Apple iPhone 4 Linked To Another Serious Electrocution in China

Apple iPhone 4 Linked To Another Serious Electrocution in China
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While it goes without saying that texting and driving is a dangerous activity and has caused countless deaths, and resulted in numerous pieces of legislation designed to both reduce this asinine behavior and punish the offenders, you wouldn’t think that recharging your phone would also result in comas or death. But apparently if your Chinese and using a third party charger, presumably made in China, you’re rolling the dice with your life.

Apple iPhone 4 Linked To Another Serious Electrocution in China

For the second time in less than a week, an iPhone is being blamed for a serious electrocution of one of its users.

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Flight attendant electrocuted by iPhone

As we and other media outlets reported this week, Ma Ailun, who worked as a flight attendant on China Southern Airlines, was answering her iPhone 5 when it rang while it was charging. Family members said she collapsed as soon as she picked up the phone. Although she was rushed to the hospital, medical personnel could not revive her.

CCTV, the state-run Chinese television broadcaster, is now reporting that the original report that we and others reported from the South China Morning Post was inaccurate and that Ma Ailun was actually using an iPhone 4.

More incidents of iPhone electrocution

Now, according to a report in Beijing Wan Bao that was translated by ZDNet, there appears to have been another serious incident involving an iPhone 4 and third party charger that has left the victim in a coma for the last ten days where he remains. If the report is correct, this incident would predate the death of Ms. Ailun. Mr. Wu suffered his accident on July 8.

The victim, thirty year-old Wu Jian Tong, was plugging in his phone when he screamed “I’m getting shocked,” according to his sister.

Following this, in what can only be described as ill-advised behavior, the sister attempted to remove the charger from the socket.

“I then felt needle-like pains on my fingertips,” she said. “The current was running from my finger, through to my arm and body, and to the foot.”

Thankfully two people weren’t seriously injured but Wu Jian Tong was left on the floor foaming at the mouth. Wu was not breathing when an ambulance brought him to the hospital but doctors were able to resuscitate him but without sufficient oxygen being delivered to the brain he remains in a coma.

Clearly, the fault is not Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s given the third-party charger, but they can’t be enjoying the press.

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