Google Pixel 2 Mockup: Ultra-Thin Bezels Are In

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A new Google Pixel 2 mockup has been posted on Reddit, and it is igniting the imagination of Pixel fans everywhere. Redditor mckblee, who posted the Google Pixel 2 mockup, said he/ she drew inspiration from the new Essential Phone, which was developed by Android creator Andy Rubin, and the LG G6. There’s also a second mockup that was posted this week that goes all-out by adding high-tech features that probably go beyond what Google has in mind.

Google Pixel 2 mockup with an all-screen face

The spotlight feature of this Google Pixel 2 mockup is obviously the nearly all-screen face. There is just an ultra-thin bezel on the sides and bottom and a slightly thicker bezel across the top where the speaker and camera are. The concept looks enough like the current Pixel phones that it wouldn’t be that strange to see the next model look like it. The biggest change on the face of the phone is that the bezels have been thinned down significantly.

The back of this Google Pixel 2 mockup is glass. Overall, it’s a nice design, especially as the Redditor said it was just something quick they did to show what they hope the next Pixel phone will look like.

Google Pixel 2 mockup with no ports

Google Pixel 2 mockup
Image source: Reddit

It certainly seems that Reddit is awash with mockups from every fan with a dream of what they would like to see Google do with its next smartphone. Redditor PunchMeat also posted a Google Pixel 2 mockup, although this one went much more in depth than the first concept above. The creator even added features like 3D video capture and a zoom lens in the side, going all out with so many features that it’s pretty unlikely that the Pixel 2 will be like it.

The two cameras for 3D video capture are offset by 65mm. The mockup also has 8x optical zoom that can take photos in full resolution. Of course all those camera features will use a lot of battery, so there’s a huge bump on the back of the phone to house a 4,800mAh battery.

But what may be even more interesting than any of that is that the Redditor has dumped all the ports, which means no charging port or no headphone jack. The Google Pixel 2 mockup charges wirelessly and only uses wireless accessories too. That would probably be a hard sell, given how upset people were when Apple initially ditched the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 lineup. Granted, they got over it pretty quickly, but Google is fighting an uphill battle here because it hasn’t yet carved out a massive userbase for the Pixel line.

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