iPhone 6 Latest: Clues Direct From Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Mouth

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The iPhone 6 is a hot topic of conversation, and with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook talking so much at the D11 Conference, many are drawing conclusions based on the precise wording of what he’s saying. Of course Cook didn’t give any direct answers to questions about upcoming products, but his exact words are being closely dissected by Apple fans.

iPhone 6 Latest: Clues Direct From Apple CEO Tim Cook's Mouth

Clues About iPhone 6 Screen Size

One of the biggest questions Cook has dealt with is whether the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen. There have been plenty of rumors that it will have a 4 or even 5 inch screen, many of these rumors are accompanied with whispers that there will be more than one size of iPhone available, either this year or next.

Cook did say that the reason there isn’t an iPhone with different screen sizes is that up until now, Apple has been focusing on just a single model at a time. He also said that there isn’t a phablet out right now because it involves making technology sacrifices in the device.  However, he left the door open for more than one iPhone 6 model to be out, hinting at the possibility that a low-end version may be released along with the high end version. Or that we might see a phablet in the future after they get the quality of the feature where they want it to be with a larger device.

iPhone 6 With Tilt To Scroll?

And then there are rumors which are sparked by new patents filed by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). One of the newest patents to be discovered is for a feature that’s similar to the Smart Scroll feature many Samsung devices already offer.

Apple Insider’s Mikey Campbell was one of the first to uncover the patent. It’s a divisional patent application which points to a filing from September 2008 on the same topic. The system described in the application utilizes a smartphone’s front camera to decide whether the user is looking at the device.

There’s mention of an accelerometer, which turns off the gaze detection feature when motion is sensed by a device.  In addition, there is an example given regarding video playback in which the device would pause the video if it senses that the user’s eyes are no longer looking at the device.

Samsung’s Smart Scroll technology does pretty much the same things Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s latest patent. One might say it looks like Apple is gearing up for another patent battle by attempting to establish that it came out with the idea first, although it still appears as if Samsung has a similar patent that was awarded even earlier than Apple’s 2008 filing.

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