India Could Attack Pakistan In April: Intelligence Report

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India vs Pakistan – Battle Lines Drawn

India and Pakistan have been in the news almost daily in recent weeks. The Kashmir region has been a source of conflict for the two nations for more than 70 years and they have fought 3 major wars over it. There have been multiple skirmishes over the last year which involved terrorist attacks in Kashmir, with one of the most deadly attacks leaving more than 40 Indian security personnel dead.

According to India, the war of information regarding Kashmir has been dominated by Pakistan. The India vs Pakistan 5th generation war has left India unable to keep up with Pakistan’s skilled media personnel. Indian leaders say that the control of information is one of the most effective methods of swaying public opinion and Pakistan has mastered the art of this type of warfare.

Pakistan Angry Over Indian Airstrike

On February 25, 2019 India sent a strike force into Pakistan to attack what they called terrorist training camps. The aerial battle that ensued left one Indian pilot captured after being shot down over Pakistan. India claimed publicly that this pilot had also downed a Pakistani F-16 before taking fire. However, following a count of Pakistan’s fleet on the ground by US officials that report was proved to be false. India vs Pakistan score in aerial battle leaves India down one plane, and very embarrassed in the international press.

Pakistan claims the Indian airstrike did not actually target terrorist training camps. In fact, they claim the only damage done was to a forest in a remote region of the country. Because of this damage to trees and wildlife, Pakistan has lodged a complaint with the UN regarding India’s actions. The Pakistani government has asked that the strike be considered an act of eco-terrorism. Of course these accusations have only heightened the tension in the India vs Pakistan standoff.

Indian Elections Could Play a Role

The upcoming Indian elections could also be part of the reason behind the recent show of force in Pakistan. With voters set to begin casting their ballots in just 3 days, the current government in India may be making a play for public support. India and Pakistan are neighbors, but they have many differences, including the religion favored by their respective governments. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has taken a strong stand against Islam in his country, and by ordering attacks on Pakistan he may be strengthening his position with his voter base.

By drawing attention to the India vs Pakistan standoff, Modi may very well gain enough support to maintain his role as India’s primary leader. However, the recent claims of downing a Pakistani plane being proved false could also leave him losing support if the voter base believes he is purposely being dishonest.

India vs Pakistan – Next Attack Could Come in April

According to a report from Reuters, Shah Mahmood Qureshi believes that India could be planning another attack on Pakistan during the month of April. Qureshi is Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and he bases these claims on “reliable intelligence.” If Qureshi is proven right, we could see a major conflict erupt in the India vs Pakistan feud.

Qureshi said, “We have reliable intelligence that India is planning a new attack on Pakistan. As per our information this could take place between April 16 and 20.” He made the statement to members of the press while visiting his hometown of Multan on Sunday. He also said that Pakistan had shared its concerns about the India vs Pakistan situation with the UN. He was careful not to reveal the sources of his information to the press, but he did tell them that he had been instructed to speak by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

India Warned by Pakistan

Mohammad Faisal, a spokesman for the Pakistani Foreign Office, said in a tweet on Sunday that India had been warned not to make any move towards violence. “Indian deputy high commissioner was summoned for demarche in line with Foreign Minister’s briefing of today and warned against any misadventure,” the tweet read. It is clear that India and Pakistan are both on edge after recent events, and while both countries are on high alert, there’s no telling what could happen next.

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