iPhone 6 New Concept Videos Based On Apple CEO’s D11 Comments

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Everyone is dreaming about what the iPhone 6 will be like, and this time we have a couple of concepts that are actually based on the creators’ personal takeaways from what Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook said at the D11 conference this week. Of course his comments at the conference left more details open to interpretation than they did provide any clarification.

iPhone 6 New Concept Videos Based On Apple CEO's D11 Comments

However, that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying to take a guess at what he really means, and it’s easy to see just from these two concepts that some Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans are taking his comments in one direction while others are taking them in completely the opposite direction.

Ran Avni’s New iPhone 6 Concept

This new video is once again from Ran Avni, who has created several other iPhone 6 concept videos recently. Ran Avni’s other video concepts have included one which features a 3D camera and another which shows why a plastic iPhone 6 may not be all bad.

The new concept video features a 4.8 inch screen, a thinner bezel and a 1320 x 740 resolution. The overall look of the iPhone 6 in this concept is similar to that of the iPhone 5, although the screen is much larger. There’s also a capacitive home button.

The concept also indicates just a black and a white version of the iPhone 6 rather than the colored versions that have been speculated by some, although those speculations have since moved on to only the low-end iPhone that’s allegedly in the works.

Another iPhone 6 Concept Adds Edge-to-Edge Display

There’s also a second iPhone 6 concept video out now that’s also said to be based on Tim Cook’s D11 comments. This one was created by Josh Smith with GottaBeMobile makes it look more like the iPad Mini with an edge-to-edge display, although the screen is 4 inches in size and has a narrower bezel.

The device in this concept also has double the pixels, as some rumors have suggested. That would make the display either a Retina+ or a Retina HD display and gives a nod to Cook’s comments about not wanting to trade technology advances for screen size.

Smith’s concept also sports a dual LED flash and a fingerprint sensor that’s once again built right into the home button, just like another concept we’ve seen recently.

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