Howard Marks : The Most Important Thing In Investing

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An lecture from billionaire debt investor and founder of Oaktree Capital Management, Howard Marks.

In this lecture, Howard discusses four themes that have shaped his investment philosophy. Howard also talks about how regular investors can invest in bonds and his early career.? Books by Howard Marks and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗

Video Segments:

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0:00 Introduction

2:59 The most important thing book

5:41 I have not always wanted to be a investor

7:38 Having your own philosophy

8:11 Creating my investment philosophy

8:47 Fooled by randomness

16:58 John Kenneth Galbraith

23:10 The loser’s game

27:58 Meeting Michael Milken

37:45 Pulling it together

43:30 Three greatest adages

45:30 Q&A

45:42 Wise investors shoot for the winners?

47:15 How do you invest if you do not forecast?

49:45 Do index funds protect amateur investors?

52:05 Do you think the average investor is doing anything different from before?

54:06 How do you estimate the gap for price and value to close?

55:53 Do you always look for a catalyst?

56:23 Raising money in the early days?

1:00:16 Are there inefficiencies in the debt world small guys can find?

1:03:51 Unhealthy valuations?

Howard Marks Books ??? (affiliate link)

The Most Important Thing:

Howard Marks Favourite Books?

Winning the Loser's Game:

A Short History of Financial Euphoria:

Fooled by Randomness:

Interview Date: 15th March, 2015

Event: Google Talks

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