Dead For Soccer? ISIS Reportedly Executes Teens

Dead For Soccer? ISIS Reportedly Executes Teens
By Yo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There are unconfirmed reports that ISIS, or Daesh as we prefer to call them, has executed 13 teenagers after the teens were found watching a soccer match. While the report has not been confirmed by the international media or by Daesh itself, multiple accounts are being reported by activists.

The alleged execution reportedly took place in Mosul, one of the largest and most important cities under Daesh’s control. Mosul has emerged as the economic heart of the so-called Islamic State and it appears that the group is particularly brutal in regards to its rule over the Iraqi city. It appears the children were rounded up in the Al-Yarmouk district.

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Apparently, the teenagers were watching a match between Iraq’s national team and Jordon’s national team. Even though both teams hailed from Muslim majority countries, Daesh apparently ruled that the act of watching a game was un-Islamic.

The teens were reportedly executed in a public square after their “charges” were read out-loud over loud speaker. The public nature of the execution suggests that Daesh decided to use the incident to set precedence. Apparently, after the execution parents of the children were too afraid to collect their bodies.

ISIS: Others Being Punished For Being “Un-Islamic”

The execution of teens wouldn’t market anything close to the first time Daesh has responded with utter brutality to punish “un-Islamic” acts. A magician was reportedly beheaded earlier this month for entertaining people with magic tricks. Apparently, members of Daesh interpreted the magic tricks as sorcery.

And now reports are leaking in that street musicians who used electronic keyboards and other instruments will be lashed. Apparently the instruments being used were considered “un-Islamic” by Daesh and thus the musicians were lashed 90 times. There instruments were also destroyed.

Still elsewhere, it is believed that at least 15 people were rounded up, and possibly killed, for breeding pigeons. This too was apparently considered un-Islamic as it distracted people from worship and prayer.

It has also been documented that Daesh recently threw at least one man off of a building for engaging in alleged homosexual acts. While the LGBT community if fighting for equal rights on issues like marriage in the United States and other Western countries, in the Islamic state they are fighting just to stay alive.

The wide range and number of reports coming in, along with the ample photographic evidence for many of the attacks, makes it easy to believe that Daesh knows no bounds and that any exercise of individual will in the Islamic State could result in death.

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