iPhone 7 Wishlist: What To Expect From Apple?

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It’s hardly been a week since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) began shipping its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. New smartphones smashed all sell-through records, selling a whopping 10 million units in the first weekend. While the iPhone 6 and its bigger sibling are garnering praise across the globe, many consumers have started looking forward to the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Wishlist: What To Expect From Apple?

Many features rumored to appear in the iPhone 6 didn’t pan out. Expectations are those features would make it into iPhone 7. Cupertino will likely launch its new iPhone around September 2015. But the device may arrive earlier, probably in June 2015, if Apple speeds up the release cycle. To begin with, no user wants the iPhone 7 to suffer from “bendgate” like the iPhone 6 Plus.

Nobody wants a ‘bendable’ iPhone 7

Many consumers reported that Apple’s newest phablet is bending out of shape in their pockets. It raises a serious question: is Apple still the king of consumer technology? The company seems to have compromised on rigidity in its attempt to make the new phones thinner. We wouldn’t mind buying a slightly bulkier phone that offers rigidity.

Further, we would want to see the scratch-resistant sapphire display. Apple was expected to introduce sapphire screen with the iPhone 6, but it disappointed thousands of consumers by releasing the new phones without the sapphire. The tech giant will use it in its Watch that is coming early next year.  A reversible USB cable is another thing that consumers would love. It will improve the iPhone 7 user experience, says Business Insider.

Will Apple use wireless charging technology in its next phone?

Wireless charging is also on our wishlist. Apple won a patent for wireless charging technology earlier this year. The company just needs to scale it up for the mass market. Apple’s technology uses near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) for wireless charging. Consumers would also want to see a higher resolution display with iPhone 7.

Recently, DisplayMate said the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 display was “very good” and the iPhone 6 Plus has an “excellent” display. That’s all great. But they both pale in comparison to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, which boasts of the “best smartphone display ever.” Samsung will likely take the display technology to even greater heights by the time iPhone 7 arrives. So, Apple should make sure its new phone can at least match up against Samsung’s flagship devices.

Bring iPhone 7 will removable storage and a better front camera

Many iPhone users expect a replaceable battery with the newer iteration. But Apple’s iPhone 6 disappointed them. A replaceable battery prolongs the iPhone replacement cycle. Further, we want the iPhone 7 to come with 32GB storage variant. 16GB seems too little and 64GB increase the cost. Why didn’t Apple make 32GB the base model of iPhone 6? Who wouldn’t love a microSD slot in iPhones? Most Apple fans expect Apple to add removable storage to the next iPhone.

It’s the age of selfies. Several smartphone vendors have launched “selfie-focused” smartphones. But Apple is still stuck with 1.2MP front-facing camera. We expect the iPhone 7 to have a better front snapper.

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