Apple iOS 9.3 Causing Problems For Older iPads

The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9.3, is causing issues for some people with older versions of the iPad.

According to consumer reports some older iPads are “bricking” at the activation stage when users try to update their operating system, writes Lance Whitney for CNET.

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Older iPads struggling with iOS 9.3 update

“Bricking” refers to the fact that a device has been rendered inoperable. A number of posts have appeared on the Apple’s Support Community site, the Apple Support Twitter account and AppleInsider.

Those who still use the iPad 2 seem to be suffering particularly badly, says AppleInsider. Users are reportedly receiving authentication error messages when they attempt to activate their iPad after install.

Although new products are extensively tested before launch, there is always a chance that problems can occur once it reaches users. Apple now needs to find out how widespread the problem is and do its utmost to resolve the issue.

Customers calling on Apple to fix the problem

Previous issues occurred in iOS 8, which earned a bad reputation for its instability. Apple had to release a number of bug fixes in response.

The issue may have arisen due to the sheer number of people trying to update their iOS. Apple servers could be struggling to deal with the workload.

However some owners have found that even waiting for 24 hours does not fix the problem. As a result some experts believe that a different problem could be to blame.

“IOS 9.3 has bricked my iPad,” said one Twitter user. “Please tell me there will be a fix?”

Another message on the Support Community read: “After installing software IOS 9.3, it could not be activated, I tried all the suggestions and none solve the problem. This morning I went to the Apple store in Aventura, FL. They were unable to activate my IPad nor restore it.”

Others reportedly fixed the issue by connecting to iTunes, and others performed a full restore to make their iPads work again. If you own an older iPad, and especially an iPad 2, you might want to hold off from updating until the issues are fixed.

If you can’t wait to upgrade, it’s a good idea to back up your iPad to your computer or the iCloud so your data is saved if something does go wrong.