Google Pixel 4 Renders Seem To Mimic iPhone Design

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Google Pixel 4 Renders

The latest report from Android Authority reveals that new Google Pixel 4 renders have been leaked to the web. The phone is sleek and beautiful, but there is a problem; it seems to closely resemble the iPhone renders we have already seen for this year. The renders were posted by PricaBaba and are from OnLeaks. Both are fairly reputable sources in the mobile device world. Keep in mind that these renders are based on prototypes of the devices, and not the actual product. That said, the final release could be much different from what we see here.

iPhone Similarities

The Google Pixel 4 renders show a device that has some identical features to the iPhone 11 renders. For instance, the rear camera profile shows a square bump that is identical to Apple’s design. The square camera housing also suggests that it is possible that Google may be ditching the single lens camera the Pixel line has held on to for 3 generations and moving to a multiple lens design. There is also the lack of a rear fingerprint sensor on the device, which indicates that, like both Apple and Samsung, Google is moving to an in-display fingerprint sensor.  The absence of a headphone jack is also similar to the iPhone, though not all that surprising as most device manufacturers seem to be migrating to the USB C connector in lieu of a 3.5mm jack. It appears Google will be ditching the front facing speaker system common to the Pixel line, as the Google Pixel 4 renders show a speaker grill in the bottom of the device.

Image source: PriceBaba

The Competition

iPhone 11 is of course one of Google’s biggest competitors in the mobile world. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will also be making its debut and will be a force to reckon with. Samsung has been able to compete with Apple, Google, and Huawei on a global scale, so the competition will be hot. Huawei will suffer some in the global market, as tariffs and sanctions placed on China by the US have been followed up by Google banning the Chinese firm from using their Android OS. However, Huawei responded by releasing their own Hongmeng OS and the Chinese people seem intent on purchasing enough devices to make up for lost sales in the US. The Google Pixel 4 renders show a device capable of competing with these manufacturers, but some wonder if the design isn’t just a little too close to Apple’s beloved iPhone.


One thing to point out regarding these Google Pixel 4 renders is that the images seem to be of somewhat lower quality than previous leaks. Normally these sources provide beautiful, high definition images of upcoming devices. These images lack the high quality we have seen in previous leaks, which leaves a little room for speculation. As pointed out above, these are based on early prototypes and not final releases, so the actual device may be somewhat different from what we see here. That said, if this is what the Google Pixel 4 looks like, it is a sleek phone that will definitely catch the eyes consumers.

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