Resident Evil 7 Changes Camera In Latest VR Demo

The virtual reality demo of Resident Evil 7 was criticized for making many players feel nauseated when it was released at the E3 gaming conference.

However the developers have released an updated demo of the game which changes the way that the camera works. In the earlier version, you could change where you were looking using the right stick of a PS4 controller or by moving your head, but the system left many people feeling sick.

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New demo version shows off updated controls

The new version, which was available at the Tokyo Game Show, reveals that developers Capcom have made a change to the functioning of the game’s camera. Movement is now dictated mainly by head movement rather than the use of an analog stick, which now rotates the camera in increments. Touching the stick will move the camera left or right in increments of around 15-30 degrees, rather than a free movement.

As well as changing the camera, Capcom have introduced a grisly concluding scene of the Baker family at dinner. This may not be as important as making sure that players don’t feel sick, but it does give some idea as to the storyline of the game.

While the camera changes might stop people from feeling nauseous, they could impact game play. The incremental navigation could make it harder to find your way around the old plantation house where Resident Evil 7 is set, but it looks like precision control may need to give way to user comfort in virtual reality.

Final version of Resident Evil 7 could be different

There has been no confirmation as to how the virtual reality version of Resident Evil 7 will be played when it is released in January. It could be that Capcom is working on other control methods, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

However Resident Evil developer Jun Takeuchi says that the team is still testing the game for PlayStation VR, so there should be a chance for things to improve. The game is a departure from the usual shooters of the past, and is more of a slow-paced horror game in which you run and hide.

According to other reports from people who have played the game, the new controls have made for less nausea. However there is also an argument that the game might not be best suited for virtual reality play.

Two dimensions could be better for game

One Capcom developer cited by The Verge reportedly said that he doesn’t think that people will play Resident Evil 7 in virtual reality for long periods of time. It is apparently seen as more of an extra option.

Some commentators have pointed out that the game looks far from impressive in virtual reality mode, with Resident Evil 7 looking behind the times. Virtual reality gaming is still in its infancy, so these kind of problems are not unexpected.

While Capcom should be applauded for pushing the boundaries and letting people play the entire game in VR, it might not be the best way to experience Resident Evil 7. It rather feels like a headline-grabbing move rather than a well thought out addition in terms of game play.

When the game is released on January 24, you may well hear of lots of people marveling at the VR capabilities. However at this stage it looks as though the game will look and play better in two dimensions.