But that’s a Russian dictator for you.

    Around the time Europe was getting a New World, Russia was getting tsars. Several were named Ivan, one more terrible than the next until we arrive at Ivan the Terrible in 1533.

    Ivan created a private force of five or six thousand thugs, the oprichnina, who wore black, rode black horses, and carried, as emblems of authority, a dog’s head and a broom. (The hammer and sickle of the day, presumably.)

    Oprichniks were entitled to rob and kill anyone, and did so with a will. Ivan suspected Novgorod of disloyalty, and the oprichnina spent five weeks in the city slaughtering thousands and driving thousands more into exile.

    Ivan presided over and sometimes personally performed the roasting, dismembering, and boiling alive of enemies and people who, left unboiled, might possibly become enemies.

    He killed his own son and heir by whacking him over the head with the monarchal staff in a tsar-ish fit of temper.

    He conducted a 24-year-long war against Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, and the Teutonic Knights, and lost.

    Russia’s economy was destroyed. Drought, famine, and plague beset the country.

    But Ivan put Russia on the map as an international player. He defeated what was left of the Tatars, mostly by conniving with leaders of what was left of the Tatars. He expanded Russian rule into Siberia, his success due to almost nobody being there. And, draw what parallels you will, Ivan the Terrible’s popularity rating was very high among the smerds.

    After his reign, Russia, if you can believe it, got worse. “The Time of Troubles” featured more drought, more famine, more plague, foreign invasions, massacres, the occupation and sacking of Moscow, and tsars with names like False Dmitry I and False Dmitry II. The population of Russia may have been reduced by as much as one-third.

    The remaining two-thirds reacted to increasing anarchy in traditional Russian fashion, by increasing autocracy. The Russians aren’t stupid. We’re talking about a country where chess is a spectator sport. Autocracy is just a Russian bad habit, like smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and drinking a liter of vodka.

    In 1613 the Romanov dynasty was installed, providing Russia with a range of talents from “Great” (Peter I, Catherine II) to “Late” (Ivan VI, Peter III, and Paul I killed in palace intrigues; Alexander II blown to bits by a terrorist bomb, and Nicholas II murdered with his family by the Bolsheviks).

    The Romanovs adhered to what Harvard historian Richard Pipes calls a “patrimonial” doctrine, meaning they owned Russia the way we own our house (except to hell with the mortgage). They owned everything. And everybody. The Romanov tsars imposed rigid serfdom just as that woeful institution was fading almost everywhere else.

    Russia never had a Renaissance, a Protestant Reformation, an Enlightenment, or much of an Industrial Revolution until the Soviet Union. Soviet industrialization produced such benefits to humanity as concrete worker housing built without level or plumb bob, the AK-47, MiG fighter jets, and proliferating nukes. (Although the only people the Soviets ever killed with a nuclear device was themselves at Chernobyl, located, perhaps not coincidentally, in what’s now Ukraine, for the time being at least.)

    Russia was out in the sticks of civilization, in a trailer park without knowledge of how to build a trailer. But Russia kept getting bigger, mostly by killing, oppressing, and annoying Russians.

    Peter the Great (1682-1725) led a military expedition against the Turkish fort of Azov that was a disaster. But Peter came right back and, getting more Russians killed, overwhelmed the Turks. The same thing happened in the Northern War against Sweden. Although it took 21 years after Peter ran away at the battle of Narva, Russia finally got a Baltic coastline. Which Peter didn’t know what to do with, so he built St. Petersburg in a swamp with conscripted serf labor. The number of Russian serfs who died building things in the swamp equaled the number Russian soldiers who died in the Northern War.

    Peter the Great raised taxes, made the Russian nobles shave their beards, and caused the death of his recalcitrant son and heir, like Ivan the Terrible did, but on purpose.

    Catherine the Great (1762-1796) doubled taxes on the Jews and declared they weren’t Russians, as if anyone would want to be. She was the first but not last leader of Russia to annex Crimea. NATO member alert, code red—she won two wars against Turkey and partitioned Poland. (Like Peter the Great on the Baltic, she got the swampy part.)

    Under Catherine, Russian settlements pushed all the way east into Alaska, the most valuable land Russia has occupied. (Annual GDP per capita, Alaska: $61,156. Annual GDP per capita, Russia: $14,037.) But—E.U. shame alert—when Russia was facing financial difficulties and geopolitical conflict, Tsar Alexander II was forced to sell Alaska to the United States in 1867 for 2 cents an acre. Later, as mentioned, Alexander got blown to bits.

    And that’s pretty much it for Russia’s Golden Age. After the 18th century, Russia devoted itself mostly to being big fat loserland, losing pace with the modern world, wars, Alaska, a communist utopia, a million victims of Stalin’s purges, 6 million victims of the famine of 1921, 8 million victims of the famine of 1932-33, a “Kitchen Debate” between Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, ICBMs in Cuba, the space race, the arms race, the Cold War, and finally, 14 independent countries that were once in the USSR.

    Napoleon actually won the war part of his war with Russia. If “General Winter” and the general tendency of Moscow to be periodically destroyed hadn’t, for once, sided with the Russian people, you’d be able to get a good bottle of Côte de Volga and a baguette in Smolensk today.

    Russia began a series of wars in the Caucasus that it has yet to win.

    In 1825, the Decembrists, a reform-minded group of military officers, staged a demonstration in favor of constitutional monarchy and were hanged for taking the trouble.

    Political oppression, censorship, spying, and secret police activity reached such a level of crime and punishment that Dostoyevsky himself was sentenced to death for belonging to a discussion group. He was standing in front of the firing squad when his sentence was commuted to exile in Siberia. (Whether to thank Tsar Nicolas I depends upon how weighty a summer reading list you’ve been given.

    “Exiled to Siberia” says everything about Russian economic and social development in that land of mountains, lakes, and forests with a climate, in its lower latitudes, no worse than the rest of Russia’s. I’ve been across it on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. If this were America, the route from Irkutsk to Vladivostok would be lined with vacation homes and trendy shops, and “exiled to Siberia” would be translated as “exiled to Aspen.”

    Russia lost the 1853-56 Crimean War. NATO member alert, code green—Russia lost to Britain, France, and Turkey.

    In 1861 Tsar Alexander II freed 50 million serfs. If “freed” is the word that’s wanted. The serfs had no place to go except the land they were already farming, and if they wanted any of that, they had to buy it with the nothing they made as serfs. Later, as mentioned twice already, Alexander got blown to bits.

    Russia lost the Jews. Being robbed, beaten, and killed in pogroms was not a sufficient incentive to stay. More than a million Jews emigrated, taking what common sense the country had with them.

    Russia lost the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War in the best Russian loser fashion at the naval battle of Tsushima.

    Japanese Admiral Togo Heihachiro “crossed the T” of the Russian fleet, a rare execution of a tactic where you get your ships in a horizontal line so that your guns can be aimed at the enemy, whose ships are in a vertical line so that their guns can’t be aimed at you.

    The Russian fleet was demolished. Eight battleships and most of the smaller ships were sunk. More than 5,000 Russian sailors died. Just three of 38 Russian vessels escaped to Vladivostok.

    Russia lost World War I, not an easy thing to do when you’re on the winning side. After the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was too much of a mess to keep fighting Germany. The Soviet government signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk surrendering Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russian Poland, and Ukraine—containing in total a quarter of the population of Imperial Russia—to the Central Powers just eight months before the Central Powers had to surrender to everybody.

    Russia lost both sides of the 1917-22 Russian Civil War. The White Russians were losers. The Reds were total losers. We know how their revolution turned out.

    Russia might as well have lost World War II. Between 18 million and 24 million Russians died. That’s three times as many military and civilian casualties as Germany suffered. There must have been a better way to kill a bunch of Nazis running low on food and ammunition and stuck in frozen mud.

    Now, because of what he’s doing in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has a higher smerd popularity rating than Ivan the Terrible or even Stalin. We certainly should have screwed him over. But Russian history is on our side. He’ll certainly screw himself.

  264. True, but on the flip side, one could argue a superiority complex on the part of the US. Why else does it feel the need to wage war all the time and dominate smaller countries.

  265. Jesse, is anything genuinely uncensored in Russia. Think of all those people in Russia found dead, or prosecuted, or businesses and lives destroyed for some imagined wrong, who dared say anything not in line with Putin’s slant on things. If I were a private news company in Russia, I would be very careful how I present the news so as not to call attention to myself from Putin.

  266. Russia has always accused the US of doing things, and this latest is nothing new. Seems Russia is turning into the communist party all over again, but more of a poly one.

  267. The three largest television stations and two of the biggest newspapers in Russia are owned by friends of Putin. The other 300 are independent and often anti-Putin, you old prostitute

  268. What fake idea? He doesn’t have to tell Russians how dangerous we are. They read the news. We have attacked 16 countries in 20 years. We have made it clear that we are entitled to invade, bomb, bash and destroy any country that won’t take orders from us. Putin has told the Russian people that they are safe from the biggest bully on the planet only because they have nuclear weapons – and that is dead on right.

  269. You are just a complete and total idiot. You claim not to be from Russia or in Russia but you claim to know more about Russia than any citizen possibly could.

    You are just ignorant troll of the most vile kind. Just shut up and go away with your stupid, stupid, idiocy, you moronic KremlinBot Troll.

  270. No one would ask your opinion about anything because you have proven to be a complete and total moron when it comes to anything.

    I’m amazed you can even turn your computer on. Or does Mommy do that for you?

  271. Yo, KremlinBot moron, that happened during a WAR and was an accident. One that the US acknowledged and paid restitution to the victim’s families.

    When will Russia pay restitution to the 298 dead from flight MH17?

  272. I’m confused as to all the reporting of Russia, US and the rest of the coalition making all these sorties and destroying so many ISIS outposts, that ISIS is still going strong. How is that possible? Seems the media or each country is exaggerating their progress.

  273. If ISIS is responsible for the downing then we could see an escalation from the Kremlin to erase ISIS from the middle east . This may be the perfect reason for Putin to execute his deadly War on all terrorist groups including the Syrian Rebels backed by Washington.

  274. Doesn’t matter where you live, what matters is whats going to happen in the future. The whole world will be affected in the coming years.

  275. wait a minute all you good people, why isn’t anyone mentioning the killing of Gaddafi? we do have a more serious problems of nukes between Israel and Iran. Wait, Russia and USA will never confront each other. they know they will both perish. Why Syria alone? we got Bokoharam in Nigeria, Alshabaab in Somalia terrorizing east and Central Africa. how comes no Russian plane or US planes are bombing these assoles? i could be an idiot but USA and Russia will cause this world a demise.

  276. After reading all the comments, united states= land of make believe
    most of you would believe everything the media says.

    Here is the reality folks, russia is actually the last hope of the world as much as i hate to admit it.

    Do your research on who the real present day enemy is


  278. Polina Tikhonova is back,the Russian troll.Hey Polina, Russia killed Ferdinand Marcos…and I destroyed the Berlin Wall.

  279. They are very silly. They are all grumbling about the allege downing by the terrorists and no one is talking about what Putin did by shooting down the Malaysian air line during their lawful fly over the Ukraine. double standards.

  280. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and that is democracy and superiority over vulnerable states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that is US not USA.

  281. i knew this since last week and dont forget the hospital in afghanistan usa bomb the plane and killed hes friend in dc ,america is number one terrorist country, they are supporting the terrorist isis.

  282. Nothing has happened to the US because the US is doing all the terrorism….ISIS, Alquada (sp?) etc…are all paid by the US to do their fighting for them. But Russia put a hole in that plan…LOLOLOLOL US has become a lying piece of sh*t of a country!

  283. America has NEVER won a war…and don’t bring up WWII because it was America WITH allies that stopped the war…America has been at war 222 years out of 239. America has NEVER won a war….the military sucks. Even the armies America train run away. How are those Ford pickups America gave ISIS holding up? They will probably need new ones soon…oh yeah, and the $43 million America spent on a gas station in, brilliant strategy…..!

  284. And the US now sides with the same terrorists who slaughtered its people on 9/11. It even gives them money too, USD500 million hard earned taxpayer money and counting.

  285. Poliana probably isn’t her real name but a by-line used by Putin’s media to post anti-western articles in the media. The Russian government has a large number of people that post stories and comments. The purpose is not necessarily to convince people in the west, but to “demonstrate” to the people in Russia that there are anti-US stories in the western media. Putin’s minions pull from these “sources” to try to bolster anti-US sentiment. Its all about the Russian media trying to control the message to the Russian people.

  286. EXACTLY….don’t forget Americans don’t receive the truth. They only receive what the media tells them about the “outside world.”….LOL

  287. Russia is simply a regional power run by a two-bit thug with dreams of being a world power. Russia is bombing civilians, rebels, ISIL and anyone that isn’t directly associated with the Syrian regime. The killing of innocents opens Russia to the anger of not only ISIL but all those that see Russia as a more vulnerable target. Nothing has happened to the US because the US has better intelligence and stricter controls on access to US assets. Its Russia that is obsessed with the US because of Mr. Putin’s insecurity issues. While Mr. Putin entertains his people with pictures of him riding a horse, playing hockey and working out at the gym, etc his people are enamored, while the rest of the world sees him as a buffoon hungry for media attention.

  288. Ha…what a misguided brainwashed twit you are. The US government does what they want with the American people. The only thing America has accomplished is making the world more dangerous. US has NEVER won a war. Your country executed it’s own citizens for geopolitcal gain….you mean nothing to your government that’s why they give your jobs to H1B Visa holders. They have the US worker train them and them fire the US worker….Disney comes to mind….LOLOLOLOLOL

  289. Of course you do because you are an America hating troll. People in Texas devoutly believed Obama was going to invade Texas this past summer too, as if he had the stones for something like that. Time for your medicine my friend.

  290. Apparently you think it’s a joke….America executed their own populace so that they could have an excuse to invade the Middle East…laugh on if you want but the US government won’t hesitate to eliminate their own populace. They’ve done through medical experiments as well…laugh on if you want.

  291. LOLOLOLOLOL….NO COUNTRY beats US at propaganda. Let the US tell it Russia is responsible for Ebola, the gun violence and poverty in the US, Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco, the racial tension in the US, and why Black Lives Matter got started….LOL

  292. The only major war we have EVER lost was Vietnam. Saying we have never won a war is about as truthful as Bill Clinton on Monica.

  293. Doesn’t matter….US wanted to try out the nukes. In fact, Japan had already surrendered! You sound like a true American…glorifying death, violence, and destruction.

  294. Don’t read much, do you? Look up Iran Air 65. During the Gulf War, we shot it down and killed all 298 civilian passengers on it. We did apologize and then gave medals to the sailors who did it. That’s America for ya.

  295. Are you a Russian? He is popular because he stirs up the fake idea that the US wants to invade Russia, eliminates..harshly when necessary, people who pose real threats to his regime, and shuffles the presidency between himself and his chief deputy Medvedev using vote-fixing and voter intimidation to maintain his grip on power. That isn’t good leadership and it isn’t freedom. Its tyranny.

  296. Hey, no one asked me for my opinion of assassinating Castro, I learned about it later. We have now promised to stop killing the leaders of other countries – unless we really want to. Many of the drone strikes are actually assassination flights.

  297. America is stupid…they thought Russia was going to let them have Crimea…as the saying goes “Russia plays chess while the US plays checkers.” Now the US don’t know what to do with the mess they made in Ukraine..and Russia bombing ISIS (US’s favorite terrorist group) has thrown the US game plan off…America does things not caring about the results, with no game plan, and makes a mess…a mess of the world. Do you know who the most hated country is the world is? That’s right the USA…Nr. 2 is the US boss Israel!

  298. I’m certain that you must have had a point when you started that incoherent rambling, but damned if anyone can find it now. By the way, the test that Russia ran on internet isolation was to determine how well the Russian internet would continue to operate if the US forced a shutdown of Russia’s access to the outside world, not an attempt to censor anyone. Russia censors only child exploitation and terrorist sites. They just shut down 600 ISIS recruiting sites, but the St. Petersburg Post, which hates Putin, is alive and well online. Why should Putin worry? He has an 88% approval rating and doesn’t need to censor anyone.

  299. What happened after 9-11 troll? 2 governments toppled, A major world leader hung from his own gallows, Bin Laden himself chased into the hills then hunted down and eventually exterminated while he hid behind one of his women, large numbers of terrorist leaders blown up by drone strikes. Terrorists paid a heavy price for 9-11, one that continues to be exacted. Which is why no major attacks involving 100s or 1000s of Americans have happened since. They learned that waking this sleeping dragon is a very bad idea. That has contributed to our safety. Sadly they can’t protect us from idiots like you. Freedom means having to deal with ignorance.

  300. LOLOLOL….America has NEVER won a war. Get a grip. They continuously go around the world and start them and then act like the “cat who ate the canary.” The American military sucks…even Vietnam kicked America’s a** with sticks and stones….LOLOLOL

  301. After reading this first words ” Amid Russia’s brutal bombing campaign against ISIS targets in Syria”
    you can clearly understand that the article is bullcrap!
    Brutal bombing of ISIS? WTF?! like ISIS is a kindergarten and Russia is BRUTALLY bombing them! This terrorist are killing, raping and terrorizing everything around them and they dont have the right to exist!

    Every idiot with internet access is a journalist now days and thing that they can write articles…

  302. Actually the US did shoot down an Iranian airliner some time back so there’s dirt on both sides if you want to look at it that way.

  303. Exactly….but Americans are in delusion. For example, their entire media is controlled by only a few companies. It’s amazing the stories they tell Americans and how they brainwash them daily…..They don’t have access to half the media that countries outside the US has!

  304. Bull. On the average, Russians citizens are far more aware of the realities of the world than are Americans. There are 300 news outlets in Russia, of which 3 big ones are owned by friends of Putin and the rest are independent. They also have uncensored access to the internet and can read or watch CNN,BBC, France 24 Hour news, Der Speigel and dozens of other outlets in Russian.
    He’s popular because he is an excellent president. He keeps the budget balanced, the bills paid, and even stands up to the worlds biggest bully – us.

  305. Ha….which America do you live in? Let’s see the America where the poor are increasing and the people can’t voice their opinion without losing their jobs? Two women just lost their jobs at a daycare because they didn’t want to call a little girl a boy!….How stupid and delusional is that? America has some of the worst health care in the world for an industrialized nation, most incarcerations, and most gun deaths. America didn’t even make it into the Top 10 of prosperous countries and the American debt stands at over $65 trillion….America is broke and your infrastructure is in tatters. If China calls in the US debt, you’re in the sh*t….now that the dollar is losing dominance..the US creates more and more wars to prop up the petro-dollar. Countries are dropping the dollar like flies. That’s why the US killed Ghadiffi and illegally invaded Iraq. American’s receive minimum wage pay and have to work 2-4 jobs to pay their basic bills and make a living, while the American worker gets fired and H1B Visas workers are brought into the country to take the jobs. America has the highest infant mortality rate for an industrialized nation. American cops kill their citizens with impunity. A six year old boy was just the latest victim. Are you familiar with Jade Helm? America carries out secret military exercises in various states and does not tell the American people why? The government does what they want with the complacent, Reality TV, fast food eating American. The American constitution is in shatters…look it’s too much to count. Need I go on? Stop pointing the finger at other countries and get your own in order.

  306. While Putin himself can’t accuse the US of terrorism, he has his minions do this for him. This article is simply pablum for the Russian masses by a Russian medial troll. All of the hype about the increased number of strikes and targets hit becomes easy especially when it doesn’t matter if you strike civilians, ISIL targets or western supported rebels. Now that Russia has entered the fray the Russian people should remember Afghanistan of the 1980’s.

  307. I think what the Russian paper said about US double standard against Terrorists is very correct. Normally US makes the terrorists to believe that the war against them is a political one not a brutal confrontation. And as a result the terrorists will be aware that it is a war that will never end but instead it is a question of maneuver that will also reserve some favours to them. Terrorists don`t see American war or confrontation as a reasonable threat because they believe Americans can easilly be bought over with a mere mention of ideological statement that is acceptable to US . It is even possible that US intelligence can discover threat by ISIS against Russia and cover it up so it can succeed in the name of good terrorist. And i am sure that the day terrorists will get rooted inside US the politica opponents will use them as instrument of political war against each other. Or do you think that someones innate chanracter doesn`t to back to hunt him when he finds no other person outside to leash the terror? Think about Islamic terrorisms.

  308. The attack required no expertise, or precision. Security was so lax people could pay bribes to bypass security. All someone had to do was bribe a baggage handler to have an un-screened package put on the plane. Such is life in the middle east. Now they can suffer the consequences.

  309. nice try. America is nowhere close to Russia. No US President would get away with attempting to shut off all access to the world internet in favor of a state-controlled isolated web just as one example. Nor would a group in opposition to Putin survive a NY minute if it truly threatened his rule or publicly attacked him the way the GOP does Obama. Put the tea-party kool-aid down and get a grip. Americans in this day and age have never experienced real widespread government oppression the likes of which places like Iran, Russia and China live with every day. The fact that youy hate poor people getting health care or the media making fun of the fact Trump headlines your nomination group simply doesn’t remotely compare with governments who routinely order whole groups of people arrested or flat out exterminated to preserve power.

  310. lol Terrorists bomb a russian airliner and you make this all about the US. Sounds like something a Putin shrill would do…

  311. And America doesn’t lie and exploit Americans? The days are over when America could point the finger….get a grip with reality!

  312. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….you believe the US is fighting terrorism? What a laugh! If they are they are failing miserably. Terrorism just flourishes under the US!

  313. “There has been nothing against them [Americans]. No single terrorist attack”… Gee, I wonder why? Here is an idea for you, Kiselyov – your president is only capable of starting private proxy wars, but don’t give a flying rat’s a$$ about his citizen’s safety, should the terrorists retaliate!

  314. A poor brain who has nothing to contribute to the argument calls another ‘a big fool’ for having an opinion. Who is the bigger FOOL now?

  315. There is a reason their hasn’t been a terror attack against the US since we started bombing and it has nothing to do with airport security or whacked out conspiracy theories. The last time someone launched a major terror attack against America 2 countries were toppled, 2 governments either sent into hiding or strung up on their own gallows, and countless terrorist leaders killed by strikes from drones, or more conventional military ops. ISIL isn’t stupid. The last thing they want is to push the U.S. into sending 100’s of thousands of troops back to the middle east to level the power base they have created, so they do little things to show they aren’t “afraid” of us and avoid anything major. Russia can’t bring in massive troops because the US wouldn’t allow it, and the US controls the seas around and the skies above the middle east for the most part. Therefor its far safer to attack Russia directly and hope to make staying too expensive for them

  316. this is what happen when u don’t know any thing about fighting terrorism, the Russians should learn from US and there allied are to fight torrorism and still protect ur citizens.

  317. Why did you attempt to assassinate Castro? He was the President of Cuba and how will you guys feel if another country tries to assassinate a sitting US President because they hate your system of government?

  318. He does make a good point that the “US has been bombing for a couple of years, but nothing happened. But Russia only bombing for a little over a month and this explosion.” Sorry to say, but I believe the US is behind it as well. America is obsessed with Russia. Let them tell it and Russia is responsible for Ebola, US high rate of army suicides, and Donald Trump’s hairdo!

  319. One thing is for sure – security of international airports is out-of-date… How good is screening of baggage handlers, airport technicians and others who is not going through security check….

  320. I’ve read a few Polina’s articles. All are pro-Russian. As a person who getting news in 3 languages I just do not trust her objectivity..;.

  321. same thing as 9/11 – that was FBI fully knowing what al Qaida was doing, here some other of the 30 spy agencies of the USA

  322. When ever did America dealt with integrity and actually backed it up? Lot of lip service, double standard and slinky for a back bone. Work for a long time but its over now!

  323. Well, I have a reason why an American plane wasn’t targeted. I suspect the security on a Russian plane isn’t as tight…

  324. Maybe Putin’s Friend should look to Chechnya and other FRS area’s that are now becoming inflamed by acts of FRS in military actions against them. The fact the he doesn’t see Daesh attacking the US shows he’s been living under a rock and quite possibly for some time now. This “hey don’t attack me because I’m attacking you” mentality is getting old. No wonder Arabs and Russians get along so well politically they have the same mindset it seems in the upper echelons of power. Blame anyone but me…

  325. America obviously had nothing to do with it. If it wasn’t an accident, it was an attack that required planning, cooperation with foreign nationals, expertise, and precision. We just aren’t that good. This is the country that failed in a dozen attempts to carry out a simple assassination on Castro.

  326. Kiselyov, Putin and Zhirinovsky are all lunatics. Unpredictable, loose cannons. Lunatic, unpredictable, loose cannons with their fingers on the trigger of a stock of world class nukes that is. AND they are threatening to use them. That’s a SCARY thought.

  327. You are so full of crap. America had nothing to do about downing any plane. russia does that, not us. And, we don’t disguise our soldiers invading Ukraine, and then allow them to steal from the dead. That ALL russia for ya.

  328. Then again, USA is doing the same thing in reverse against Russia for the sake of some Big Capitalistic Criminal Market controlling us all. We should have made Russia a Partner while we had the chance..and NOT tried to sneak Ukraine away with NED, G Soros, American Tax money, Big Ag and Chevron. That was too stupid!!!

  329. Actually as an American, this was the second thing to come to my mind considering how we have acted lately. The First was some insider Muslim Brotherhood employee.
    Its just a shame all the way round and I do not want to see this turn into another Afghanistan like 1970’s-80’s when we made alQaeda to fight Russia. A problem I see is US/Saudi/Qatar wanting the same opportunity for some big pipeline that Russia/Iran wants. I wish we could Ban oil/Natural gas. But ISIL and friends are dangerous enough for US to give up a pipeline idea or a One World Market idea. Really it is and that mean to QUIT supporting Muslim Countries until they clean up ISLAM. Russia will have trouble with Irans Islam too and they better not be so naïve.

  330. The Russians were fighting terrorists decades ago in Afghanistan, but the US armed those terrorists, enabling them to grow into Al Qaeda and ISIS.

  331. I, too, was troubled by Ash Carter’s calm prediction of terrorist attacks against Russia. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t seem to recall Obama ringing Putin to personally express his condolences for the tragedy. Putin was the first world leader to call Bush after 9/11 so one would think (personal animosities aside) the same would be reciprocated to Russia, particularly as a gesture of solidarity from the country that supposedly leads the war on terror.

  332. Putin knows America did not bomb his plane. But he wants the Russian people and the world to think it did as justification for what he plans to do next. In the very near future, he will set his eyes upon the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and all the other oil rich kingdoms of the Middle East. Along with his Iranian allies, he will begin causing chaos over there, to bring oil prices higher, and then finally, take over these oil fields so he can control global oil markets. Then he will set his gaze upon Europe.

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