Hacker Leaks Unreleased Episode Of Orange Is the New Black After Netflix Denies Ransom

Hacker Leaks Unreleased Episode Of Orange Is the New Black After Netflix Denies Ransom
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A hacker by the name of the darkoverlord has leaked more than 10 episodes of Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black, a popular Netflix show. The hackers claim they demanded ransom from Netflix but that the streaming giant was unresponsive.

Hacker leaks 10 of 13 episodes of Orange Is the New Black

According to reports, 10 of the 13 yet-to-be-released episodes of Orange Is The New Black Season 5 have been leaked. The hackers said they demanded a “modest” ransom from Netflix to stop the leak, according to NBC News.

Hundreds of excerpts and clips started to flood social media starting Saturday night, which both dismayed and excited fans of the show. Season 5 was due to release on June 9, so now fans of the original series and popular prison drama are facing a dilemma after the hacker claims to have leaked most of the episodes over the weekend. They can either download the pirated episodes or show some respect to the show producers, actors and directors by waiting a month or so for the official release date.

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On an online computer code-sharing site, the group said that after long discussions at the office where “alcohol was present,” they decided to release episodes 2 to 10 of Orange Is the New Black Season 5.

According to reports from the industry site Torrentfreak, thedarkoverlord released the season premiere as well.

A big dilemma for Netflix fans

In a statement to NBC News, Netflix said that a production vendor used by many major TV studios had its “security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.” The leak of the pirated copies of the popular prison show may damage Netflix’s stock price and subscriber growth. It must be noted that the streaming giant has not denied that the clips were not real.

The hackers appeared to confirm that the leaked episodes were gathered from a third-party production vendor, notes NBC News. The hackers warned that more Netflix content could be leaked soon. Further, the hackers noted that not just Netflix, but other networks, including Fox, IFC, ABC, and National Geographic, are “on the feasting menu” as well. The hacker group said that the streaming service can still save itself.

“Our offer(s) are still on the table — for now,” the group said.

Fans are still torn between the right and wrong: whether to download the pirated content or not; however, the last three episodes of the show are still not out yet, so before giving in and watching the show illegally, think about the cliffhangers. Many on social media seem to indicate that they have downloaded the content and are enjoying the episodes. Some are even requesting that the hackers leak more popular content, although other are asking fans to wait a few weeks and respect the work of “the girls.”

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