iPhone 7 To Have Curved Screen, Dual-Lens Camera

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Apple launched its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just a few months ago, but the rumor mill is already abuzz with rumors around the iPhone 7 (or whatever Apple calls its next device). Now a new report claims that the iPhone 7 will have a curved display. Last week, Apple was granted a patent for ‘Flexible Electronic Devices’ by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

iPhone 7 To Have Curved Screen, Dual-Lens Camera

A foldable, flexible device

The patent describes a device with “flexible touch-sensitive layers, and flexible display cover layers.” It has fueled speculations that the iPhone 7 will be a foldable, flexible device. The flexible housing could be multi-stable housing with one or more stable positions. The patent shows the device with a configurable support structure that offers a rigid support for the flexible housing.

The patent offers details on methods of flexing or folding a device without harming its internal components. There will be flexible batteries, flexible components, and flexible printed circuits. Notably, the patent mentioned OLED screens as potential flexible components. That’s in-line with the previous report that the iPhone 7 will have OLED display. Foxconn is reportedly setting up $2.6 billion manufacturing unit to supply OLED screens to Apple.

Camera module to be iPhone 7’s biggest selling point

The patent details how different forms of folding could make the future smartphones more compact. In another report, Taiwan-based UDN News has learned from reliable sources in the Asian supply chain that Apple is planning to introduce a completely overhauled camera module with optical zoom function and dual-lens camera. It will improve the low-light performance of the camera and make images clearer.

Sources told UDN News that camera module will be the biggest selling point of the iPhone 7. The supply chain sources also pointed to a 3D pressure sensor, Force Touch, for the next iPhone. The technology will accurately measure the user’s pulse and blood pressure. The pressure sensor is expected to be supplied by Taiwan-based TPK.

Among other things, the iPhone 7 is expected to come with 2GB RAM and A9 processor.

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