iOS 9.3: Fix For Night Shift Explained

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Perhaps the most-anticipated feature that came along with iOS 9.3 was Night Shift, but unfortunately it’s not even working for many people. Apple pushed out the iOS 9.3 update on Monday—although not without problems, as every update is going to have—and it’s got quite a few features iPhone and iPad users will really enjoy. The security updates are also a necessity, so it’s a good idea to update sooner rather than later.

Night Shift not functioning properly after iOS 9.3 upgrade

The point of the Night Shift feature is to remove a lot of the blue light given off by the display on the iPhone or iPad by adjusting the warmth. The reason for this is because people tend to use their devices quite a bit at night, so the idea is that removing some of the blue light will improve the quality of users’ sleep and also cut down on the amount of eye strain caused by using the device.

Apple users who have been following the media coverage about the addition of the Night Shift feature to iOS 9.3 might have heard that it’s possible to set it to automatically switch on at sunset each night and then switch off when the sun rises the next morning. However, those who have upgraded to iOS 9.3 have probably noticed that those options are not there.

Fixing Night Shift on iOS 9.3

The good news is that it’s an easy fix though. BGR explains how to fix it so iOS 9.3 users can more fully enjoy Apple’s latest update. Just open up “Settings” and then tap on “Privacy.” Select “Location Services,” scroll down, and then choose “System Settings.” From there, just switch “Setting Time Zone” over to “On.”

That’s all you have to do in order to enable Night Shift’s automatic options. If you go to “Settings,” tap on “Display & Brightness,” and then select Night Shift, you will see one of the options under scheduling as sunset to sunrise. BGR explains that if you don’t see it after switching on the “Setting Time Zone” setting under System Settings as explained in the previous paragraph, just hold down the home and power buttons at the same time to reset your phone. The new options for Night Shift should show up then.

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