The iPhone 6 Plus Is Easily Bent Out Of Shape [REPORT]

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The iPhone 6 Plus was an immediate hit from the day Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) started taking preorders for it. Unfortunately some of those who snapped up the phablet as quickly as they could are finding that it’s very easily damaged.

iPhone 6 Plus easily bent

Mac Rumors reports that several iPhone 6 Plus buyers have accidentally bent their new phones. One iPhone 6 Plus owner said he kept the phone in his front suit pocket for most of a day or approximately 18 hours. He attended a wedding and spent most of his time sitting, driving and dancing. However, he realized later that the new iPhone was slightly bent after riding around in his pocket all day.

The website posted photos of the bent iPhone 6 handsets that users posted on its forums. Photos have also appeared on other websites, including the German blog Stadt Bremerhaven and the French blog MacBidouille (both spotted by TechCrunch)

Photo proof of the bent iPhone 6 Plus devices

Mac Rumors states that this has happened with a few iPhone 5S handsets in the past, and these certainly aren’t the only Apple devices that have been found to bend easily. However, the iPhone 6 Plus is much bigger and thinner, which means it is far easier to bend it accidentally.

Also because of the phone’s large form factor, it has less room to slide around inside of a pocket, thus resulting in it bending because it doesn’t have room to slide out of the way in the event of pressure being placed on one or more sides of it.

Of course the easiest way to keep your iPhone 6 Plus from the same fate is to simply put a sturdy case on it to keep it from bending. Also beware that putting it in your pocket could bend it, especially depending on how it’s positioned in your pocket as you go about your daily activities.


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