Game Of Phones: What If Jon Snow And Daenerys Had Smartphones?

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As the world’s biggest series comes to a close after eight long years, there are still so many unanswered questions… What is west of Westeros? Where did Drogon go? What is Jon Snow supposed to do at the wall now the White Walkers have gone? Hodor?


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But the one on everyone’s lips is this: what if the Game of Thrones characters all had smartphones..? Who is most likely to be an Insta-famous influencer? Who would be snapchatting their way across the seven kingdoms? Would any of them use LinkedIn?

Well, wonder no more… Online electronics retailer, MyMemory has decided to explore a world where Westeros heroes like Jon Snow has smartphones in Game of Phones:

Bran Stark – The Facebook Traveller

There’s no doubt about it, that time spent north of the wall changed Bran; it’s like he had a life-affirming gap year… As such, he would be that guy who posts whimsical, cryptic quotes as his Facebook status and sharing photos from his journey, which of course would be spiritual as well as physical. We’d probably find him a bit annoying on Facebook, but at the same time we’d be living vicariously through his inspirational captions and adventurous travel snaps.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen – The Instagram Queen

There’s no doubt about it, Daenerys would be an influencer. She’d post daily on her Instagram account, keeping the world up-to-date with everything from her travels around the Seven Kingdoms to how she cares for her dragons whilst on the move. Given her huge following on the show, she’d have a massive online follower count, and wouldn’t shy away from a hashtag or twelve.


Jon Snow MySpace

Jon Snow – The Moody MySpacer

Jon Snow gives off a bit of an emo vibe with his long, dark hair and sulky expressions, and let’s face it, he’s uttered a few pretty bleak one liners over the past seven seasons. With that in mind, we think his favourite form of social media would be MySpace, circa 2006. In fact, Jon Snow probably won’t even use a smartphone; he’d be a man of tradition and stick to desktop communications, possibly even on a dial-up modem…

Arya and Sansa Stark

Arya and Sansa Stark – The Snapchat Sisters

How happy were all the Starks to be reunited?! If they had smartphones, they’d have been giving us all #selfiegoals on Snapchat. Sure, all sisters have their spats, but after six years apart, we think the pair would be inseparable, leaving no filter unused when it comes to snapping pics together.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister – The Tyrannical Tweeter

The power of wearing the crown would definitely went to Cersei’s head, and we think she’d be a very outspoken world leader, especially when it comes to expressing herself online. Not unlike certain other people of power on Twitter, we reckon Cersei’s tweets would border on the outrageous and spark debate among her followers. But that certainly wouldn’t stop her from speaking her mind, however unfiltered her comments may be!

Jon Snow

Jorah Mormont – The Friendzoned WhatsApper

If Ser Jorah had a phone, he would totally be using WhatsApp to try to win the affections of his beloved Khaleesi, whose name he would adorn with heart emojis in his contact list. He’s almost certainly that guy who keeps trying when he doesn’t get a response, just in case Daenerys missed the first three messages. But sadly, as her most trusted advisor, the best response he’s likely to get is the appearance of those brutal blue ticks.

Jon Snow

Samwell Tarly – The Career Go-Getter

Sam would probably be keeping us in the loop about his progress in training as a Maester at the Citadel on LinkedIn. His mates would be cheering him on and congratulating him for getting on the right track after being in a job that probably wasn’t really ‘him’. We imagine he’d probably share a few interesting snippets of information he’d picked up at the Citadel library on there too.

Whether you’re an Instagrammer like Daenerys, glued to WhatsApp like Jorah,a tweetaholic like Cersei or a MySpacer like Jon Snow, make the most out of your mobile device with MyMemory’s range of mobile accessories.

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