Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos Hurt By Car Bomb

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Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is injured after a bomb exploded inside his car. According to media reports, both he and his driver survived, and their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Greek Police are telling media outlets that they believe the bomb was in a letter that was inside Papademos’ car. Emergency personnel transported the former prime minister and his driver to Evangelismos Hospital in Athens.

Some media outlets are reporting that two other people may have been in the car, but it’s unclear at this time. The Daily Mail claims that the other two people were banking officials and that they were also injured, although nothing has been confirmed.

Former Greek Prime Minister Papademos injured

According to the BBC, both Papademos and his driver suffered leg injuries, although other media reports indicate that the former prime minister also suffered a non-life threatening chest wound. Greek Police say that the bomb was hidden inside a parcel or envelope. The Greek media minister condemned the bombing, calling it a “heinous act.”

Lucas Papademos served as caretaker prime minister between November 2011 and May 2012 during the time of extreme economic and political upheaval. He led the interim coalition government that was known for steering Greece through the financial crisis and negotiated the huge write-down of its debt. In addition to being prime minister, he has also held a vice president post for the European Central Bank.

Greek Police are investigating

No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. However, the Daily Mail notes that the Greek anarchist group Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei has been linked to other letter bombs in the past, including one that injured an International Monetary Fund secretary. The group also previously claimed responsibility for a device found at the German Finance Minister’s office. It has also allegedly sent letter bombs to the embassies of other countries in Greece and to other leaders in Europe.

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