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Galaxy S7: A Stunning Concept With Bezel-Less Design

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Samsung’s newest flagship smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge hit the store shelves only a few weeks ago. But the rumor mill has already started creating buzz about the next-gen Galaxy S7. How could concept designers lag behind? We have already seen a few renderings of what the Galaxy S7 might look like. Now Mesut G. Designs has come up with an exciting new concept of Samsung’s next flagship.

Galaxy S7 without a physical Home button

Brains behind Mesut G. Designs imagine the Edge variant of the S7 with a bezel-less design. Its front panel consists almost entirely of the display, including edges on both sides. No existing smartphone resembles its design. The Galaxy S7 concept doesn’t have a physical Home button. Except its sleek design, Mesut G. Designs tells little about the phone’s features and specs.

Another rendering by iGalaxy S7 imagines the device with a whopping 6GB RAM, 4K Super AMOLED display, and a true octa-core processor with 3GHz clock speed. According to iGalaxy S7, Samsung will use the Cyclone HMP Technology for the Galaxy S7 chipset. The device is expected to feature a premium metal and glass design with a 20-megapixel main camera.

Galaxy S7 may have a revolutionary new processor

A recent report suggests that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone may feature a foldable display. Samsung is putting greater emphasis on display technology in its future strategy. A foldable display means twice the screen, but half the space in your pocket, as shown in a new concept Galaxy S7. Further, Samsung has started testing a new Exynos processor with custom CPU cores, indicating that the Korean company doesn’t intend to rely on stock ARM cores.

Samsung is developing custom CPU cores code-named Mongoose. With an initial clock speed of 2.3GHz, the chipset delivered 45% better single-core performance than Exynos 7420 used in the current Galaxy S6. It will have a true octa-core setup, meaning it could deliver double the performance of Exynos 7420. It’s still unclear whether Samsung will use this chip in the Galaxy S7 because it has been under development since 2011 and make take some more time to materialize.

The Galaxy S7 is likely to be unveiled at the next Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona.

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