Google Pixel 4 Codename Rumors Confirmed By Devs

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Google has established a reputations of giving its upcoming products secret names related to marine life. With this history it is not surprising to learn that their newest device will keep up that tradition. The Google Pixel 4 codename rumors have begun to fly, and they match previous patterns.

Google Pixel 4 Codename Coral

According to 9To5Google, the names were leaked in a comment posted on the Android Open Source Project. The poster was requesting help in solving an issue with tweaking a Linux security tool, which is altered to fit individual device requirements. After a little research 9To5Google determined that the Google Pixel 4 codename was “Coral”. This name is in perfect keeping of Google’s traditional sea life theme.

While there is very little information about the Google Pixel 4 and its specs, the rumors surrounding the device are numerous. TechRadar believes it will be released sometime in October. They also believe it will have a price point in the $1,000 range. The Google Pixel 4 codename doesn’t really give any clues as to the phone’s features, but it is believed that Google will focus on photographic capabilities in the new model.

Google Pixel 4xl Codename Flame

The report from 9To5Google also mentions the Google Pixel 4xl. According to their research the codename for this phone appears to be “Flame”. While that may not seem to be in keeping with the aquatic tradition, they believe it refers to the Flame Angelfish. If the brightly colored tropical fish is the inspiration for the Google Pixel 4xl codename, then it fits perfectly.

Third Codename Reveals Google May Have a Secret

There was a third codename discovered in the Google code that could indicate a previously unknown standalone device. The name is “Needlefish”, and as of now, no one knows what it refers to. It does run on Linux, and most likely an Android based device, which means it is most likely a standalone device. The Google Pixel 4 codename research may have uncovered more than just the names for Google’s newest phones.

What’s in Store for Google?

With the recent launch of their Stadia gaming platform Google hopes to dominate the world of online gaming. The streaming service promises the ability to play extremely high definition games in real time with players from around the world. Because the games are streamed from massive servers, there will be no need for a high end gaming computer for the user. This, coupled with the launch of new phones could be a boost for Google’s investor base. The Google Pixel 4 codename rumors have definitely caught the interest of the tech world. If there truly is a third device that has not yet been announced by Google, then the tech giant could be setting up for a massive coup on competitors like Apple and Samsung. We will have to wait and see!

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