Airbnb Being Investigated After Homeless Man is Able To List Golden Gate Bridge For Rent

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SAN FRANSICO, CA – Airbnb is being investigated after a homeless man was able to list the golden gate bridge for rent, citing the bridge as “luxurious living accommodation at a greatly affordable rate for San Fransico”. The homeless man was able to make over $50,000 before his account was shut down by Airbnb, the worst part, he was able to withdraw all that money now Airbnb has been left to foot the bill.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.

Living Underneath The Golden Gate Bridge

One couple from Nevada who was on vacation in California stated, “We thought there would be some sort of living apartment underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, but the address we got was literally the middle of the road of the bridge.” James Dingus stated.

“We contacted the original host of the listing for a refund before he stated that the listing was made very clear and he would not be issuing a refund, after that he blocked us on Airbnb and we were unable to do anything,” Dingus added.

Airbnb has stated they are investigating the issue and will foot refunds to any user who fell for the scam.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.