iPhone 6S To Ship With Force Touch, 2GB RAM, And Pre-installed Apple SIM

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Rumors and speculations about Apple’s next flagship smartphones, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, have been gathering momentum. But the latest report comes from highly reliable sources familiar with the development of new iPhones. Inside sources told Kasper Jade of Apple Insider that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, code-named N71 and N66 respectively, are already in the development.

Sources said that the new phones will retain two screen sizes and designs introduced in the iPhone 6 lineup. The upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will get Force Touch capability that was first introduced with the Apple Watch. It’s unclear at this point how Apple will incorporate the new input method on the iPhones, and whether it will be paired with the haptic feedback engine.

No DSLR quality camera in the iPhone 6S?

Apple has described Force Touch as “the most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch,” signalling that the technology could be expanded beyond Apple Watch. However, Force Touch may require a flexible display. Recent reports suggest that the next iPhone might sport a flexible OLED display.

Sources dismissed the recent reports that the iPhone 6S may have a dual-lens camera system to provide DSLR-quality imagery. People familiar with the development of new iPhones told Apple Insider that a two-lens camera system would require a major redesign of the phone’s chassis. Historically, the ‘S’ upgrades look pretty similar to their predecessor.

iPhone 6S may feature pre-installed Apple SIM

Another report from Apple Insider claims that the iPhone 6S and its bigger sibling will have 2GB RAM, in line with previous rumors. The Cupertino company has used 1GB RAM in its iPhones since the iPhone 5. Increased RAM will allow the operating system to leave tabs in Safari and background tasks open for longer periods.

The tech giant is also looking to pre-install Apple SIM in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to let users select a carrier on their own right out of the box. Apple SIM debuted with the iPad Air 2, and allows users to switch providers at any time. However, such a move may face resistance from telecom operators.

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