Game Of Thrones Episode 4 Of Season 7 Leaked Before Airing

Game Of Thrones Episode 4 Of Season 7 Leaked Before Airing
Image Source: GameOfThrones / HBO / YouTube video (screenshot)

HBO has reaped great benefits from the success of its series Game of Thrones, but that success has made it a target. A Game of Thrones episode leak resulted in the fourth episode from season seven being posted online.

Game of Thrones episode leak was separate from hack

In May, Netflix learned what it was like for hackers to steal episodes of its popular show Orange is the New Black and post one online before the season was released. However, this Game of Thrones episode leak is different because it’s actually not related to the hack HBO reported recently. This Game of Thrones episode leak was due to the entertainment company’s distributor in India, which apparently lost the fourth episode of season seven, The Hollywood Reporter said on Friday.

HBO confirmed to Vulture that the Game of Thrones episode leak came from Star India and not from its own network. In a statement, the company said it is taking the leak “very seriously and have immediately initiated forensic investigations.” HBO is carrying out the investigations both at its own end and at its partner’s end so that it can determine how the leak occurred.

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“This is a grave issue and we are taking appropriate legal remedial action,” the company said in its statement.

HBO hacked, full episodes of other shows stolen

In a statement earlier this week, HBO revealed that its servers had been hacked and entire episodes of Room 104 and Ballers were taken. According to Variety, IP Echelon, which often serves as HBO’s anti-piracy partner by getting content that was infringed upon removed from Google, discovered that hackers had taken “thousands” of internal documents from the company’s Home Box Office division. The company also reported that the hackers stole large quantities of copyrighted items, including a script for a Game of Thrones episode, other documents, videos, and images.

The alleged hacker group referred to itself as Little.Finger66, and before that breach, they leaked an HBO executive’s personal information. The group also claimed that they still had access to the media company’s network. The HBO hack seemed to be much worse than the hack of Sony’s network in 2014.

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