iPhone 6 Users Complain It Pulls Out Their Hair – #HairGate

iPhone 6 Users Complain It Pulls Out Their Hair – #HairGate
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First we had BendGate with the iPhone 6 Plus, and now it appears the smaller iPhone 6 has a scandal all of its own. Apparently lots of people are having problems with the phone ripping their hair out. They’re calling this problem HairGate, although there are some references to BeardGate as well because apparently the iPhone 6 pulls out beard hairs too.

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Twitter on fire with iPhone 6 HairGate dilemma

The controversy appears to have started on Twitter, and there’s also a thread on a 9to5 Mac community forum. People are saying that there’s a seam between the aluminum frame and the glass display. Apparently the tiny gap that’s there is just big enough to allow hair to get stuck.

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And when users pull their hair out of the gap, it hurts. Here are a couple of the comments on Twitter, but the list of tweets with the hashtag #HairGate is growing rapidly.

Apple deals with BendGate

It remains to be seen whether Apple will offer a response to this latest HairGate issue. The company responded swiftly to complaints about the iPhone 6 Plus bending while riding around in owners’ pockets.

Apple said it had received only nine complaints about a bent iPhone 6 Plus and invited media to come into its testing facility to see how it tests new iPhones before putting them on the market. Seems like Apple may have missed something important now that this hair issue has cropped up.

Samsung’s GapGate

Samsung took a stab at Apple for the BendGate fiasco, although it had a scandal of its own in the GapGate problems with the Galaxy Note 4. Apparently a lot of them were arriving with a gap between the frame and the display. The gap seems to be larger than the tiny hair-grabbing gap in the iPhone 6.

However, Samsung made sure to tell consumers in a promotional video recently that the Galaxy Note 4 won’t bend easily—even though there’s a gap. At least one Twitter user points out that the Galaxy Note 4 won’t pull out your hair because the gap is bigger than the one on the iPhone 6.

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