All Aboard The Hype Train: iPhone X Retail Box Photo Leaks Online

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Ever since we got our first official glimpse of the iPhone X, millions of people around the world have been waiting with bated breath to get their hands on Apple’s redesigned, bezel-less iPhone. Those who were literally holding their breath likely passed out a few weeks ago as the release date of the iPhone X was slated for November 3rd with pre-orders beginning at the end of October. Those of us who have only figuratively been holding our breath are still awake and able to enjoy the series of leaks about the iPhone X that only serve to build the hype around the impending release.

We recently got to see a short video showing off a dynamic iPhone X wallpaper that seemingly responds to the motion of the person in the video turning the device over in his hands. However, that only offered momentary relief for those who are starved to see the iPhone X up close and in person. I wish I could say I had an exclusive 4K video of me using the iPhone X for you to check out but, alas, I am not at the top of Apple’s list of people they love. Instead, I do have a photo of the iPhone X retail box photo that a user on Reddit was able to snap. Check it out!

I will be the first to admit that this is not exactly the sexiest, most exciting iPhone X leak we have ever seen. However, if you look beyond just the iPhone X retail box photo, there is reason to get excited. This photo means that the iPhone X retail boxes are out in the wild! We have been hearing doom and gloom stories about iPhone X delays since the beginning of the summer and some people still believe the iPhone X may be delayed even further. If that were true then Apple wouldn’t have retail boxes out in the wild where people can snap photos of them. Clearly the iPhone X shipping lanes are open and the release date should come on time, as expected.

Of course, most of us won’t be lucky enough to get our hands on the iPhone X when it releases on November 3rd. First, we have been hearing that supply will be limited initially. Secondly, the $999 iPhone X price tag will be a huge deterrent for some. If you like in Canada like myself then that translates to over $1300 after Apple adds on a little bit extra over and above the foreign exchange rate. Of course, add on taxes to the price tag. That’s an expensive little piece of technology!

That’s not to say the iPhone X isn’t worth it. Money is just money and we all have different attachments to it. Plus, the value of something is in the eye of the potential buyer. Many people look at the sexy, bezel-less display and new features like FaceID then think to themselves, “Damn! That’s a nice iPhone!” Others look at all of that, look at the price tag, pass out, wake up in a hospital bed 7 years later, and find out the iPhone XVII is the only smartphone you can buy thanks to the incredible success of the iPhone X.

If you’re looking forward to the iPhone X then this iPhone X retail box photo probably feels way more exciting than it should. That’s okay. We have almost reached the finish line after a summer full of rumors and suggestions the iPhone X would never arrive on store shelves due to [insert issue of the day here]. Now… If only we could get a high resolution iPhone X retail box photo. That would really get the hype train going!

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