iWatch Coming In Early 2015 at $400 [REPORT]

iWatch Coming In Early 2015 at $400 [REPORT]
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Apple Inc. is widely expected to launch the iWatch along with the iPhone 6 on September 9. However, latest reports suggest that Apple won’t begin selling the wearable device until early 2015. That’s a big gap between the unveiling and shipping. Meanwhile, Re/code has learned from its reliable sources that the tech giant was considering $400 price tag for the iWatch.

iWatch to cost more than any Android Wear smartwatch out there

Re/code also said that the Cupertino company may offer “a range of prices.” That’s the tentative pricing plan. Sources said that the price of iWatch hasn’t been finalized yet. Apple may not even reveal the price of its first wearable device on September 9. Anyway, if the reports of $400 price tag are true, it’s much higher than the Android Wear smartwatches. The iPhone maker has never shied away from pricing its devices at a premium. With the iWatch, Apple has to find a balance between form and fashion.

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Maybe Apple’s PR department is spreading the news of $400 price point to assess consumers’ interest as it inches closer to finalizing these details. Apple has the best PR department in the world, says Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac. It’s extremely efficient at “shaping and controlling” media discussions of its products. And delaying the launch of the iWatch to early 2015 could be an intentional move rather than supply chain issues.

Apple might intentionally delay the iWatch

The iWatch is an untested product. Creating a wide gap between the announcement and shipping will give Apple some advantages. Once fans know that the iWatch is coming, they are likely to hold off on purchasing wearable devices made by Apple’s rivals. Since it’s a new product, it will take developers some time to understand and builds apps for the new interface.

If the Tim Cook-led company launches the iWatch sooner (maybe October), developers will have just a few weeks to develop new apps for the iWatch or reconfigure their apps for the new device. Apple is also launching the iPhone 6 in two different screen sizes, prompting developers to optimize their apps. That will put pressure on developers. Pushing the release date of iWatch to early next year will give developers sufficient time to build apps for the new iPhones as well as the iWatch.

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