Care2 Petition Calls On Kanye & Adidas To Move “Yeezy” Sneakers Manufacturing From China...

Petition Sparked By News That Kanye Is Planning A Meeting With Trump To Discuss The Resurgence Of American Manufacturing A new Care2 petition is calling...
D-Link First Wire-Free Camera Kit

D-Link Unveils Its First Ever Wire-Free Camera Kit For Home Surveillance

It's getting easier to set up your own internet-connected home surveillance system, but that usually still means running cables to power all your fancy...
rocket ship iphone tapping china huawei

Sorry Mr. Trump, We’re Not “Chinese Propaganda” On Trade

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to denounce several articles in the Des Moines Register as Chinese propaganda ads...
Brett Kavanaugh

The Age Of Consent

By the early 1980s, when Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey attended high school, the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s had reached every...
Family Farmers

Family Farmers Take USDA To Court For GIPSA Rule Withdrawal

Family Farmers and Ranchers Sue Secretary Perdue for Illegally Halting Protections from Big Ag Abuses Farmers from Nebraska and Alabama Push Back Against Administration's Attempt...

Puerto Rico Protestors Head To Mar-A-Lago

Activists angry over the Government's handling of hurricane maria head to Trump's home. WHAT: A national coalition led by Power 4 Puerto Rico, the Latino...
Palestine-Israel Issue

Israel-Palestine Peace Agreement: The Debacle Of The Century?

As we wait for Trump to unveil his peace plan to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, he has in fact made the prospect of...
Net Neutrality

First Net Neutrality Laws In US & Now EU’s Controversial Rulings

The EU parliament recently approved some articles regarding the internet which many warn could be disastrous for some. MEPs supported the disputed rules, named...
History Search

History Search, Your Way Back To A Million Websites.

With History Search, Internet users save time by efficiently retrieving online articles, documents and other web content. Rotterdam, September 18, 2018 - Today the Dutch History Search launches an entirely new way to keep online...
Audit Plastic Pollution

Local New York Residents Come Together To Clean-Up, Audit Plastic Pollution On East River...

First-Ever Clean-Up Brand Audit Aims to Assess Source of Local Plastic Pollution, Work with Companies to Address Pollution Crisis NEW YORK -- On Sunday, September...
Les Moonves

Activists Talk About Jeff Fager’s Departure From CBS’ 60 Minutes

Moments ago, it was reported that ‘60 Minutes’ executive producer Jeff Fager would be leaving CBS after mounting claims of sexual misconduct against him....
Energy Sources

Clean Energy On The Blockchain?

We are privileged to live in an era where renewable, clean energy sources are a very real option. Over eight in ten people globally now...
Benefits Fee Uber Clone App uber Automatic Crash Detector

Petition Calls For Uber To Offer Free Rides On Election Day

Over 7,000 sign Care2 petition calling for Uber to offer free rides on election day in the U.S. Petition Prompted By Report That 15...
Safest Countries 2018

How World Flags Evolved Over The Years [INTERACTIVE PICTURES]

Even in this modern global age where the internet unites us all as citizens of the world, nationality remains a hugely important part of...
criminal offense The Flat One, iPad, President Trump

IDT – Avert Coming Danger: Proven Way To Restore US Presidency

Whatever one's view of the Donald Trump presidency, high social tensions in the US and worldwide indicate this is a difficult and dangerous time...