Galaxy S6 Edge Supply To Be Constrained ‘For A While’: Samsung

Galaxy S6 Edge Supply To Be Constrained ‘For A While’: Samsung
webandi / Pixabay

After more than a month of rumors and supply chain leaks, Samsung has finally admitted that the supply of the dual-edge Galaxy S6 Edge will be constrained “for a while.” At a press event in Seoul, Samsung’s mobile chief JK Shin told reporters that there could be limited supplies of the Galaxy S6 Edge due to difficulties in manufacturing its display.

Galaxy S6 Edge display is difficult to manufacture

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are set to go for sale in 20 countries on Friday. Mr. Shin said that the S6 Edge has seen strong demand worldwide, but its screens are pretty difficult to manufacture. Last month, ValueWalk reported that wireless carriers had placed orders for 15 million units of the standard Galaxy S6 and 5 million units of the Galaxy S6 Edge. The solid demand prompted the Korean company to raise its production target.

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