Google Pixel 2 Concept: Design, Dual Camera, Fingerprint Scanner

Google Pixel 2 Concept: Design, Dual Camera, Fingerprint Scanner
ScreenShot /DBS Designing/

Since launching in October 2016, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL were a hit. They provided needy Android users with an alternative just as things went wrong for the Galaxy Note 7. Now the rumor mill is awash with images of Google Pixel 2 concept ideas. So you won’t be surprised when we tell you that a new concept video has surfaced, showing what the handset could look like.

Google Pixel 2 concept

DBS Designing created this Google Pixel 2 concept, which has the handset wearing a design that is so significantly different from the original, that you wouldn’t know it was a Pixel.

Rear panel

When looking at the Google Pixel 2 concept, the first thing you will notice is the same combination of metal and glass materials. However, what’s different is how they are used. The Pixel 2 in the video has a monotone panel, which makes it look significantly different than its predecessor.

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Dual camera setup

It seems as though the scramble towards a dual camera setup on the rear of flagship devices is infectious because Google also has plans, if you believe this video, to include one, as that is what this Google Pixel 2 concept is showing us. Since Google hasn’t officially announced plans for a dual camera setup, we don’t know what its specs will be, but it’s thought two 12.3-megapixel sensors will be used.

In comparison, the first Pixel featured a vertically-aligned 12-megapixel sensor at the rear and a 7-megapixel front-facing camera that’s perfect for selfies.

Fingerprint scanner

Another interesting difference between the first Pixel and the Google Pixel 2 concept is the use of a fingerprint sensor. The DBS Designing video shows the sensor placed onto the rear of the handset underneath the dual rear camera. Will this prevent the Pixel 2 from forcing its users to smudge the camera sensor accidentally? We don’t know, but it’s thought that Samsung could also adopt this configuration for the Note 8.

Thin bezels

No smartphone concept for this year would be worth showing you unless it was chasing down a thin bezel look. And that’s what this Google Pixel 2 concept is doing, but of course, there’s no way to know it this is accurate. However, that’s why we’re calling this a concept and not a leak. It could be that DBS Designing just followed the latest rumors, which would mean that they don’t have some special insight into Google’s plans.

We certainly hope that this Google Pixel 2 concept proves to be accurate, as it’s certainly an improvement over its predecessors. Those devices left critics and owners rather underwhelmed from a design perspective. So a move towards a more eye-catching look and feel with less bezel is a positive one.

Manufactured by LG

Last year’s Pixels were manufactured by HTC, which was great for Google to get the first set of handsets with its name out there. Now, however, it has decided to shift allegiances and partner with LG, and some speculators, have decided that this Google Pixel 2 concept looks somewhat like the LG G6.

Google could be changing manufacturers because it wants to shore up a supply of the all-important OLED panels, which would be a good move, considering there’s a worldwide shortage of them due to Samsung’s and Apple‘s neediness. Recent reports in the South Korean press have given some weight to this theory, especially as the Google-LG tie-up is now official.

Possible specs

What about specs? According to the video, the Google Pixel 2 concept has a 5.7-inch QHD+ display. As for what is powering the device, it’s possibly a Snapdragon 835 or another octa-core chipset. A huge 6GB of RAM is expected, coupled with 128GB of onboard storage.

There’s a 3,800mAh pack being touted by DBS Designing, along with fast charging. What we don’t know is if there is a wireless option going to be included. However, as we learn more, we will let you know. Lastly, there’s IP68 certification, which means greater protection from dust and water, which could be why there’s no audio jack.

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