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How To Make An iPhone Video Call With WhatsApp [Tutorial]

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FaceTime is a great tool for iPhone users, but what if not all your friends have an iPhone? Thankfully there are other options for connecting your iPhone video those who use Android or other devices. For example, the popular WhatsApp messaging application works across platforms, meaning that once you have it, you can quickly set up an iPhone video call.

WhatsApp a favorite among messaging apps

WhatsApp has an enormous global user base; as of February, the number of active user accounts was a staggering 700 million. Additionally, with options like iCloud backup, voice calling, video calling and useful notifications, it almost removes the need for a cellular call & text plan. So as you can see, there’s a huge need for an iPhone video call tutorial for WhatsApp.

If you don’t currently have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone or even iPad, you should get it. However, if you already have it, please make sure that you have the latest version. For the purpose of this tutorial, person you plan to make an iPhone video call to should update theirs as well.

How to place an iPhone video call using WhatsApp

Please follow the steps below to the letter, and do not move forward until you understand the entire process.

  • Go to the Home Screen of your device and tap the WhatsApp icon to launch the app.

iphone video call contacts

  • When WhatsApp launches, you will see five options at the bottom of the screen. Tap Contacts, and then choose the person you want to make an iPhone video call to.

iphone video call contacts details

  • On the following screen, you will see the contact details of the person. Next to their phone number, you will see three icons. Tap the video camera icon. This will initiate an iPhone video call from within WhatsApp.

incoming iphone video call

  • The person you are calling should now receive an invitation to receive the incoming iPhone video call. However, this will depend on whether they have updated the app or not. If they haven’t updated, you will see a message on your screen informing you that they do not have the latest version of the app and so a video call is not possible.

However, if your video call is connected, the screen for the contact will change to the familiar WhatsApp interface, with a live video of each caller in the corner of the screen. Additionally, the updated version of the app has the same icons, with the ability to change from the front to rear camera, turn off audio, and end the call.

iphone video call multitasking

A new feature enables you to swipe down the screen, revealing a chat bubble with your iPhone video call miniaturized within it. Apparently, this is to allow you to multitask when video calling.

And that’s it; you now know how to place an iPhone video call when using WhatsApp.

If you’re having problems with your iPhone video call

As you can see, placing an iPhone video call is easy. Both Apple and WhatsApp’s developers have created software that is not only compatible but also allows an iPhone user to contact friends and family on Android. This is great; however, depending on the quality of your home or office broadband, there’s a chance that you may have poor call quality. If this is the case, you may be unable to receive a video signal at all.

Here’s how to tell if you’re experiencing connection issues. If your picture is laggy, there is pixelation, or the audio is a little laggy, it could mean that either you or the person you’re connecting to has a weak Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

If you go ahead with this tutorial and have any questions, please fell free to get in touch via the comment section below. Alternatively, if you want to find more iPhone tutorials, here’s how-to remove multiple iPhone contacts at once.

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