Hunt For Aliens Is On In Ireland After Pilots Saw A UFO

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People around the globe are intrigued by the idea of alien life somewhere in the universe, but concrete evidence of life from other worlds is lacking. Every so often someone makes headlines by claiming they saw a UFO or some other potential proof. This time it was four pilots in Ireland making the report.

“Very fast” UFO reported over Ireland

Citing audio logs from air traffic control, CNN reports that pilots radioed in asking about some strange lights flying through the air over Ireland. Apparently the reports were so convincing that the Irish Aviation Authority is now investigating the sightings. Of course these UFO sightings are nowhere near being actual proof of alien life visit Earth, but the fact that an official governmental body is investigating is certainly noteworthy.

The pilots who say they saw the UFO describe it as a “bright light” moving “very fast.”

Here’s what the pilots reported

At least four pilots told air traffic controllers they saw a “very bright” UFO on Friday. It all started when one of them asked an air traffic controller named if there was any military activity going on in the area. The controller said there wasn’t any military activity, and the British Airways pilot responded by saying she saw something that was flying extremely fast. She reported that the alleged UFO approached on the left side of the plane and then suddenly turned northward. She also said they saw a “bright light” which “disappeared at a very high speed.”

A pilot with Virgin Airlines who was on Flight 76 reported that he and the rest of his flight crew saw “two bright lights” which appeared to “bank over to the right and then climb away at speed.” A third pilot added that the flying object was moving at an “absolutely astronomical” speed, possibly as fast as Mach 2. For comparison, commercial planes cruise at about Mach 0.64, CNN adds. An F-18 fighter jet used by the U.S. Air Force is able to hit speeds of up to Mach 2.5.

Possibility of an alien visit discounted

Enthusiasts have been quick to latch on to the idea that the alleged UFO was a visit from alien life. However, a fourth pilot included in the conversation recorded in the air traffic logs discounted that idea. He suggested that the light was probably a meteor or some other type of object re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and looking like multiple objects on the same course.

We would also point out that right now sky watchers have been watching the night skies for two meteor showers. The Leonid meteor shower is set to peak this weekend, and the Taurid meteor shower has also been visible. In fact, the Taurid shower peaked Sunday and Monday, and the pilots in Ireland reported the strange lights in the sky on Friday. Because of these two meteor showers occurring this month, it seems likely that what they saw was indeed a meteor rather than a UFO or another sign of alien life.

Nonetheless, the Irish Aviation Authority has filed an official report about the incident. Officials will follow “the normal confidential occurrence investigation process, the IAA told CNN.

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