iPhone 5C Explodes, Leaves Man Severely Burned

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An iPhone exploded while in a Long Island man’s pocket, leaving him with third degree burns. According to WCBS, Erik Johnson said he was attending his cousin’s wake in New Jersey when his iPhone 5C exploded while it was in his front pocket.

iPhone 5C leaves third degree burns

Johnson told the local media that he heard a pop and then a fizzling sound right before the iPhone started burning his leg. He said the burning feeling was instant and that the iPhone didn’t heat up gradually. He said the only way to get the phone away was to rip off his pants and get the iPhone out.

The man spent ten days in the hospital after suffering third degree burns to his leg. His attorney told the local media that they are considering filing a lawsuit against Apple for the incident. Johnson also said he has been unable to work since the incident and that he is still in pain from the severe burns.

Other iPhones also exploded

Naturally this isn’t the first time we’ve heard a story about someone’s iPhone exploding or catching fire. Last year, another iPhone 5C exploded in the pants pocket of a 13-year-old girl. In 2013, an iPhone 5 reportedly exploded and caused a Chinese woman to go blind. There were also photos showing the battery in the iPhone 5S catching fire.

In fact, iPhones have been exploding at least since 2010 when iPhone 4 reportedly caught fire while it was recharging. In Australia, there was a report late last year of an iPad exploding inside a mobile carrier’s retail store.

There have been other reports of iPhones catching fire while charging as well, like one report from China. There have also been incidents of people being electrocuted when they used their iPhone while it was charging. Whenever there is an incident that happens in China and has anything to do with charging the iPhone, Apple tends to blame it on fake Chinese charging cables.

As of this writing, shares of Apple were up by 0.09% at $129.20 per share.

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