Galaxy Note 10 Renders Show Sleek New Phone Without 3.5mm Jack

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Galaxy Note 10 renders have emerged from OnLeaks via Twitter, and the phone is gorgeous! Samsung is bringing in a sleek model, packed with features – although it appears they will be leaving one long time feature behind.

Galaxy Note 10 Renders – No 3.5mm Audio Jack

The video of the alleged Galaxy Note 10 renders released to Twitter by Steve H. McFly, aka OnLeaks, shows a phone that is coming with a new USB C port in favor of the long time standard 3.5mm audio jack. The Galaxy Note series is one of few flagship phones that has continued to use the audio jack as a means of connecting headphones and other audio accessories to it. Google, Huawei and many other companies have dropped the audio jack and moved to the USB C type connection. It appears that Samsung is moving in the same direction with the new Galaxy Note 10.

No Bixby Button

The 3D video images of the Galaxy Note 10 render also shows button placement on the new flagship model. It appears that the volume keys and power button will all be on the left side. The right side is noticeably blank, which means the Bixby button that has been on previous models may also be deleted. It is doubtful that Samsung doesn’t intend to included their popular voice activated assistant on the new device. It is more likely that there will be a new way to activate the helpful feature…most likely through voice recognition.


The video also shows a new center mounted hole punch style camera in the curved display. This is different to the current hole punch setup in the Galaxy S10 device, which sports a similar camera in the top right corner of the display. The Galaxy Note 10 renders depict a vertically stacked 3 camera unit in the rear of the phone, suggesting that Samsung will change the design from its normal horizontal alignment.

No Full Front Display

The Glaxy Note 10 renders also show thin bezels at the top and bottom of the curved display. So, Samsung will not be utilizing a full display on the device. While some people like the full display feature, others complain that it causes them to touch buttons along the edges when they are just trying to hold their phones.

Design Isn’t Set In Stone

The Glaxy Note 10 renders are interesting, and definitely eye-catching. However, we are months away from the official launch dates. While OnLeaks has been accurate in the past, there is no guarantee that these images are what the Note 10 will actually look like. Also, in the months between now and the launch, Samsung may change their design to the final product. So, don’t be disappointed if the final product isn’t exactly what we see here. You can bet that Samsung will pack its new flagship device with powerful components and features to give consumers the best experience possible. Those features will no doubt come at a premium price.

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