Apple Patents Imply Flexible iPhone 7 [REPORT]

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With many of its competitors focused on the 2015 CES show in Las Vegas, Apple has seemingly quietly been making preparations for the release of the iPhone 7. The latest flagship smartphone from Apple will probably hit the market sometime in September, and the development of this critical device will already be well underway within Apple.

News has come to light in the last 24 hours which indicates a possible portion of the iPhone 7 portfolio. A new patient has emerged which suggests that the next iteration of the iPhone series could be fully flexible.

Apple Patents Imply Flexible iPhone 7 [REPORT]

iPhone 7 curved patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has already awarded the patent to Apple, deciding on Tuesday that the “flexible electronic devices” application which Apple made was acceptable. The patent itself outlines a mobile device which consists of flexible components, both internally and externally.

This implies that users of such a mobile device in the future will be able to bend, fold and squeeze the handset in order to perform certain functions. It is anticipated that it would be possible to turn the Mobile on and off and even launch so applications simply by carrying out this action.

Of course, it may be rather late in the day for this to be included in the iPhone 7, and Apple is continually passing patents that it has yet to put into operation. Unquestionably the Apple hierarchy has its eye on the long game as much as the immediate future, but this may not come to fruition as an idea for quite some time. But it’s certainly not impossible that this seemingly unique technology could play a part in the iPhone 7.

If this is the case then the exterior aspect of the device will feature a flexible display cover and housing, along with other components of the same nature.

apple iphone 7 patent

Fashion conscious

This is a timely decision by Apple, as several manufacturers who represent key rivals to the omnipotent iPhone either already offer curved technology within their mobile range, or have announced similar products at the ongoing CES show in Las Vegas. It certainly seems that curved products and displays of old manners are becoming extremely popular and modish, and Apple is clearly preparing itself to release products of this nature in the near future.

However, it is reasonable to assert that this is more than merely a design parameter. Flexible electronic devices might also be more resistant to damage from impact, something that the iPhone 6 was criticized for, particularly due to the infamous ‘Bendgate’ issue. The science behind the curved device is that the deformation of the handset will allow it to absorb any impact more favorably.

Google Glass rival

To some extent the significance of this patent was put into perspective by the fact that Apple was granted 27 other patents on the same day. Interestingly, among those submitted was an application for smart glasses technology which would seem to be similar to Google Glass. After being extremely bullish about the possibilities of Google Glass, the product has not been as successful as the mega-corporation hoped, but Apple obviously believes that there is potential in this sector in the future.

Apple had an extremely solid 2014, after initially struggling financially to some degree, with the city sceptical about the future of the corporation after sub-par earnings early in the calendar year. A series of successful product releases revitalized Apple’s fortunes, and by the end of the year the Apple share price had risen to well above $100.


One of the promises that Apple made to the city during its relative malaise was that it would release new product lines in due course. One of these already came to fruition in 2014 with the release of the first ever Apple phablet in the shape of the iPhone 6 Plus. This means that Apple will almost certainly continue with the phablet range when the iPhone is 7 is released, particularly as both models of the iPhone 6 were overwhelmingly successful. But the key release for the corporation in many ways during 2015 will be the Apple Watch, which is the first smartwatch to be released by Apple and the first completely unique and major product produced by the corporation in some time.

Speculation continues to gather momentum that Apple will release a smaller iPhone companion device at the same time as the Apple Watch. This has not been confirmed yet, and Apple is unlikely to reveal such a purported iPhone 6S handset until it is quite ready to do so. But it is clear from the patents passed here that the corporation already has pretty concrete plans in place for the iPhone series in 2015, and that this could include flexible technology.

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