iPhone 7 May Avoid Another Edition Of Bendgate

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When the iPhone 7 comes out, naturally people are expecting it to be better than its predecessors, but just how much better will Apple make it? There’s a report that the company is looking for a way to solve the Bendgate fiasco that popped up with the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus this year.

iPhone 7 May Avoid Another Edition Of Bendgate

iPhone 7 to feature strong metal?

Taiwanese-language website Economic Daily News reports that Apple is working with its Series 7000 aluminum alloy to possible use it in the iPhone 7. The company used it in the Apple Watch Sport, and it’s supposed to be stronger than the metal Apple uses in the iPhones.

In fact, the alloy is supposedly 60% stronger than other types of aluminum even though it is also ultra-lightweight, as it’s one-third the density of stainless steel. Seeing as how Apple prefers ultra-slim designs for its devices, it would make sense to use the Series 7000 aluminum.

Dodging Bendgate the next time around

The purpose of using a stronger metal is to prevent the problem which quickly became known as Bendgate. Early buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus complained that it bent very easily while riding around in their pockets all day long.

It should be noted, however, that the Economic Daily News doesn’t reveal any particular source, so this may just be another rumor about Apple’s next iPhone. Also the article doesn’t make mention of Apple working on any of the other complaints about the iPhone 6 and / or iPhone 6 Plus, like Hairgate.

Other iPhone 7 rumors

Naturally there have been a whole raft of iPhone 7 rumors, including the every-other-year debate about whether Apple will skip the S iteration (i.e., the iPhone 6S) and instead move straight to the next number.

In addition to that debate, we’ve heard several times that the iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6S) will have Force Touch, a feature that was introduced on the Apple Watch. Force Touch is supposed to be sensitive enough to tell the difference between a tap and a press.

Other rumors suggest that the next iPhone will have light field imaging, a DSLR-quality camera and the ability for callers to tell whether the person they are calling is available to receive phone calls. Still others suggested that we will see an iPhone 6C, which would potentially be a refresh of the low-end iPhone 5C.

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