Hackers Threaten Obama Family On Newsweek’s Twitter Account

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Hackers took over Newsweek‘s Twitter account for a short time today and used it to post threatening messages for the Obama family. The hackers identified themselves using the hashtag #CyberCaliphate, a hacker group that claims to be tied to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

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Obama family threatened

Among the tweets that were posted was this one:


“#CyberCaliphate Bloody Valentine’s Day #MichelleObama! We’re watching you, you [sic] girls and your husband!”

The tweet was posted multiple times, according to The Verge. The website also reported that the hackers posted what they claimed were leaked sensitive documents. The U.S. Secret Service is undoubtedly on high alert after the multiple threats against America’s First Family.

A representative for Newsweek confirmed the hack of the Twitter account to the NY Daily News, USA Today and other media outlets. The person said they took control of the account back and apologized for the offensive tweets. Additionally, the spokesperson said they’re strengthening their newsroom security measures after the hack.

The newspaper has since deleted all of the hackers’ tweets.

Hackers love to steal Twitter accounts

This isn’t the first time hackers have compromised the social media accounts of major media outlets. They have often taken control of news media’s accounts in order to spread fake headlines. For example, last year hackers took over Yahoo’s Twitter account and claimed there was an outbreak of the Ebola virus in Atlanta. Hackers also claimed last month that World War 3 was already underway after taking control of the New York Post’s Twitter account.

Also Taylor Swift’s social media accounts were hacked late last month, although a different hacker group—Lizard Squad—claimed responsibility for those hacks.

Even the U.S. government itself isn’t immune to having its social media accounts hacked. Just last month, hackers compromised the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter account. It appears as if the same group that hacked Newsweek‘s Twitter account today may have also been responsible for the hack of CentCom’s account.


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