iPhone 7 Records 4K Video On Scuba Dive [VIDEO]

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Those who bought the iPhone 7 early are getting used to their devices and finding out just what it is capable of.

Some buyers are more imaginative, or have a higher appetite for risk, than others. While the majority of people are content to check out the new features of iOS 10, or check out the camera quality, others want to test the physical capabilities of the new Apple smartphone.

YouTubers take iPhone 7 on a scuba dive

In a new YouTube video, the team at EverythingApplePro take the new iPhone 7 on a scuba dive to test Apple’s claims of water resistance. The company says that the smartphone is IP67 rated, making it water resistant for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. While this may save your device if you drop it in the bath, it is not clear whether it is meant for full-on scuba diving.

YouTubers can often be found doing outrageous things in the hope of attracting more viewers. While no one is endangered in this video, it is still fairly reckless to test the capabilities of such an expensive piece of technology in this way.

The water resistance test is far from scientific, and took place at Timothy Lake in Oregon. According to the video the lake is situated at 984 meters above sea level, which could be worth bearing in mind for its effects on water pressure.

Smartphone survives up to 6 meters deep

The video shows a Jet Black iPhone 7 being put under water for different lengths of time at different depths. It starts at 1 meter before moving to 3-4.5 meters, which still had no ill effects on the smartphone.

However at around 6-7.6 meters the iPhone 7 started to show some water damage. Among the symptoms was the fact that the Home button stopped working.

On a normal day you are very unlikely to dive 6 meters underwater with your phone. However if you are tempted to do so, this video shows that this is about the safe limit for the iPhone 7.

It’s certainly very impressive and goes far beyond the standard 1 meter. It’s probably wise not to do any similar tests at home on your shiny new iPhone 7, so perhaps taking the team at EverythingApplePro’s word for it is the best course of action.

New Jet Black iPhone 7 sacrificed for YouTube views

Throughout the video you can see that the iPhone 7 was recording 4K video. This shows that the smartphone was still working just fine.

Interestingly enough the testers were using a Jet Black iPhone 7. The new finish has come in for criticism as buyers have found that it scratches incredibly easily.

Apple has advised that owners get themselves a case to protect the Jet Black iPhone 7. While that may save your phone from scratches, it’s not going to do anything about a sustained bath at 6 meters deep.

Despite the reported issues with durability, the Jet Black finish has proven popular with buyers of the iPhone 7. In fact the handset has performed more strongly than some commentators had predicted, despite a few teething troubles.

Some buyers had reported a hissing sound coming from the phone, while others were confused to find that they couldn’t get signal from their cellular carrier. These kinds of issues are fairly common when rolling out a new product, and pale into insignificance compared to the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets have been catching fire and injuring people.

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