iPhone 6S May Have Apple Watch’s Force Touch, More RAM

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The iPhone 6S rumors just keep coming, but at least there’s a theme. A second report now suggests that Apple plans to bring the Force Touch technology it incorporated into the Apple Watch over to the iPhone line later this year.

The report also suggests Apple will bump the RAM up to 2 gigabytes for the iPhone 6S.

The latest iPhone 6S rumors

This latest report comes from Taiwanese language website TechNews and was spotted by AppleInsider. It echoes another report from earlier this week, according to AppleInsider.

When Apple management unveiled the Apple Watch, they described a technology they called “Force Touch.” It basically means that the smartwatch is supposed to be able to tell the difference between a press and a tap.

On its website, Apple describes the technology as using “tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press.” Because of the technology, users are supposed to be able to enter different modes depending on whether they tap or press the screen.

Of course if Apple does move Force Touch into the iPhone 6S, then, as AppleInsider points out, the company would have to use a different display material—one that’s more flexible than the display on the current iPhones. Force Touch requires a flexible display in order to be able to sense the difference between a press and a tap.

iPhone 6S could use LPDDR4 chips

If the part about adding another gigabyte of RAM is correct, it would mean that Apple is doubling the RAM in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and finally catching up to competitors in terms of RAM. It’s expected that Samsung, Micron-Elpida and Hynix will share Apple’s orders for RAM for the iPhone 6S.

In addition, it’s suggested that the iPhone 6S may feature new LPDDR4 chips. The technology offers double the bandwidth of LPDDR3 chips, which are found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, they’re also supposed to keep power consumption at the same level while improving the bandwidth.

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