Galaxy S7 And Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect From Samsung?

Galaxy S7 And Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect From Samsung?
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There are two great mobile releases ahead for Samsung in the next twelve months, with both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 due to be released. Samsung will be hoping that a stronger performance from the Galaxy S6 bodes well for their next-generation Galaxy S7, as reports emanating from sources close to the company indicate that this will be an extremely ambitious device.

Galaxy S7 Edge rumors

The first thing to note about the Galaxy S7 is that Samsung apparently intends to place a much greater emphasis on the curved screen aspect of the handset. This is not exactly surprising, as Samsung has become inherently associated with the curved screen technology which it previously promoted via its range of high-end televisions.

Early rumors related to the Galaxy S7 indicate that Samsung will greatly ramp up production of the curved screen variant of the mobile, and that it intends to make the Galaxy S7 Edge a truly mainstream device.

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This will be a departure from the approach that it has taken with the first Galaxy Note Edge, and the Galaxy S6 curved model. Although curved screen mobiles are clearly part of its strategy going forward, at this point in time the technology has remained a niche and premium element of the Galaxy smartphone lineup. But whispers emanating from Korea suggest that Samsung is ready to take a more aggressive approach to marketing the curved screen beginning in 2016.

However, the rumors about the Galaxy S7 have also led some analysts to speculate that the Galaxy Note Edge will be similarly prominent in its forthcoming release. Samsung first tested out curved screen technology for mobiles with the Galaxy Note 4 last year, and the excellent reception that it received was a bright point in an otherwise disappointing 12 months.

It is possible considering the strong reception that the Galaxy received that Samsung will significantly increase the proportion of Galaxy Edge devices that are available in 2015. This would then allow the corporation to test the waters ahead of a large-scale operation for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Aside from this, there has already been significant speculation about the sort of specifications that we can expect from the Galaxy S7 when it is released. Samsung has been associated with producing smartphones that are extremely powerful in terms of specs, and the Galaxy S7 is certainly expected to continue this general trend.

Galaxy S7 specs

Thus, analysts are expecting the next flagship phone produced by Samsung to feature between 4 and 6 GB of RAM. It is thought that this will be necessary in order to deal with the outstanding screen resolution that the Korean corporation will provide for this flagship device. 4K Technology is very much on the horizon for the Galaxy S7, and this could become the first mainstream smartphone-sized mobile device to feature a 4K resolution screen.

Whether Samsung will continue to opt for the super AMOLED Technology that has proved so popular in recent years, or conceivably update it to OLED remains to be seen. What has been widely reported is that the Galaxy S7 could be the world’s first phone to feature a foldable screen design.

The Galaxy S7 should also feature a true octa-core processor. Samsung has advertized the Galaxy S6 as featuring octa-core processing, but this is slightly misleading, as the smartphone in fact driven by two bundles of quad-core processors which are clocked at different speeds. However, analysts already expect this to change with the Galaxy S7, and this could be the first flagship smartphone from the Korean electronics giant which features a legitimate octa-core set-up.

With Apple being linked with some spectacular cameras for the iPhone 7, it is also expected that Samsung will significantly upgrade the snapper in the Galaxy S7. Some sources have suggested a whopping 30-megapixel capability for the rear-facing camera in the device.

But attention in Samsung will presently be directed squarely at the release of the next Galaxy Note device. The Galaxy Note 5 is likely to launch in October, and after the outstanding reception that the Galaxy Note 4 was afforded, Samsung will be extremely motivated to keep up the momentum of this phablet range.

Galaxy S7 And Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect From Samsung?

Galaxy Note 5 specs

There is a possibility that the Galaxy Note 5 could be the first mass-market mobile device of comparable size that is based on 4K technology. This has been rumored to be included in a smartphone for sometime, with 4K becoming a somewhat more prominent technology in recent months.

However, recent reports have suggested that Samsung will instead opt for an Ultra HD display in the Galaxy Note 5. This would mean that the device will be less detailed in terms of resolution than a 4K smartphone, but would still compare extremely favorably with virtually every other mobile device on the market.

A 5.9-inch display with Gorilla Glass 5 for protection is also mooted by numerous sources, with the Galaxy Note 5 Edge device featuring the first dual-curved screen design that Samsung has produced.

What we do know about both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 is that they will feature Samsung’s own proprietary Exynos technology. The Korean company has recently made the decision to move away from Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, and this is expected to continue with the next-generation Samsung releases, despite some reports to the contrary.

The Galaxy Note 5 is also expected to adopt wireless charging which has been associated with the Galaxy S6, while the camera in the device has been reported to be in the region of 20-megapixels. Storage and memory will also both be upgraded from the previous generation of Galaxy Note devices, And there are some interesting rumors about the battery capacity of the phablet.

Having surprisingly released a Galaxy S6 smartphone with a smaller battery than the previous iteration of the series, this is expected to be reversed by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 5. Early murmurings suggest that Samsung will include a massive 3700 mAh cell in this technologically advanced phablet, and this would give the Samsung device a whopping battery life.

Both devices look set to be well worth waiting for.

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  1. Apple knockoff, whatever. for a split second i turned my back on my s4 and by the time i called it, the battery had been removed and sim card probably trashed. Im all for the extra security. I could have disabled it and sent the theif an obscene message when they turned it on…go samsung!!!

  2. the S6 and S5 maybe, But no gurarantee it’ll even work on my carrier unless it’s a t-mobile phone and the price for both are the same on both sides of the border. so no point in giving up the warranty. Maybe different pricing for the S4. But it’s no longer listed so probably need to hunt on ebay.And even then after factoring import fees and shipping fees it works out to be the same. I had some cashback saved up from half a year’s worth in purchases, so I used it on the phone.

  3. The S4 is a good phone but as I said, only a slight incremental improvement over the S3. You can get a new S4 on ebay for $268 or a new S5 for $395. These should start falling in price as tons of people sell their S4 and S5’s for an S6. If the phone companies didn’t have discounts for extending contracts or monthly payment plans, who would shell out $650 for a new S6? Especially since they are removing valuable features like adding an SD card or swapping batteries. They gave up their competitive edge with Apple, in my opinion. So much for Samsung being the trend setter. They have fallen to Apple knockoff status.

  4. Part of the problem is that the SD card is not merely “expansion”. I can
    fill my SD card with photographs, replace it, and continue taking
    pictures with no significantly added weight or bulk. I can also easily
    back up my personal data without using bandwidth for a cloud service or a computer.
    S5 does this with no issue, and the form factor works better for my usage than the Note. It isn’t a matter of “going cheap” on
    his part, it’s a matter of S6’s designers copying a competitor who they
    instead needed to distinguish themselves from to regain lost ground.

  5. You can buy a s3 outright from koodo for $168 outright brand new right now. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my carrier, so I opted for the next level up, the s4 as I accidentally dropped it. Still works. But meh, don’t want to shell out money to repair when a new one doesn’t cost that much either.

  6. All Samsung phones from the S3 forward are slight incremental improvements. My S3 works just fine, so I’m in no big hurry to spend $650 when mine does all the same things the S6 does (and S7 will probably do) only a tad bit slower. You buy hardware for the software it will run and there is no change for me here. I’ll keep my S3 until they figure out something earth shattering I really need. BTW, brand new S3’s are going for around $150 on ebay. Still the best bang for the buck.

  7. I hope they do something better than what they claim to be Gorilla glass on their S6 Edge model. One fall from 2 feet while inside a wallet case and the screen shattered. My old phone I had for 5 years and dropped that thing so many time and not even a scratch or chip out of it. I would not call whatever glass the S6 is made out of Gorilla glass by any means!!!!! Very disappointed that a phone this expensive is so fragile.

  8. I mean the the M8 did sound better. Just not a lot. Especially considering it was 5 years newer. And the Z3 actually slightly surpassed the M8 in quality despite the water resistant membranes over the speakers.

    At least their speakers are starting to get very loud, but that is just a start, and still only single.

  9. I was on the verge of upgrading to the Samsung Note Edge but I found the 399.00 price tag kind of hefty. I will just wait it out and see what the Note 5 brings in the Fall of 2015.

  10. With you on Samsung improving the sound. It’s incredibly difficult to build good sounding audio with tiny speakers but I think the m8 sounded pretty decent. Haven’t heard the Omnia. Sound quality is the one area that Samsung can make a big impact with their phones. The other stat improvements are all just about playing leapfrog with Apple at this point.

  11. I think this guy used up all his phone memory, and that’s why his phone start acting funny, so he would do the same with the Note not knowing better that the phone needs a certain amount of memory to perform normal

  12. Just wondering how they will make a case that will protect the edge in a fall that you can still access? I bet first time you drop the S6 edge without a case the screen will be toast.

  13. Don’t forget Samsung is readying custom arm cores and a custom made GPU too.
    On top of having their own SoC wafer design, image processor, modem, ram, memory, lens, and such. And they might be moving back to their own Isocell camera sensors by the Note 5 or S7 too.
    And Exynos means Wolfson Audio DAC. Though I do wish Samsung would put a little more effort into amping and tuning their Wolfson output.

    I’d like to see a larger sensor of Isocell. 16 or 20mp, but no smaller than 1/1.23…Even bigger if anything. With larger pixel UM size. With at least the F1.9 aperture. And of course OIS. And their new filter too. This would also mean Phase Detection auto focus.
    Further enhanced processing and options for Raw with more manual controls.
    And while the stereo recording has gotten vastly better there is always room for improvement.
    And it’s almost guaranteed their front camera will be the 8MP Isocell one recently showed with their new filter. Eventually adding OIS to the front will be nice. Just hope it’s at least as good if not better in low light than the S6’s front since it has 1.57ish UM pixels.

    And stereo speakers. Come on. Their Omnia HD in 2009 had amazing stereo speakers. The M8 and Z3 5 years later barely even sound that much louder or clearer. So while sounding good speakers have not progressed much…And Samsung stopped offering them pretty much after that except for a couple Windows Omnia devices.
    Just beat them all and come with four 85+ DB speakers with great range and decent bass.

    And don’t skimp on battery. If the S6 Edge can be a drop test beast with Gorilla Glass 4 I have great hopes for GG5.

  14. Yes
    thanks G-luv, you too! Oh and I found the name…It’s called “goStrap”. I use
    it on both my e-reader and my phone. It definitely has stopped the
    dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back
    the use of my hand!!! They have a website but you can also get them at
    The Container Store. Hope this helps and best of luck!

  15. Problem is youve bought a cheap galaxy phones and an s series phone. Switch to the galaxy note series. Perfect in every sense of the word. Spend a lil more cash get a phone that least years. Had the note 2 until i got the note 4. Not one issue.

  16. Any rumor they’ll take out the piles of bloatware? Any rumors they’ll make a phone that lasts beyond 12 months?

    I had a Facinate (first Galaxy) and it went back for warranty service seven times in 6 months because it stopped receiving text messages (among other problems). Finally my cell phone carrier go tired of me and sent me an HTC Incredible II. Never had a single problem with it. Got an S4 a few years later. Another piece of garbage. Freezes all the time. Has tons of preloaded garbage that I’ve never used. Touch screen is usually unresponsive. Just junk.

    The problem is that there aren’t many options. I’n not a fan of the sealed battery or lack of SD card option. That eliminates the iPhone. Windows phones are basically gone. Samsung has made their phone with a sealed battery and lack of an SD card (in the S6) thinking it’ll make them sell as well as iPhones. NEWS FLASH….Stop loading the phone with junk and you’ll sell more.

  17. the non-sense? Really? So you feel that the evolution of computing and storage to be non-sense? I guess you long for the days when you can run the good ole windows 3.1 with a pentium 2 chip and floppy drives. When will these advancements in computers, and smart phones stop? When will this madness ever end?

  18. Why not just jump right to the Universe (formerly Galaxy) XL2000 with folding 55″ curved 3D holographic 16k rez and a 10Gpxl camera – the non-sense never ends!

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