iPhone 7: Apple Inc. Latest Patent Hints At Flexible Display, Battery

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Apple’s iPhone 7 has been at the center of a lot of rumors lately. Its release date is still mired in mystery, with some suggesting that Apple will launch an iPhone 6S this year. But many others, including highly-respected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, believe that the Cupertino company will jump directly to iPhone 7 and there will be no iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7: Apple Inc. Latest Patent Hints At Flexible Display, Battery

Flexible housing to make iPhone 7 more resistant to external forces

Apple has been awarded a new patent that, if incorporated, will give the iPhone 7 a flexible display, a flexible battery and other components. It will allow the device to bend over without being damaged. Apple’s patent filing says that the device may have a flexible display, flexible internal components and a flexible housing to allow it “to be deformed.” ,

The patent has fueled speculations that the iPhone 7 may feature the technology that will improve its durability. According to IT Wire, a flexible device will be more resistant to external forces. It’s not the first time the reports of a flexible iPhone have surfaced. It contradicts a recent report, which claims that the iPhone 7 will have a more rigid body that its predecessor.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reported last week that the iPhone 7 will use the Series 7000 aluminum alloy that is used in Apple Watch. It will make the next iPhone 60% tougher than the iPhone 6. Despite its rigidity, the new aluminum alloy weighs only a third of stainless steel. Apple has historically incorporated new features across its product portfolio.

Will iPhone 7 buck the trend?

In the past, we have seen Touch ID fingerprint sensor and retina display being integrated across the model range. Apple’s newest major innovation Force Touch technology made its way into Apple Watch and then appeared in the 12-inch MacBook. Analysts believe that Force Touch will also be incorporated in the iPhone 7.

It would be interesting to see if the iPhone 7, bucking the trend, features a flexible display or comes with a more rigid aluminum alloy. The device is expected to have 2GB RAM, iOS 9 software and Samsung-made A9 processor.

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